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Wait Until You See These Amazing Dog Super Hero Photos

Momo the American Eskimo is stealing hearts through her Instagram account, and now you can get to know the dog behind the photos. Momo was adopted in Southern California. It’s funny that an Eskimo Dog would come from one of the warmest parts of the country, but now her face is being seen all over the world.

With almost 30,000 Instagram followers, people are following her life as she naps, plays and dresses up as a superhero. Her owner says that Momo wasn’t a snap decision, they did a significant amount of research on the type of dog that would be best for their lifestyle. Hats off to them for being responsible pet owners!

This dog/family match was made in heaven! Momo couldn’t be happier, and she gets lots of attention from her adoring fans. When she’s not posing for the camera, Momo can be found eating before her power naps or searching for the perfect spot to fall asleep. Her superhero outfit grabbed attention as she displayed the inner character of dogs.

Wait Until You See These Amazing Dog Super Hero Photos

People like to see dogs portrayed as super heroes, it’s as simple as that. We do think highly of them and putting them in the right costume, just tickles our fancy. But these adorable pictures of Momo in bed with her stuffed monkey or playing with her favorite animal, a stuffed tiger, help people see a dog who is treated well and loved.

I really like that Momo is becoming Instagram famous because it will certainly help encourage responsible pet ownership. The more respect we have for the animal kingdom, whatever route it comes, the better. Right now, that avenue is through viral photos getting tons of likes because they are just far too adorable.

This special puppy has a bright future as more people subscribe to her profile. Hopefully she will be a spokesdog for good causes or her internet fame will lead to adoptions of dogs from shelters. Momo's owner says she is a complex dog with many sides to her personality.

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Wait Until You See These Amazing Dog Super Hero Photos

Her photos come complete with an uplifting caption to brighten people’s day, and that alone is contributing positively to people’s lives. Do you have an adorable pet that could add a smile to people’s days? Maybe all the love and affection that you get from your pet could uplift someone else’s day when there seems to be a cloud over their head.

Momo was the first puppy this family ever got. They did their research before adopting her. Some pet owners don’t think about how much exercise a dog might need and how easy that breed is to train.

If you’re a first time owner, learn from this family and make sure you really feel like you’re getting a dog that suits your lifestyle and experience. That way pet ownership will be fun and light hearted! Don’t forget to share this story about Momo the Instagram famous American Eskimo dog to get your friends smiling!

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