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Wunderball Is a Safer Alternative to Tennis Balls That Dogs Love


A company has invented a safer, longer lasting alternative to tennis balls for dogs – and most pets are going nuts over it. Anyone with a dog knows how exciting and important a good game of fetch is.

It’s one of the quickest and most fun ways to bond with our dogs. The go-to option has always been tennis balls, but a company named Whacky Walk’r is rethinking all of it.

Tennis balls, while inexpensive and easy to find, are not always a safe option. If your dog is one of the many that chews tennis balls up in 10 minutes flat, you know what it’s like to worry about whether or not he will someday choke on a piece. Swallowed bits could get lodged in his intestinal tract.

Many owners whose dogs have strong jaws decide to eliminate the worry of tennis balls altogether; so the dog winds up safe, but a bit more bored, as well. That’s all changing now!

The newly invented Wunderball from Wacky Walk'r has hit the dog scene, and is already a wildly popular choice – for good reason. This ball looks and acts like a tennis ball, but when you take a closer look you realize it’s actually better than a tennis ball. Wunderballs are made from 100% natural rubber.

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Photo: Wacky Walk'r

They also have an irregular shape and texture, which results in an erratic bounce (and dogs love it!). There is no fuzzy felt glued on, so the negative effects of that on your dog’s teeth and intestines is eliminated. In fact, this ball is great for dental health!

Wunderballs come in a variety of sizes, as well as an array of bright colors (bonus: it’s easier for you to find an orange ball in the green grass than a green one). Whacky Walk’r claims these balls float in water and are virtually indestructible, which means your pooch can stay safe and you can spend less money on fetch toys.

When your dog’s teeth sink into the ball, the texture actually helps remove debris.

The website iHeartDogs even has an awesome deal where they will donate one Wunderball to a shelter dog for every ball purchased online. You can make a shelter dog happy and provide him some relief just by buying a ball for your own dog. What a WUNDERful arrangement!

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing any toy for your dog is size. Be sure to choose a Wunderball (or any toy) which is too big for your dog to comfortably fit inside his mouth.

Doing this will prevent most choking accidents from occurring, assuming the dog cannot break the toy up into smaller pieces. And as always, toys are safest when they are played with under supervision. It is best not to leave your dog alone with a toy.

This looks like a great investment. It can keep your dog entertained, keep his teeth cleaned, AND keep him safe. On top of that, Wunderballs are inexpensive. Getting one seems like a win-win-win situation, for pups and their humans alike.

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