Do you have an escape artist for a dog? Has your pooch been “allegedly” missing too many times before?

If this sounds familiar, then it’s about time to invest in a reliable dog tracker.

Fortunately, we have a full review of one of the best dog-tracking devices there is!

The Whistle Health & GPS Tracker is not just your ordinary pet tracker. It doesn’t only keep track of your pooch but it’s a health monitoring and training device in one!

That’s more than you can expect from an ordinary GPS tracker for dogs. The Whistle tracking products also come in variations depending on your need and preference.

And if you check at Whistle dog tracker reviews, most are generally good. So, know more about the Whistle Go Explore GPS tracker in this review and see if it’s worth the bang for your buck!

Whistle Health & GPS Tracker Overview

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Many reviews consider the Whistle dog tracker as one of the best GPS trackers for its efficacy, functionality, and understandable price.

For instance, if you choose the Whistle dog collar, you will be getting real-time updates on your pooch 24/7!

One thing you should know about the Whistle Dog GPS tracker is that there are three smart device options to choose from.

The monthly subscriptions also vary per device and term of payment. Here’s a short overview of each device of Whistle Tracker for dogs:

Whistle™ Health

As the name implies, Whistle™ Health primarily focuses on the physical and behavioral condition of your pooch. Its AI-based technology interprets your dog’s behavior to help you understand your dog better.

Remember that the Whistle Health product does NOT have a GPS tracking feature. So, it wouldn’t meet your preference if you’re primarily looking for a location tracker for dogs.

Whistle™ Health & GPS

Among the products of this brand, Whistle™ Health & GPS is a smart device that offers updates on both the health and location of your pooch. 

It also helps you set up restrictions with your pet and give you alerts when they pass the safe zone. 

Whistle™ Health & GPS+

Unlike the previous products, Whistle™ Health & GPS+ is a dog collar that guarantees 24/7 GPS tracking and health monitoring. It keeps you connected with your pooch around the clock.

Technical Features of the Whistle Health & GPS Tracker 

Here are a few features you should know about the Whistle GPS Tracker before jumping head first into buying one: 

Size of the Whistle Health & GPS Tracker 

This aspect varies depending on the type of Whistle Tracker products. There are two device options while only the Health & GPS+ version has a collar with it.

To get an idea of which of these should you choose, here are the size or weight requirements of your pooch for each smart device:

Whistle™ Health

Whistle™ Health & GPS

Whistle™ Health & GPS+

For all sizes, depending on the collar Suitable for dogs weighing 25lbs + up Can adjust to dogs as small as 5lbs

Battery Life

The battery life of each Whistle device will vary accordingly. After all, they have a different set of features that explains the variation in their battery consumption. 

Check the estimated battery life for each smart model:

Whistle™ Health

Whistle™ Health & GPS

Whistle™ Health & GPS+

Up to 20 days Up to 15 days


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Design of the Whistle Health & GPS Tracker

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The Whistle smart devices have a compact and minimal design which should blend well with any type of collar. 

Take note that their Health and Health & GPS devices don’t include collars with them so you can purchase them separately or use the one you have. Fortunately, they also have dog collars available in their shop.

Their collars vary in size and color. You can also purchase a matching leash in their shop.

Now walking with your pooch should never run out of style.

The Health & GPS+ is a smart collar that already includes both the device and collar. Its colors include Athleisure (yellow) and Shadow (black).

Pricing and Subscription

So how much should you set aside for Whistle products? If you prefer the Whistle dog collar, how much would it cost in total?

These questions are expected. And just like you, we want to be prepared for how much we’d be willing to spend on these tracking devices. 

Whistle™ Health

Whistle™ Health & GPS Whistle™ Health & GPS+




Monthly Subscription




Tracking Features 

All Whistle smart devices use AT&T's 4G LTE-M network. Its coverage may vary in the area you’re in.

What we really like about its tracking features is that they update every 15 seconds. But you can always edit the alerts according to your preference. 

As mentioned, the Whistle Health device has no GPS tracking feature. As for the other two smart devices, they need a Wi-Fi connection to work well.

So, this becomes a challenge if you’re venturing into an area with an unstable signal. The device may not work as how you want it to with bad reception.

