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A Fence Extension System Helps Stop Dog Jumpers and Climbers

This Fence Extension System Helps Stop Jumpers
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If you’ve got a dog that is a master at escaping, you can understand the frustration of owners who have tried many different options and spent a lot of money on containing their dog. No matter what you do, some dogs will still find a way to escape. If your dog tries to climb over fencing, there is a containment system on the market that can help.

Dog-Proofer is the brand name of the canine containment fencing system that is manufactured by Purr…fect Fence LLC, a company known for its cat containment systems. The company’s best-selling product, the Purr…fect Cat Fence is the only fence for cats with a pivoting arched top. It is the company’s patented design, and they used the same strategy when developing the Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Systems.

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The canine containment system is a height extension for your current fence. If your dog can jump over your current fence, there is no longer a need to rip out the fence and replace it with a taller one; you can just buy an extension. The standard containment system adds up to three feet to the height of your fence or wall. Consumers can purchase the system in one of two available materials; a steel welded fence or a very strong poly fence.

This Fence Extension System Helps Stop Jumpers
Photo: perfectfence.com

If your dog is a Houdini-like fence climber, you can also invest in the Houdini-Proof System which uses a formed tubular fence extension arm that arches over the fenced in area to create a climbing barrier. This system can make your fence up to two feet taller and extends over the fenced area almost two feet as well. This also has the option of coming in either metal or poly fencing.

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Both Dog-Proofer systems can attach to most wall or fence types including chain link, wood, wire-backed split rail, PVC/vinyl fences, decorative aluminum or wrought iron fences, and masonry walls. The containment system will stand up to the weight of a dog jumping at it repetitively, but it won’t hold up to your dog grabbing and ripping it with his teeth.

The plastic fences are a bit cheaper, but you should be aware of your pet’s needs before making a purchase. The metal containment systems are obviously more durable and if your dog aggressively pursues his escape attempts, the plastic option may not be enough. You can contact the company online or by phone and a representative can help you select the Dog-Proofer system that will be best for your needs.

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