Top 22 Photos That Prove Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think


n pet world, dogs usually lose to cats when it comes to brains. However, to be fair, it’s mostly because some people fail to recognize the inventive genius of dogs.

Seriously, just look at these pooches. You all might be in 2017, but these pups are already in 3017. It’s your own fault if you can’t see it!

1. Yes, I Am A Master Of Camouflage

Chameleon dog

And still looking fly.


2. It Was A Long Con

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But it was for pizza, so totally worth the trouble.


3. Sharing Is Caring, Strange Stuffed Friend

Of course, only if the jar is empty.


4. Gotta Collect Them All!

Don’t judge me. What if we run out of these magnificent wooden bones?!


5. I Got My PhD In Good Boyology

From Barkward University.

6. I’m Trying To Patent My Air Floss Idea

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… but they told me it blows.

7. I Won’t Let Anyone Burst My Bubble!

Freeze-frame from “Stella's Dog Bubbles”

Got to stay paw-sitive!


8. Your Evidence Is Circumstantial, At Best

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You can’t prove I went anywhere near that garbage bin.


9. Have You Watched Lost?

Dog knows.

Then buckle up and listen to the damn safety demo!


10. Human, I Don’t Trust The Robot

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AI is no joke. Do you think it will be fun when they become our overlords?


11. What They Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt Them

What a smart dog

No my ass.


12. I know How To Sit AND Read, Right?

Smart dog is smart

No need for further dog training, you’ll agree.


13. Don’t Be Such A Rook

If you think I’m not going to attack your pawn, you’re barking mad.


14. Loosing Is Ruff

Then, I guess it’s a good thing that I’m going to destroy you, human.


15. I Bark, Therefore I Am

Or Doggito Ergo Sum, if you prefer Latin.


16. Oh, You’re Embarrassed? That’s Ruff!

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Now you’ll think twice before you blame me for not doing your homework.


17. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Unlike the tasty meals you decided to cut out of my diet.


18. Sologamy Is My Jam!

But I don’t plan on getting cats.

19. It’s Called Fashion. Look It Up

Golden Retriever with head stuck in the arm of a red plastic chair

This style was all the rage in the last issue of Dogue.


20. My Area Of Expertise Is Roofing

funny dog pic

In this economy, it’s hard to come by a job in your profession.


21. Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass…

It's the simple pleasures in life…

It’s figuring out that sprinkles do the same job for you.


22. I Figured Out What My Priorities In Life Are

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And without a self-help book, too.


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The Photos That Prove Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think

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