How can anybody not burst out laughing when they see a pooch caught on camera in the most unfortunate moment? I mean, it is comedy gold. Right? But, let's be honest – we've all been there…

Trust me. You won’t laugh so hard at these hilarious pooches failing when you realize they are just too relatable.

1. Live together, die alone

And to think I was counting on you guys for help.


2. Today, I’m going to get everything right.

My life.

Or maybe don’t get out of the bed at all, to be on the safe side?


3. I’m not a hoarder

“I've made a terrible mistake.” – Dog

I just had a coupon for that.


4. ‘It’s not that I’m naïve…

This dog who was tricked…again

But she seemed so perfect online!


5. I ordered a teeth whitening kit online

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I guess you can say it works.


6. ME: I hate drama. Also me:

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Please, continue where you left off.


7. Tried to follow a YouTube make up tutorial

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Eyebrows on fleek, girl.


8. Kids, never argue on the internet.

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Even if you win, you’re still a derp.


9. Girl, can you do something about that peach fuzz?

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I swear, it is messing up my foundation game.


10. Anarchy in the UK

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No gods, no masters, punk.


11. I still can’t do a burpee

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…but my splits are on point.


12.  Babe, we’re just friends

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Don’t lie to me, boy! I saw your inbox!


13. Oh, Cheez-It dust is not food?

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It’s not my fault. You didn’t bring enough snacks for the road trip.


14. It looked much nicer on the website

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Should have suspected the cheap price, though.


15. Do you have pet insurance?

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Because I can offer you a great quote.


16. That’s what you get when you shop for furniture at Walmart

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I told you we should go to Ikea, Bob.


17. Where the hell is Paul?

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He was here just a second ago.


18. Every time I’m on a diet

She ate through her bed and got herself caught

I see waffles everywhere.


19. “Moooom, ever heard of knocking?”

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It’s not what it looks like, I promise.


20. Special offer on marshmallows?’

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I regret nothing.


21. I really wanted to start eating healthier

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But then I decided that beach bodies are way overrated.


22. Why do these Skittles taste funny?

me irl

Doesn’t matter, gonna eat them anyways.


23. All I wanted is to hang a picture

There goes the deposit…

And now, instead of artwork, I got a hole. Pun intended.


24. Oh, it’s for Instagram?

This Dog at Dinner

Let me strike a pose first.


25. I don’t always trust people.

Come on in

But when I do, things like this happen.


26. I got a gift certificate for this new spa…

You filthy animal!

After that beauty mud treatment, my skin is not that ruff anymore.


27. Every time I pass out drunk…

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My friends pull crap like this.

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The Embarrassing Dog Fails You Can Totally Relate To

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