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Would You Quit Wall Street to Help Shelter Dogs?

Would You Quit Wall Street to Help Shelter Dogs
Photo: Countryside Dog Camp

When this woman realized she wasn’t happy chasing money, she followed her true life calling and bought a 52-acre farm in Pennsylvania to start a dog sanctuary. Ever get the feeling that you’re not really living for a purpose? I'm pretty sure we've all felt like that at one point or another.

What do you think would be more fulfilling than what you’re currently doing? For Eva Armstrong, it was providing a rehabilitation oasis to rescue dogs from kill shelters and to give city dogs a place to explore. This amazing space allows dogs to roam and enjoy life.

For Eva she did what most people daydream about and made it a reality. She followed her heart. What do you dream of doing? Maybe founding a nonprofit? Helping people in other countries? Perhaps being a teacher and motivating people in some way?

When Eva listened to her heart she knew that she had become obsessed with work, and it wasn’t really helping her be any more happy.

Would You Quit Wall Street to Help Shelter Dogs
Photo: Countryside Dog Camp

Clearly, she is much happier now!

That emptiness was enough to compel her to use her work ethic in a way that would be much more fulfilling. She is now surrounded by nature and dogs that she gave a second chance to.

Not only is Eva’s story good for dogs because it reminds us of the reality that there are dogs in kill shelters all over the world, but it also is highly compelling to see someone follow their heart and their passion to do something really good for the world. We can help others follow their heart and find true happiness by doing it ourselves and also by talking to them about what they truly feel called to do with their lives.

If you’re interesting in learning more about what Ava started, check out her website, Eva’s Play Pup’s.

Eva was lucky that she was brave enough to do it, and you can be too! Doing the right thing for your long-term happiness is something you can’t regret, because you’re truly the only person that can steer your future. No amount of money can replace the simple joy of helping another human or animal.

Would You Quit Wall Street to Help Shelter Dogs
Photo: Countryside Dog Camp

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Our culture is operating backwards – chasing money thinking it will make us happy when happiness is found in our connection to other people and living beings. The bond between dogs and their owners is undeniable. It's been proven that dogs can experience emotions, and there is no doubt to any dog owner that they are loved by their pet.

Today, let’s remember that true happiness lies in how much we care for ourselves and others. Showing that love is the source of unending happiness and the reason Eva’s story has just blown up across the internet is because secretly people also dream of doing what she is doing. Maybe this is the last little nudge you need to make your decision once and for all!

There is something about being around the loving energy of dogs and in the quietness and beauty of nature that truly does heal the soul. We hope to see more stories like this coming out of the woodwork and spreading through the hearts and minds of our culture to make the idea of ‘following your life purpose’ the new norm.

Diana currently lives and works in London, UK and she's been an animal lover and dog owner since she was a child. After graduating high school, she focused on getting her degree in English to become a writer with a focus on animals, pets and dogs.