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24 Insanely Cute Dogs That Are Unaware Of Their Size

These are the pioneers of the ‘if it fits, I sits’ movement. The gentle giants with the habits of lap dogs, and adorable minis that feel like beasts.

I guarantee, you will never see cuter or funnier cases of identity crisis than these 24 insanely cute dogs that are unaware of their size!

1. I'm Not A Scaredy Cat …

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But 4 against 1 is hardly fair play.


2. Excuse Me, Sir, But I Was Wondering…

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Do you have the time to talk about our lord and savior, Chewbacca?


3. Haven’t You Ever Cheated At Musical Chairs?

What will the dog say..

I just don’t see what the big deal is.


4. Did You Watch Jaws?

If this was a small kangaroo, I could caption this: “JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!” But since it's a dog… um… “BARK BARK, GROWL,

The only difference is I can walk on land, you human weakling.


5. But, It Worked For The Cat!


Where did my calculations go wrong?


6. Come At Me, Bro

It's not the size of the dog in the fight….it's the size of the fight in the ….oh… fuck…nevermind.

You know I can take you anytime.


7. I Forgot Our Anniversary, So I’m In The Doghouse Now


She was barking mad, I’m not getting off the couch anytime soon.


8. I Have No Regrets


Oh, and have you seen the cat anywhere?


9. You Think Only Paris Hilton Has Handbag Dogs?

If I fits I sits

It’s called fashion. Look it up.


10. I Wrestled Him Into Obedience

Small dog big dog

It was ruff at one point, but I won.


11. These Polka Dots Go Fab With My Spots

Can we all post big dogs in little beds?

It’s clear you got this comfy bed for me and not for the cat.


12. You’re Lucky This Fence Is Too High

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Or I would jump over and try to sit in your lap.


13. I Am Fire! I Am Death! YOU WILL BURN!

Why yes, I do believe that is a small dog!

Why don’t you cower before me, human?!


14. What Do You Mean Get A New Bed?

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My old one still fits like a glove.


15. I Heard You Say You’d Like A Lap Dog

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Thank god I am one!


16. What Kind Of Monster Is This?

Hamster broke the dog from aww

How in the world am I going to get away?!


17. They Told Me They Will Murder Me In My Sleep

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Look how vicious they look, human.


18. The Manual Said It Has A 40 Pounds Limit

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The manufacturer obviously lied.


19. Whew, And I Thought Someone Would See Me Hiding

Curtain dog demands obedience

It’s like a cloak of invisibility.


20. Yeah, I’m On A Seafood Diet

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I see food and then I eat it.


21. What Do You Mean We’re Not Brothers?

Two clean dogs

We have the same ears!


23. Why Run Laps, When You Can Sit In One?

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Also, sniff my but while you’re there.


23. Day 5: They Still Don’t Suspect Anything

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As soon as I steal that turkey, I’ll disappear into the night.

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