Woman Accidentally Adopts Childhood Dog
Photo: Nicole Grimes
A Pennsylvania woman searching for a dog to adopt stumbled upon one that looked familiar, and when she adopted the dog she discovered that it used to be hers years prior.

Nicole Grimes was perusing Facebook when she came across a unique Pomeranian-poodle mix that looked like one she’d had as a child. That dog’s name was Chloe.

On a whim, she actually adopted the 11-year old dog. When the dog was introduced to her as Chloe, she thought things were getting really strange.

And when the dog ran up to her and kissed her face, she knew she was having a reunion with the dog she once had as a child, who she’d been forced to give up years ago!

Nicole said she knew in her heart right away that this was her old dog, but her husband was skeptical.

However, that skepticism was put to rest when they had Chloe’s microchip scanned, and it was a match.

7 years prior, when Nicole was 10, Chloe lived with Nicole. The dog had been a gift from Nicole’s grandmother.

Woman Accidentally Adopts Childhood Dog
Nicole and her grandmother.
Photo: Nicole Grimes

Nicole explained that she’d been wanting a puppy, and that’s when Chloe came into her life. The dog even came wearing a pink bow.

Immediately, the pair became best friends.

When Nicole’s grandmother passed away, Chloe is the one credited for having helped the family recover from their loss.

But sadly, Nicole eventually became forced to give her beloved dog away to another home.

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Nicole said that her father had gotten a new job working from home and had to be on the phone all the time. But Chloe had a problem with constant barking, and so Nicole’s father made the choice to re-home the dog with someone else.

When Nicole was 14, her dad arrived one day to pick her up from school and he had Chloe in the backseat. That day, Nicole knew he was choosing to give the dog up.

By some miraculous turn of events, Chloe wound up needing a home again, and now she is in a new home with her old owner, happy as can be.

Nicole reports that the dog is a little smaller and now has no teeth, but that she still loves running around.

And Chloe now even has another child to play with – Nicole’s 4-month old daughter, Violet.

Woman Accidentally Adopts Childhood Dog
Photo: Nicole Grimes

Violet and Chloe have reportedly bonded very well. Nicole reports that Chloe is gentle with the baby and that it warms her heart to see them together.

What an unlikely and miraculous reunion!

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