Pearl the one-eyed abandoned pup dumped by owner
Credits: Mac's Mission

Pearl, an abandoned Poodle dog covered in thick flea-infested fur, is now unrecognizable after being rescued by an animal shelter in Missouri, US. 

Founder of Mac’s Mission, Rochelle Steffen, rescued the street dog on July 9 after it was found dumped on a busy road by its owner.

Steffen shared in an interview with Newsweek how Pearl didn't “even look like a living dog” when they saw the poor pup in the middle of the road.

The founder said the pup luckily did not get run over despite its matted hair.

Steffen and the team “assessed her condition and found her to be missing an entire eyeball” which “seemed like an older injury.” 

We got her cleaned up, shaved down, and a bath to get rid of any grime and fleas.

The Mac’s Mission founder also recalled that it took 3 people from the shelter to help remove Pearl’s “terrible thick” fur “which took quite a while” to shave off.

She was the sweetest and just sat there while we got all the terrible thick matts of her… 

Thankfully, she didn't have maggots from the matts which many do when they get matted.”

Pearl also “fell asleep pretty quickly” as soon as it settled into one of the shelter’s spaces.

Mac’s Mission shared Pearl’s story on social media featuring the newly-shaved dog living its best life.

Abandoned One-Eyed Street Dog Now Looks Unrecognizable After Rescue
Credits: Mac's Mission

It can be seen in the shelter's Instagram video how the once abandoned pup is now being cuddled and carried to a bed covered in blankets while offered some treats.


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An Instagram user commented: “What a difference a day makes. Deepest thanks to everyone who came together to help this pup. She's a cutie.”

Another expressed dismay to Pearl’s owner: “I seriously don’t understand people. The neglect I see as a groomer, it’s so hard to not be upset. She came out looking great, she’s precious.”

Steffen continues to focus its mission to provide “life-saving care” to abandoned and so-called “jankydogs that need urgent care.


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