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Wondercide Creators Aim to Keep Pesticides Away From Dogs

Wondercide Creators Aim to Keep Pesticides Away From Dogs
Photo: Wondercide

Pet owners are becoming more aware of the products that they use with their pets. Thanks to global education efforts and lots of research, we’re learning more about the harmful chemicals that some products contain and the long term health effects that these toxins are having on our dogs. Wondercide, a company specializing in natural flea and tick treatments, was recently featured on Shark Tank.

The pesticides that are contained in many flea and tick treatments are dangerous for our dogs, ourselves and anyone else that may come in contact with them, especially children. They can also have very serious effects on the environment. Unfortunately, most pet owners think that these chemicals are necessary to rid their home of pests and parasites.

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Wondercide Creators Aim to Keep Pesticides Away From Dogs
Photo: Wondercide

Stephanie Boone and Laura Alter have created a line of flea and tick sprays and bug repellents that are chemical free and 100% safe for humans and pets. The idea came after Stephanie’s dog, Luna, suffered devastating side effect from a flea and tick treatment that was prescribed by her vet. Luna developed pesticide poisoning.

Luna’s symptoms included seizures, liver and kidney failure and chronic skin issues. Several veterinarians recommended that the dog be put down. Luna was 10 years old, and they said that due to her age there was nothing that could be done to improve her health condition. Stephanie decided that she would nurse Luna back to health on her own.

She began to research pesticide formulas and the harmful effects that they can have on humans and animals. She also looked into the regulatory laws and environmental laws surrounding pesticides. What she discovered lit a fire under her to create Wondercide.

According to the company’s website, 80% of our pesticide exposure happens at home. The chemicals used to clean our homes, treat our yards and gardens and keep pests away usually contain very dangerous chemicals. These pesticides are linked serious conditions like chronic allergies, childhood cancers, poisoning and developmental diseases.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that 75% of households in the U.S. use chemical pesticides in their home. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, homeowners use up to 10X more pesticides acre on their lawns than farmers use on their crops. These figures are staggering. If your home fits into either of these statistics, think of how easy it is for these chemicals to get on your pets or yourself.

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Walking on floors that have been cleaned with chemicals, touching surfaces that have been wiped down with chemical cleaners and just walking through your yard could expose you or your dog to pesticides and toxins. The line of products offered by Wondercide include DEET-free insect repellent, natural flea spray, natural soaps and shampoos for humans and pets, soothing skin tonics and natural home pest control products.

Wondercide Creators Aim to Keep Pesticides Away From Dogs
Photo: Wondercide

Wondercide pet products include all-natural:

  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Grooming supplies
  • Skin care products
  • Ear care products
  • Supplements
  • Dog treats and toys
  • Stain and odor removers

All the products are made in Austin, Texas. These products are not only safe, but effective too. The company tests all products to make sure they work. What good is a gentle product if it isn’t effective? So far, consumers seem to be very impressed with Wondercide products. With the exposure they’ll get from their recent stint on Shark Tank, you’ll definitely be hearing more about Wondercide products in the future.

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