Although they don’t speak human, dogs still have A LOT to say to their two-legged companions. Unfortunately, we don’t fully understand woofing and weird stares.

If we could speak dog, these pictures would pretty much sum up what our dogs are trying to tell us.

1. So You Don’t Let Me Eat Strawberries, But Dress Me As One

Happy dog day! Have a pissed off strawberry.

How lovely. * death glare intensifies*


2. You Mean To Tell Me The Ball Was In Your Hand The Whole Time?!

What else were you lying about? Don’t tell me I’m not a good boy, too.


3. He Didn’t Text Even When He Said He Would?

Dog just wants to talk

Much shock. Such surprise. Wow.


4. But, You’re Much Prettier Without Makeup!

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And I figured that when you stop watching YouTube beauty tutorials, you’ll have more time for walking me.


5. You Need A Life, Mom

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My but looks good, though.


6. Hooman? Is That Dog Standing On Two Legs?

Can I go make friends, pleeeeease?


7. No, I Don’t Want Cuddles

My Pissed Off Pooch

I know you meant it when you said my butt looks fat in that harness.


8. Do I Want Bacon?!

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Oh, yes, please, glorious human, let me feast.


9. It’s Been Centuries Since You Went To The Store…

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But I’ll always wait for you.


10. You’re Getting A Cat?

My husky gives her most “oh, that's great.” face

I’m very disappointed in you, George.


11. Did I Just Hear You Say Neutering?

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But I’ve been such a good boy.


12. Can You Please Stop With The Pinterest DIY Projects?

My sweet Clementine helping take down the x-mas lights

It’s getting old real fast.


13. Seriously, Betsy, Again With The Diet?!

I came here to eat food and fuck things up….and I'm all out of food.

It’s been 16,890 seconds since I had my last meal. Do you know how long that is in doggo time?!


14. I’m Glad My Pain Amuses You, Human.

But I am both shaken and stirred with this situation.


15. I Told You Not to Get A Cat

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Now look what we have to put up with.


16. I Heard You Ordered Cuddles On Amazon

Did someone order a floof?

And there is no return address.


17. Why Did You Let Me Eat That Last Nugget?

“Just leave me alone Felicia” – dog probably

You were supposed to be my best friend, Bob.


20. Hawaii Sounds Delightful

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Don’t you dare leave me at the kennel while you sip Margaritas on the beach.


21. You Will Not Believe What The Cats Just Did

Caught my dog getting in the trash…busted

I did my best to stop them, but I was too late.


22. I Could Just Stare At You All Day Long

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Especially while I’m pooping.


23. You Don’t Think I Know Who Farted This Time?

Spare me your lame excuses, human.

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The Hilarious Things That Dogs Wish They Could Tell You

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