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What Would You Do If Your Dog Got Lost?

What would you do if your dog got lost.
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Have you ever thought about what you would do if your dog got lost? All pet parents have. Many of us have even had a scary experience when we can’t see our pet and worry that he may have run away. If your dog is microchipped, there is always the hope that someone will find him and bring him to an organization with a microchip reader, but that’s not a 100% guarantee.

If you want to be sure that you can track down your Fido if he ever became lost, a GPS tracker is the best option available. Trax is a new tracker that allows you to follow every step your canine companion takes right from the palm of your hand. It connects to both Android and iPhone products via a free app.

One of the nice benefits of a Trax monitor is that it can be used on children as well. It can be easily clipped to clothing and also comes with an included collar clip to attach to your dog in a flash. If you’re the proud parent of a human child and a furry one, the Trax monitor is a 2-for-1 deal!

What Would You Do If Your Dog Got Lost
Photo: Trax

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You can add as many trackers to your system as you want, so you could have one on every kid and pet in your home, and you’d still be able to see all the information on the same screen in the Trax app. Once you’ve set up your tracker, you can share it with anyone else that uses the app. It’s easy to toggle the sharing capabilities for followers and individual trackers.

Like many other similar products on the market, you can set up geofences that will alert you via the app when your dog leaves his designated area. There is no size limit to the geofence you create, which is great if you live in the country and have a large piece of land. You can even setup multiple fences and use the apps scheduling feature to monitor certain areas on certain days.

What makes the Trax monitor unique is that it also allows pet parents to set up a proximity fence, meaning you can surround yourself with a digital fence that will move when you do. If you’re hiking, camping or taking a leisurely stroll through the country you can setup a proximity fence that will define a radius around you. The app will then notify you if your dog ventures outside that radius.

Another exceptional feature is the Trax systems ability to assist you in finding your pet using augmented reality. In layman’s terms, you can use your smartphones built-in camera to find your pet in real time. Simply pan around with your phone’s camera and an icon will pop up that will show distance indications when you point your phone in the direction where your pooch is located.

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Even the most well behaved, well trained dogs may venture off on their own at some point. Dogs are unpredictable by nature, and you never know when your Fido may see a squirrel or chase a rabbit. He may get curious about people walking down the street you live on or decide that he just has to go investigate that amazing smell coming from your neighbor’s yard.

The best way to be prepared for an instance like this is to equip your dog with some type of GPS tracker. Although a decent tracker may not be in your budget, it’s worth saving up for. Microchips are only useful if your pet ends up at a rescue organization, pet shelter or law enforcement office that has a microchip reader. If someone finds your pet and decides to keep him or your dog is lost in the woods somewhere, a microchip isn’t going to help you find him.

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