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28 Dogs Feeling Fabulous at the Beach


1„It’s where I take my very best glamour shot.”

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2 „And showcase my bathing suit in glory.”

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3 „Or chill in an appropriate dress code.”

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4 „Then capture all the sun for myself.”

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5 „And get covered in the sand.”

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6 „Or play a liberal Superman.”

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7 „Beach is where I spread my wings.”

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8„And where I can read the news in peace.”

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9 „And have the time of my life!”

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10 „Just look how happy I am – beyond words!”

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11 „Don’t even think that you can hit on me on the beach.”

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12 „Because I will walk off majestically and tan elsewhere.”

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13 „Maybe even go for a crazy run.”

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14 „Beach also means more of that cold stuff.”

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15 „Here I’m best friends with the sun. It bestows a sexy back tan upon me.”

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16 „And the sun never forgets that my belly loves it, too!”

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17 „Plus, this may be the best place for my romantic adventures.”

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18 ”And who knows, maybe it will end up in a happy marriage.”

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19 „But until then, I can freely enjoy a nude sunbathing!”

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20 „And this is how I roll after a swim!”

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21 „And how cool I feel on my bay watch!”

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22 „Because wearing my poppy on my right ear always makes me feel admired!”

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23 “Oh, please, no one is more fashionable than me on this beach!”

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24 „Indeed, you are an eye-catching candy! Say, do you wanna go out with me, sugar?”

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25 „Beach is where babes come to us.”

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26 „Especially when we’re hiding behind stylish sunglasses.”

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27 „Ladies on the beach are always impressed.”

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28 „But in the end, we all just want to cuddle together on the beach.”

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