In our case, we have been fortunate enough to get a good connection wherever we go, so we were able to track our pooch if it gets out of our sight.

whistle dog collar for active dogs

Whistle GPS Tracker Feature Review

The Whistle Health and GPS tracker is already a good deal if you want to track your pooch and monitor its condition at the same time.

However, if I were to choose among its three smart device options, I would personally go straight for the Whistle Health & GPS+ device. 

It has all we need to monitor our dog and achieve that peace of mind. Also, it’s one thing less to worry about your pooch. 

If you look at other smart device options they have, the Whistle Health device has no GPS tracker so it beats the purpose of getting a tracker in the first place. 

The Whistle Health & GPS tracker has limited options. But it’s still a good option if you want adequate tracking features and if your pooch isn’t much of an escape artist. 

When it comes to the price, I’m getting more than I paid for. Think about it. At the same price range, you’d get any GPS tracker for dogs. 

But in this case, you’d get a health and GPS tracking device all in one with the Whistle smart devices. Not to mention, it has this advanced technology of interpreting how your dog is doing in ways that you can understand.

No more dire calls or “urgent” visits to the vet whenever you don’t understand your dog’s actions and behavior. 

How Our Personal Experience Was Like

When we started using it, the signal got weird, especially at how the GPS works in some areas in the U.S. 

There was one time when I was playing catch with my dog and then he chased some bird.

I used the Whistle mobile app immediately and I saw where my dog was. I was getting near my pooch when my location (detected as the owner) went back to where I started.

When I continued moving, it detected my real-time location again and soon enough, I found my pooch! Maybe it was just a glitch considering the coverage we had in that area. 

Whistle Health & GPS Tracker Pros & Cons

To give you an overview of what to expect from a Whistle Health & GPS Tracker, here are the pros and cons:

  • Accurate GPS data
  • Advanced health monitoring technology
  • Health-focused features with access to vets
  • Monitor multiple pets (including cats)
  • Long battery life
  • Not suitable in colder climates
  • Doesn't work well with no Wi-Fi or cellular signal
  • Takes a while to load when your pet is out of the safe zone

whistle gps tracker mobile app

Unique Feature: AI-Powered Whistle Tracker for Dogs

All Whistle smart devices are AI-powered by The Pet Insight Project. This means it’s backed by studies from pet experts, vets, and data scientists

This kind of technology will interpret your pet’s behavior and help you understand more about your pet's needs without second-guessing anymore.

Do away with worries, and you can immediately give your lovable canine companions what they need to be healthy and happy.

Whistle Health & GPS Tracker Comparison

See how the Whistle GPS Tracker differs from other smart dog collars in the market:


Whistle Health & GPS Tracker

Halo Collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Dog Tracker Type GPS  GPS GPS
Battery Life 20 days 10-14 hours 3 months
Upfront Cost $129.99 $999 $149
Subscription Fee Yes





$1.89/week for a year

Why We’ve Put Whistle GPS Tracker On Our List

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It has everything you need in a tracker for dogs…and even more!

The Whistle Dog Tracker reviews are generally good. And you can’t be wrong regarding the opinions of other careful dog owners like ourselves. 

We also investigate its effectiveness and practical design. In addition to prioritizing our dogs' safety, we must ensure they are comfortable wearing the device.

As for the cost, it’s not as expensive as most people (even us!) expected.

If you consider its total cost, including the subscription, it’s a small price to pay for updates on your dog’s health, location, and overall well-being 24/7. 

Whistle Health & GPS Tracker Conclusion

Many GPS trackers for dogs are on the market, but the Whistle tracker is one of the best we’ve reviewed so far!

Whistle Go Explore, and its other smart devices focus on the security and health of your pooch. If you were just looking for a simple dog tracking device, you'd get more than you asked for.

The Whistle dog collar has a simple, minimalistic design that fits any type of dog. Some Whistle dog tracker reviews even say how comfortable their pooch is wearing this GPS collar. 

When it comes to tracking, they provide real-time location and give you updates every 15 seconds. Still, it needs a Wi-Fi connection for you to get the most out of it.

If you are looking for a GPS tracker for dogs that monitors both their location and health, then the Whistle GPS tracker is the best option at a very modest price!

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