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What Is This Dog Chef Cooking?

what is this dog chef cooking
Photo: The Dog Chef Cafe

The pet industry is growing faster than ever. Sales of dog products and dog-related services are exploding, and there are new options hitting the market for dog owners all the time. Pet parents are always looking for the newest trend or latest piece of technology that will make their lives a little easier. They are also in search of luxurious ways to pamper their pooches.

The Dog Chef is helping dog owners in the Baltimore area spoil their pups while still keeping them healthy. Dog lover Kevyn Matthews, also known as “The Dog Chef,” is the proud owner of The Dog Chef Café. He’s turned his skills as a chef for humans into a lucrative business for dogs.

Matthews uses human-grade ingredients to create nourishing meals and snacks for canines. This is an excellent alternative to commercially manufactured dog food that is full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and fillers. Although his dog treats may look indulgent, decadent and full of all kinds of unhealthy ingredients, they actually offer a balanced and nutritionally rich diet for your pet.

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what is this dog chef cooking
Photo: The Dog Chef Cafe

The Dog Chef’s creations include shortcakes, muffins, candy and pretzels. They may be made for canines, but Matthews uses only human-grade ingredients so you could share them with your Fido if you’d like. The treats are fit for humans, and they are also full of foods that your dog’s body needs and craves like fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.

Matthews makes to-go meals for pups too. Owners can place their order and stop by to pick up their pet’s dinner on the way home from work. His dog food and treats contain no wheat, corn, soy or other fillers. They are ideal for pets with allergies and have a number of benefits for canines with health issues.

If your pet has a dietary need, just have a quick chat with Matthews and he’ll recommend something to help her. For example, he says that his coconut muffins are great for dogs with dry skin because they are full of essential oils. He also says that pumpkin muffins are ideal for dogs with digestion issues and they’re a great natural laxative as well.

His meals are definitely not cheap, but he’s got a lot of loyal customers. One meal can cost anywhere from $15 to upwards of $50. The Dog Chef Café also helps owners who want to spoil their pet for a special occasion. You can hold your dog’s birthday, “barkmitzvha”, wedding or any type of holiday party at the eatery.

Dog-friendly corporate functions can also be held at The Dog Chef Café. Although there are a lot of posh dog eateries popping up around the country right now, Matthews may be filling a niche in the corporate world. More and more companies are allowing pet owners to bring their dogs to work with them, and those that don’t may still be interested in including dogs in special company gatherings.

what is this dog chef cooking
Photo: The Dog Chef Cafe

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For Matthews, it’s more about knowing that the dogs that he is feeding are eating the best quality food possible. His mission is not only to create quality dog food, but also to educate pet parents about the importance of feeding their dog a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. That should be the goal for every pet food manufacturer, both large and small.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t see things that way. They add artificial ingredients, preservatives and fillers because it is cheaper to make dog food like that. They don’t take pride in feeding pets a quality meal – they take pride in selling their dog food at a cheaper price to attract more customers.

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