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The Woofer Allows You to Stream Music Through Your Dog

The Woofer Allows You to Stream Music Through Your Dog
Photo: The Woofer

You could call Matthew Baron a master at creating novelty products. His latest and most popular creation to date is The Woofer, a dog coat equipped with smartphone compatible speakers. He developed the product back in 2009, when he was working in advertising, as a way to get consumers to hear ads or the latest music while walking their dogs.

He began getting more and more requests from customers who wanted The Woofer for their own personal use, so he began selling directly to his customers. He has revised the product numerous times over the last 6 years, and his sales are steadily increasing because of it. Baron designs and builds the coats himself in his home in Philadelphia, PA.

The coat was originally inspired by a tuxedo-lapel speaker that Baron fashioned for human use. The Woofer plays music through the dog owners smartphone which attaches to the jacket using the headphone jack. Baron says that the device is compatible with most auxiliary cables.

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There is a pouch on the back of the jacket where an IPod, smartphone, or MP3 player can be inserted and it is equipped with a standard headphone jack. Baron hopes that more dog owners will connect over their mutual appreciation for music.

The Woofer Allows You to Stream Music Through Your Dog
Photo: Matthew Baron

He says that each dog coat he makes is examined by Dr. Stephen Meister, a local veterinarian, to ensure safety and quality. The two 30-watt speakers provide excellent sound quality, and they run on 3 small batteries to keep the coat lightweight and comfortable.

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The jackets come in three sizes. The size your dog will need is determined by his length, width, and chest girth. The small size is recommended for dogs like a Boston terrier, Maltese, or a Pug. The medium size would be appropriate for dogs like Beagles, cocker spaniels, or corgis. The large size is made for breeds like the German shepherd, golden retriever, or Rottweiler.

Baron says he’s claimed the patent for The Woofer for all four-legged animals, and he’s even considered how to make the device for horses, rabbits, and cats. He says the demand for other animals just isn’t the same as it is for dogs. He may venture into other markets, but right now he’s satisfied with his progress in the dog industry.

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