dog-friendly parks in the world

Traveling and visiting parks is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

And you may want to take your dog along your escapades.

After all, being with them to experience what different places can offer is better than leaving them at your home.

But the thing about bringing your dogs on your travels is that not all recreational spaces are parks that allow dogs.

So for this blog, we’ve listed twelve parks that we think are the most dog-friendly in the world.

These dog-friendly parks are not only a sight to see, but they also make sure that they take care of your dog during your stay.

Are you ready to know these best parks for dogs in the world?

a dog at the grand canyon national park

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Location: 20 South Entrance Road, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, USA

Contact Information: 928-638-7888

The Grand Canyon National Park had always been at the top of everyone’s bucket list, locals and tourists alike.

So it’s no surprise that it’s also a place that dog owners would like to visit too!

But is it one of the dog-friendly national parks in the world?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

What are the activities in Grand Canyon that make it a dog-friendly national park?

Parkgoers who are also dog owners enjoy taking their pooch for a walk on a scenic route called Rim Trail.

Rim Trail is a paved path that runs along Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

The trail is thirteen miles long, so you and your pooch can take all your time to appreciate the majestic canyons while doing your dog’s walk.

However, while Grand Canyon is one of the dog-friendly national parks in the world, there are still areas in the park where dogs are off-limits.

Get familiar with the park policy restrictions in Grand Canyon below:

  • Shuttle buses don’t allow pets to ride in them.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside federal buildings and visiting centers.
  • Hiking with dogs below the rim is prohibited. Don’t take your dogs below the rim.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

There are a lot of dog amenities in the Grand Canyon which makes it one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Here are some amenities to expect near and within Grand Canyon:

  • Accommodations around the park have pet play areas in them.
  • There are also a couple of dog kennels near the national park
  • A nearby camping ground near the Canyon admits well-behaved dogs in the area.

dog-friendly cuyahoga park

2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Location: 6947 Riverview Road, Peninsula, OH 44264, USA

Contact Information: (440) 717-3890

Up next on our list of most dog-friendly parks in the world is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Cuyahoga is a location where you and your dogs could lose yourselves deep in the woodlands.

The park welcomes any visiting tourists in the area, but can they welcome dogs too?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

What are the activities in Cuyahoga Valley that make it one of the national parks that are dog-friendly?

For fur parents like you, here are some activities that you may want to focus your activities with your dog:

  • Take one of the four shorter trails in the park.
  • Trek on one of the five longer trails in Cuyahoga.
  • Go and fish on one of the bodies of water in Cuyahoga.
  • Make your dog your passenger and canoe in one of Cuyahoga’s streams.

Do take note that there are still areas in the national parks that are still off-limits to your pets.

Some of these areas are:

  • East Rim mountain bike trails
  • Cuyahoga park buildings
  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Dog Amenities at the National Park

The abundance of amenities and facilities for dogs in Cuyahoga is why we think it’s one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Here are some amenities to expect when you visit Cuyahoga:

  • Ohio is filled with dog-friendly hotels and rooms for rents
  • A lot of shops within the area allow small to medium-sized dogs to enter the store.
  • Campgrounds in the vicinity are ready to accommodate you and your pooch.

dog-friendly snowdonia park

3. Snowdonia National Park

Location: Royal Oak Stables, Betws y Coed, Conwy LL24 0AH, Wales, UK

Contact Information: 01690 710426

Towering and majestic, Snowdonia National Park in Wales is filled with mountains, trails, and beautiful sceneries.

Here’s why we included Snowdonia in our list of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

Does Snowdonia have activities that can entertain our dogs?

And the answer is, yes, it does.

In fact, Snowdonia is one of the best national parks for dogs in the world because of how much nature has to offer to tourists.

Specifically, Snowdonia takes pride in its two thousand kilometers of approved routes within its perimeter.

Some of the trails that tourist would often traverse in Wales’ national park are:

  • Lon Gwyrfai
  • Yr Ysgwrn
  • Cwm Idwal
  • Snowdon Ranger
  • Rhyd Ddu Path

There are also man-made attractions that you may want to check out with your dogs.

Most of these man-made attractions are near villages and dog-friendly tourist resting places in the area.

