Woman Who Abandoned Dog with Enormous Tumor Receives Sentencing
Photo: Times Community News
A woman who abandoned a dog with a 42-pound tumor last year will never be allowed to own pets again.

53-year old Sherry Haughton was sentenced last week to probation, community service, and restitution payment in addition to other punishments after pleading guilty to animal neglect, according to Los Angeles Times.

Last year, Haughton left her golden retriever, Henry, at a Newport Beach animal hospital after apparently refusing to provide the care he needed.

The poor dog was carrying an astounding 42-pound malignant tumor on his side, and desperately needed medical attention that was long overdue.

Woman Who Abandoned Dog with Enormous Tumor Receives Sentencing
Photo: Los Angeles Times

Haughton received the following punitive measures:

  • 56 hours of community service
  • $7,346 in restitution to the Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Services and the Pick A Pet Foundation for the care of Henry
  • Attendance of a 16-week animal neglect prevention program
  • Prohibition from owning, caring for, or even living with an animal

Haughton received her sentencing immediately after pleading guilty in Orange County Superior Court to one count of animal abandonment and one count of failing to care for an animal. Both of these are misdemeanors.

Haughton also spent three days jailed in March in connection with the case after she failed to appear for an arraignment.

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When she dropped Henry off at the animal hospital in May 2016, Haughton originally claimed that she’d found him on the beach. But when Newport Beach animal control launched an investigation, they discovered the truth.

Henry, whose tumor almost doubled his body weight and impeded him from walking, received thousands of dollars in medical treatment. The medical care was paid for by donations from the community.

Woman Who Abandoned Dog with Enormous Tumor Receives Sentencing
Photo: Life With Dogs TV

Officials said this tumor started off small, but because it was left untreated it grew out of control. Emergency care was needed to save the dog’s life.

Though the tumor was removed in June of 2016, Henry was still afflicted with the cancer it brought along with it.

He went to live with a foster family, who made sure his last days were happy. They reported that he loved to run and play.

Henry died this year at the age of 8 while still in the care of this loving foster family.

Newport Beach animal control supervisor Valerie Schomburg reports that Henry made the most of his last days, and had become a local celebrity. When the media picked up his story, Henry gained loving fans all over the country.

Henry’s legacy is that he brought awareness to the dire problem of animal neglect and cruelty. This community should be praised for making an example out of Haughton and punishing her to the fullest extent for the pain she allowed poor Henry to suffer while under her care.

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Cody has worked and volunteered with rescue animals her entire life. She worked as a veterinary assistant and technician in shelters, rescues, boarding facilities, doggy daycares and animal hospitals in New York and Chicago throughout her teens and twenties, and now resides as a pet foster mom in Upstate New York.