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Review: WooDoo Box Dog Subscription Box


If you've been shopping for the right subscription box for your dog, you may quickly become overwhelmed with all of the available options. I've tried a lot of subscription boxes for dogs, so I understand how difficult it can be to choose the one that is best for your pooch. The WooDoo Box makes it easy to get exactly what your dog needs in one convenient box.

When you're shopping for a subscription box for your pet you need to evaluate it based on the value that you're getting, how relevant the products are to your needs, the price and whether or not the products are safe and healthy.

Every box has different features. For example, some are geared toward a certain type of dog, like power chewers or puppies. Other boxes are made with specific ingredients or materials, like all-natural ingredients or eco-friendly materials.

You need to do some research before signing up for a subscription box for your pet. Evaluate the products included in each box, and decide if they are relevant for your dog's needs. After all, there is no sense subscribing to a box if you won't be able to use half of the products inside.

I've tested more than a dozen subscription boxes for dogs, and the WooDoo Box is absolutely the most customizable box I have ever seen. You'll see why in this extensive review.

WooDoo Dog Subscription Box Review

WooDoo Box ReviewI'll get started with the best thing about this box – it's the most customizable dog subscription box on the market! I got a box with random items, just to see the quality and value of the toys, chews and treats the company offers.

You can customize your WooDoo Box based on your dog's size along with the type and quantity of the items that you want to receive. You can choose from a wide variety of dog toys, treats, chews and bandanas. Plus, you can choose how many items you'd like to receive in each shipment from 1-30!

Let's say that you want a box with 12 items. You can choose how many of each item you'd like. You could get 4 treats, 4 regular plush toys, 2 tough toys and 2 bandanas or you may want to get 9 tough toys, 1 bandana and 2 treats. You can select any combination of items you want, and you can change your choices every month.

There is no contract with the WooDoo Box, and you only get charged once your box ships. You can cancel your subscription anytime without penalty, and you can also skip shipments if necessary.

dog chewing plush toyYou can try a one-time box or subscribe for bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries.

As you will see in my video review, our dogs loved every item we received. In fact, they love the WooDoo Box so much that they tore the package open before I could collect it from the porch.

The treats and chews included in this dog subscription box are made with all-natural ingredients in the U.S., South America or Europe.The treats are always 100% natural with no 3D/4D meats, generic by-product meals, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, fillers, dyes or harmful chemicals.

You will not receive rawhide chews, and the chews are always catered to your dog's size. Actually, when you sign up on the company's website, you will need to answer a short questionnaire about your pup. The box will be customized based on your dog's treat preferences, ingredient restrictions, edible chew and toy preferences, toy restrictions (squeaker or no squeaker, etc…), chewing style and more!

WooDoo BoxSo, this dog subscription is obviously one of the top choices on the market, but how does the cost compare to similar products? The products that you receive inside the box of high quality and geared to your pet's specific needs and preferences. For these reasons, I did expect that it would be more expensive than other subscription boxes.

The cost of the WooDoo Box varies depending on the number and type of items that you select. They charge per item, and the prices are more expensive for larger breeds than smaller breeds.

You can see all the prices on the company's website. For a medium size dog (weighing 30-59 pounds), the prices for each item are:

  • treats – $7 each
  • edible chews – $4 each
  • regular plush toys – $7 each
  • tough plush toys – $8 each
  • non-plush toys – $9
  • bandana – $4 each

WooDoo BoxMost dog subscription boxes cost $25-$40 per month and contain 6-10 products. The WooDoo box charges a little more than average for each item, but you get to hand pick the type of items that you receive. I also like that you can cater the box to fit your budget, and you can change the options each month depending on what you can afford.

Currently, the company is offering a deal for customers to get a trial box for $15 with no commitment required.

All in all, I think the WooDoo box is a good value for the money. It offers customization options that no other similar product offers. The products in the box are high quality, and you get the added convenience of having them delivered right to your door.

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