Here are some of the must-visit attractions for you:

  • Gelert’s Grave in Beddgelert, a resting spot of a faithful dog
  • The Penryn Castle bears historical significance and relics
  • Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways’ steam engine trains.

Take note that the majority of Snowdonia is privately owned.

This means, that going in restricted spaces can get you charged with trespassing.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Here’s why we hailed Snowdonia as one of the most dog-friendly national parks in the world.

  • The majority of Snowdonia’s 40 routes are dog-friendly trails
  • Some trails in Snowdonia offer wash stations
  • Shops and services inside villages allow dogs inside the store
  • Restaurants in tourist hotspots have dog-friendly patios
  • Accommodations in Snowdonia admit dogs
  • Some of Snowdonia’s accommodation has dog walks around its vicinity
  • Dogs can board Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways’ carriages

dog-friendly acadia park

4. Acadia National Park

Location: Hulls Cove Visitor Center, 25 Visitor Center Road, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, USA

Contact Information: (207) 288-3338

Nothing beats a scenic combination between mountains and beaches.

Acadia National Park is a place where terrestrial rock formations meet the vast sea.

It’s a reason why visitors want to visit the park, but can dogs visit the park too? 

Fortunately, yes!

After all, Acadia is one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

What are the activities for dogs in Acadia that make it one of the dog-friendly national parks in the world?

Here’s a compiled list of activities in Acadia:

  • Walk on a dog trail that loops around Acadia’s most popular spot, Jordan Pond.
  • Go on a hiking mission at Carriage Roads.
  • Jog across the coastlines and sand beaches during non-peak tourist season.
  • Eat your lunch outdoors in Pretty Marsh on Mount Desert Island.
  • Set up a tent in Schoodic Woods’ campground.

That being said, there are areas in the park that are off-limits to your dogs.

Here are those restricting park policies that you should know when visiting Acadia:

  • Swimming in Acadia’s lakes is prohibited
  • Sand beaches are off-limits during Acadia’s peak season
  • Dogs are not allowed in public buildings
  • Your dogs can't enter Wild Gardens of Acadia and Duck Harbor Campground.

There are also trails in Acadia that are off-limits to dogs because of how dangerous the trails are for them. These are:

  • Precipice
  • Beehive
  • Ladder Trail to Dorr Mountain
  • Beech Cliffs Trail
  • Perpendicular Trail (Mansell Mountain)
  • Jordan Cliffs Trail
  • Acadia Mountain
  • Flying Mountain
  • Giant Slide
  • Cadillac Mountain-West face
  • Bubble and Jordan Ponds Path
  • Norembega Goat Trail
  • Bubbles-Pemetic Trail
  • Penobscot Mountain (Spring) Trail
  • Upper Beachcroft Trail
  • Upper Gorge Trail

Dog Amenities at the National Park

As one of the national parks that are dog-friendly, Acadia is filled to the brim with dog amenities.

Here are some of the available dog amenities in Acadia:

  • Horse carriages on Carriage Roads will let dogs board the transport.
  • Dog-friendly accommodations are everywhere around and in the national park
  • Picnic tables are available in Pretty Marsh
  • Vacation house rentals in Pretty Marsh allow dogs to occupy the property
  • Campgrounds in Schoodic Woods, Blackwoods, and Seawall are dog-friendly.

dog-friendly showa memorial park

5. Showa Memorial Park

Location: 3173 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0014, Japan

Contact Information: +81 42-528-1751

Would you believe that there’s a large park in the heart of Tokyo?

That’s right!

One of the most important recreational spaces in Japan is also one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

And that is Showa Memorial Park.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

Japan is a dog-friendly country, so it’s no wonder that Showa Memorial Park is one of the national parks that allow dogs.

And the most common park activities for dogs in Showa Memorial Park are dog walks.

You and your dog can walk and explore different areas in the park such as:

  • Waterfowl Lake
  • Bike Trail
  • Forest Zone
  • Five Dog Parks Areas

But before the park would let your dog in, you need to register your dog in the park office first.

Here are some documents that you need to submit in compliance with the registration:

  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate issued at least last year
  • Certificates from three types of vaccines
  • Pet Accompaniment Agreement

Dog Amenities at the National Park

The reason we included Showa Memorial Park as one of the dog-friendly parks in the world is because of how well it caters to dogs.

