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TOP #118: What Exactly Is Human-Grade Dog Food?

Because there are so many dog food options available today, picking the right type can become overwhelming for a dog owner. How do you know which pet food is best for your individual pet dog? What do all those labels and categories actually mean? What is human grade dog food and is it any better for dogs?

In this podcast episode I'm joined by Tom Arrix, founder of Joy Food, a fairly new pet food company that creates veterinarian designed and vet-approved curated meals, all from fresh and wholesome ingredients. Tom explains how in 2018, one of his dogs became sick and he worked with a veterinarian to change that dog’s diet, then quickly saw a direct correlation between the quality of dog food and his pup's quality of life.

Me and Tom discuss different dog food options, and why he decided to create a new pet food company instead of buying a product that was already available. He also tells us about the ingredients the company uses, and why they chose those ingredients. Finally, we touch on what human-grade dog food diet is and how can it benefit our dogs.

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