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Where Do Dogs Go When They Retire?

Where Do Dogs Go When They Retire
Photo: House With A Heart

This National Geographic video will make you cry, as these women take care of senior dogs until their last moments. The House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is a retirement home for dogs. It’s not to encourage owners not to take care of their elder dogs, it’s for the dogs that lose their homes for one reason or another.

The home is a final destination for these residents and it is a loving one. Someone is with the dogs in their last moments, no matter what, and the volunteers make sure the dogs get proper medical care. All dogs at the facility still get to play with each other and enjoy their lives, even if their back legs are no longer working or they are incontinent.

Some animals go here who were not adopted because of a health condition. They have dogs who are asthmatic, have heart conditions and many other things that require constant attention. These women pay for the dogs to have expensive surgeries and medications.

Where Do Dogs Go When They Retire
Photo: House With A Heart

They need all the support they can get. Please share this inspiring video after watching it to help spread the word. The volunteers are doing so much, whether it’s cleaning up after the dogs in the house and yard or driving them to the doctor.

The amount of meals that House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is providing costs them quite a bit too. There are twenty five dogs in residence at this doggy retirement home.

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We hope to see more of these types of homes not only for the dogs sake, but to provide citizens with a great way to help within their community and make friends as well. You might tear up as you watch these women talk about the ‘stairway to heaven’ where they have a framed photo of each dog that has crossed over. They say that those dogs will never be forgotten and they are always with them.

Where Do Dogs Go When They Retire
Photo: House With A Heart

For the dogs that live in the retirement home, they really have a great life. They get to play with lots of other dogs, and they receive lots of affection and attentions.

On top of all the love, these dogs are also getting the very best care. Many of them either lost their owner or their owner could no longer take care of them – they didn’t misbehave. The dogs are gently treated by the facility's owner Sher Polvinale and her team of dedicated volunteers.

I was so touched to see people spending so much time and energy helping dogs they didn’t even raise. They even spend their own savings on the pups too. The House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary also relies on donations, so please share this video.

We rarely think of dogs going to a retirement community but it’s a fabulous idea that is already working for this group. I, for one, think it would be great to see more of these types of facilities open up. These dogs get to live the life, and just being able to help these dogs really offers a lot of joy to the kind Samaritans offering their time and energy there.

Look how happy the dogs are at House  With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary! It’s truly a magical place and these humans are really being angels for these dogs. They are giving them such a loving home when they had nothing.

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