Inside Showa Memorial Park are five types of dog parks, each of them having a different purpose:

  • Beginner’s Zone Area to prepare your pet in dog parks.
  • Small Dog Area for pooches under 40 centimeters in height.
  • Open Active Areas A for larger dog breeds.
  • Open Active Areas B and C for all dog breed sizes.

Tokyo, itself, is a dog-friendly city in Japan, offering the following services for dog owners such as:

  • Dog-friendly boutiques and restaurants
  • Dog-friendly cafes
  • Hotels and inns that allow dogs

dog-friendly hot spring park

6. Hot Springs National Park

Location: 369 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

Contact Number: (501) 620-6715

Hot Springs National Park is prized for its landscape and thermal springs.

It's also a place that's rich in history, culture, and people!

You might enjoy the place but will your dog enjoy it too?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

So what are the activities in Hot Springs that make it one of the dog-friendly national parks in the world?

Here are some activities that you and your dog might find interesting during your stay in Hot Springs:

  • Hike on Hot Spring’s 26-mile trail
  • Visit local attractions in Arkansas
  • Settle a base camp in one of Hot Spring’s camping grounds
  • Set up a picnic with your pet dog

While Hot Springs is a dog-friendly park, there are areas that are off-limits to your dogs.

Here are some park regulations that you need to know when visiting Hot Springs:

  • Dogs are not allowed in public and federal buildings.
  • Dogs are not allowed to swim in thermal springs and bathhouses
  • It’s not allowed for dogs to ride rented boats.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Hot Springs and Arkansas alone are very welcoming to dogs, so expect many amenities to serve them!

Here are the amenities that make Hot Springs one of the most dog-friendly national parks in the world:

  • Dog-friendly campsites that are connected to short trails in the park
  • Trails have wash stations and drinking fountains
  • Accessible restaurants with outdoor patios
  • Hotels that allow dogs are now located in Hot Spring’s downtown
  • Accommodations that have their own dog runs and dog parks

dog-friendly jasper park

7. Jasper National Park

Location: Box 10, Jasper, AB, Canada

Contact Number: +1 780-852-6176

Looking for another national park asides from Banff?

How ‘bout considering Jasper National Park?

Jasper is a large national park that’s also the second largest dark sky preserve.

Like Banff, Jasper offers its visitors intricate trails to hike and lakes to view.

But what can Jasper national park offer to dogs?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

Jasper Park boasts a lot of dog activities in the area, which makes it one of the national parks that are dog friendly.

Here are those dog activities that may interest you.

  • Canoeing with your dog in Lac Beauvert
  • Paddle inflatables in Annette Lake
  • Ride the aerial tramway in Jasper Skytram
  • Walk along the trail loops around
  • Maligne Lake
  • Go on a steep hiking quest on Sulphur Skyline Trail
  • Take a walk to Valley of Five Lakes
  • Walk with your dog in Maligne Canyon
  • Camp near the lower falls of Sunwapta Falls
  • Have a joyride with your dog in Icefields Parkway

That being said, below are some areas in the park that are off-limits to dogs:

  • Miette Hot Springs are not dog friendly, although they have cabins for pets in Miette Mountain Cabin
  • Trails that include caribou habitats on the way are off-limits
  • Gas-powered boats are prohibited on any bodies of water in Jasper Park.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Worried about how will you take care of your dog in Jasper?

Well, fear not because Jasper is one of the national parks that are dog-friendly!

Jasper got you covered because it is rich with locations offering owners dog amenities. Here are some of them:

  • Pet stations in Path of the Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell
  • Canoe rents in major lake destinations in Jasper
  • Restaurants in Jasper have a great outdoor patio included
  • Campsites around Jasper allow dogs
  • Bungalows rentals in Jasper have self-contained dog runs
  • Tramways allow dogs in their gondola

dog-friendly great sand dunes

8. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Location: 11999 State Highway 150, Mosca, CO 81146, USA

Contact Information: 719 378-6395

Another dog-friendly park in the world is the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

This national park presents a sandy adventure for you and your dogs.

Interestingly, the park has forest trails and a creek to add variety to your experience.

And in the winter, it snows in this park!

