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WoofWoofRuff Introduces New Line of Dog Toys

WoofWoofRuff Introduces New Line of Dog Toys
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A new company has hit the dog product market. WoofWoofRuff announced their arrival into the affordable dog toy market last month, and there has been an amazing response from consumers. The recently established business has one goal in mind: indulging dogs with a new range of exciting, durable, colorful dog toys.

WoofWoofRuff is a family owned and operated business that was established when Lee Nolan, founder and CEO, became frustrated with the difficulties of finding quality dog toys that were affordable. Based on his love of canines, he decided to start his own business to help himself and other pet owners that were having the same problem.

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Nolan said that in his personal experience it was nearly impossible to find a toy that would entertain his dog and withstand tough play. The toy was either boring, and his dog lost interest, or it was destroyed in just a few days. The only way to find a toy that would withstand the wear and tear of his dog and entertain him was to spend a lot of money.

WoofWoofRuff Introduces New Line of Dog Toys
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That’s why he created WoofWoofRuff. Their line includes a range of balls, chew toys, toy ropes, and flying discs that will provide entertainment and exercise for many hours. The line is also colored brightly so the toys cannot be lost easily. There are toys in the line suitable for active play and individual play.

One of the best features of these dog toys is that they are designed for any breed. They are small enough for small breeds to handle, but are also big enough that large breeds will not choke on them. They do not come in multiple sizes for this reason.

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The toys are also designed to help clean teeth and foster healthy gums. The rope toys are designed for playing tug-of-war, and the flying discs and balls are perfect for a game of fetch. The balls are small enough to hold and throw comfortably. Likewise, the flying discs fold up neatly for easy storage and travel. When folded they can fit in a standard pocket.

The WoofWoofRuff toys come in combination packs of two or three. This allows you to mix and match the dog toys based on your dog’s personal preferences. All of the products are currently being featured on Amazon and they have been discounted in celebration of the brands official launch. They can be shipped throughout the United States.

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