But what makes the Great Sand Dunes a park for dogs too?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

Great Sand Dunes is one of the parks that allow dogs in Colorado.

Since they’re welcoming to dogs, you and your dog should maximize your visit to this National Park.

Here are some activities that you and your dog may enjoy in Great Sand Dunes:

  • Explore the Sand Dunes
  • Take a hike on Montville Nature Trail and Mosca Pass Trail
  • Get wet and splash with your dog in Medano Creek
  • Breeze an off-road joyride with your dog in Medano Pass

While the Great Sand Dunes park allows dogs in the vicinity, some areas in the park are off-limits to dogs.

Here are those no-pet areas in the park:

  • Inside the visitor center and bathrooms
  • The backcountry of the dune field
  • Off of the Dunes Overlook Trail
  • North of Castle Creek Picnic Area, except along Medano Pass Primitive Road
  • North of Point of No Return, including Sand Ramp Trail
  • In any backpacking campsites of the national park

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Remote as the Great Sand Dunes sound, but it’s one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Around the national park are services and shops with features that will make your dog’s visit to the area more enjoyable and comforting.

Here’s what Great Sand Dunes can offer to dog owners like you:

  • Restaurants have dog-friendly outdoor patios
  • Rentals also lend their sandboards and sand sleds to interested dog owners
  • Accommodations around the park are dog-friendly
  • Stores and souvenir shops allow well-behaved dogs to enter.

dog-friendly banff park

9. Banff National Park

Location: 43 Prestwick Place Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

Contact Information: +1-403-762-1550

Are you looking for an icy and rocky escapade for you and your dog?

Then you should include Banff National Park in your getaway list!

Banff welcomes dogs and owners alike because it’s also one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Here’s how.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

What activities can you expect in Banff, one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world?

Here’s a rundown of the things to do in Banff national park:

  • Stroll with your dog in Banff’s 1500km approved trails
  • Take a short dog walk on Marsh Loop and Fenland Trail
  • Trek with your adventurous dog on Tunnel Mountain Trail
  • View the breath-taking scenery of Banff on Tunnel Mountain’s summit
  • Walk the trail with your dog toward Bow Falls
  • Stroll with your dog and reach the viewpoint in Surprise Corner
  • Add Banff Hoodoos to your trail route from Surprise Corner
  • Kayak with your dog passenger in Lake Louise, Bow River, and Lake Minnewanka
  • Have a picnic with your dog near Johnson Lake
  • Explore the Ghost town of Bankhead
  • Have a fun joyride with your dog in Ice Field Parkway
  • Visit the spectacular views of many lakes in Banff

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Amenities make park visits with your dog convenient and comfortable, making Banff one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Here are some amenities to expect when you visit Banff:

  • Hotels and accommodations are dog-friendly and accessible
  • A lot of restaurants offer outdoor patio dining setup
  • There are a lot of off-leash dog parks within Banff
  • Owners can drop their dogs at doggy daycare around the park
  • There are also dog grooming services for your pets

dog-friendly eifel park

10. Eifel National Park

Location: Urftseestraße 34, 53937 Schleiden-Gemünd, Germany

Contact Information: +49 (0) 24 44 / 95 10-0

If you want a place to immerse in the forest beauty, Eifel National Park should be your next go-to place.

But even with the luscious woodlands, Eifel continues to be one of the most dog-friendly parks in the world.

Here’s why and how.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

If you like landscapes and hiking, then Eifel might be the best park for dogs in the world.

Eifel Park boasts ten dog-friendly trails with difficulties that range from walking in a park to a full trekking activity.

Here are the ten trails in Eifel Park for you and your dog:

  • Einruhr, Dedenborn, and Weihrauchsberg
  • Extended Daffodil Route
  • Erkensruhr Dreiborn Plateau
  • Beaver Path in Heimbach
  • Buschfelder Hof (Nideggen-Schmidt)
  • Gemund to Wolfgarten Loop
  • Wilder Wald von Heute und Morgen
  • Dunkle Fichtenforste und lichte Bruchwalder
  • Blenser Panoramarundweg
  • Odenbachtalweg

In our opinion, the best dog-friendly trail for you and your dogs in the park is the Einruhr, Dedenborn, and Weihrauchsberg.

This route is also the most popular trail for a lot of dog owners because this route has restaurants, café, and villages stop in it.

But if you’re looking for a challenge, you can trek the longest trail, Dunkle Fichtenforste und lichte Bruchwälder.

Lastly, for a steeper trail as a challenge, go for Wilder Wald von Heute und Morgen instead.

Other than trails, you can also enjoy driving in the Volcano route or cruising the waters of Lake Cur.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Eifel Park offers services and features like any other dog-friendly national park on this list.

You can find these services mostly in the towns and villages within Eifel Park.

Here are the dog amenities present around Eifel National Park:

  • Dog sitter services in the various villages stops
  • Owners can drop their pets in doggy daycares nearby
  • Downtown offers dog services like spas, restaurants, and supply shops

dog-friendly yoyogi park

11. Yoyogi Park

Location: 2-1 Yoyogikamizonochō, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0052, Japan

Contact Information: +81 3-3469-6081

Coming up next, we have another park from one of the most dog-friendly countries in the world.

Yoyogi Park is a staple location for locals to watch the first annual cherry flowers’ bloom.

It’s also a place where you can do activities with your dog.

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

Since Yoyogi is a park where pets are allowed, here are some activities to expect with your dog:

  • Walk your dog on Yoyogi’s concrete pavements
  • Immerse your dog in Yoyogi’s forest park section
  • Let your pooch run in dog parks
  • Gather and watch cherry blossom events
  • Jog and exercise with your dog
  • Enjoy a picnic with your fido

Like Showa Park, before your dogs can enter the vicinity, you first have to register your dogs in the park office.

Just present your dog’s rabies vaccine certificate to the office and wait until the registration is finally complete.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

The best amenity that makes Yoyogi one of the dog-friendly parks in the world is its dog runs.

Yoyogi Park has three types of dog parks in the area.

The first one is for dogs less than 5kg, the second park is for dogs over 12kg.

Lastly, the third section is for dogs that weigh between 5kg and 12kg.

Upon registration, the park administration office will assign your dog to its designated dog park, depending on how heavy your pooch weighs.

Other than that, many restaurants, accommodations, cafes, and services are available outside the park.

dog-friendly peak district park

12. Peak District National Park

Location: Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AE, England, UK

Contact Information: 01629 816 200

If you want to see history, landscapes, and England's culture all in one place, consider Peak District on your bucket list.

Peak District takes you and your dog to the grass fields of England, along with the culture that went along with the place.

Your dog may not be able to understand the culture, but it can appreciate how welcoming a place is to it.

So how welcoming Peak District is to dogs?

Dog-Friendly Park Activities

So what makes Peak District one of the national parks that are dog friendly?

Here are some ideas to help you start!

  • Take your dog for a walk in Grinlow Woods
  • Bring your well-behaved dogs to Bakewell
  • Hike with your dog on Monsal Trail
  • Walk with your pooch in Ladybower Reservoir
  • Ride with your dog on a steam engine train in Peak Rail

Do take note, however, of places that are off-limits to your pet.

These areas include buildings, state homes, castles, and specific public facilities.

Dog Amenities at the National Park

Aside from activities, Peak District is filled with dog amenities in and around the area.

Here are some of the dog amenities to expect in this national park.

  • Towns like Bakewell welcome and offer dogs-related products and services
  • Restaurants and café across towns are dog-friendly
  • Your dog can ride trains from Peak Rail and trams from Crich Tramway village
  • A lot of accommodations within the Peak District are dog-friendly.

Dog-Friendly Parks in the World: Conclusion

And there you have it!

Those are the twelve most dog-friendly parks in the world for your canine companions!

Remember that as you visit these parks, make sure to observe park policies and regulations.

As a dog owner, you should also be responsible and obey the pet etiquette, BARK, during your stay.

BARK stands for:

  • Bag your waste
  • Always leash your dogs (6 feet or shorter)
  • Respect wildlife
  • Know where your pets can go

Follow all these guidelines to make your park visit safer and preserve the beauty of these national parks!

But wait!

Are you interested in the most dog-friendly park in our country?

Perhaps you want to know about some of the biggest dog parks in the world.

Or it could be that you want to know if there’s an off-leash dog park nearby.

Then you may want to check these lists of parks that we compiled just for you!