The pug Dex was on the brink of death until an animal rescue group decided to step in and rehabilitate him for adoption.

Dex was a wandering hairless pug that endured a harsh life as a stray dog. After rescuers stepped in, however, they not only saved his life but also found a loving home for the pup.

The dog was at least a year old and barely weighed 10 pounds when he was picked up from an animal charity facility. Dex suffered from mange and skin infections, which explained why his most of his fur fell off. He also showed some vision problems.

Vets determined that Dex has been homeless and abandoned for at least six months. Aside from mange, they diagnosed that he had corneal ulcers, which explained why he kept squinting and scratching his eyes, according to Daily Mail.

What Mange And Corneal Ulcers Do To Dogs

Mange is also termed as canine scabies. Caused by parasitic mites, mange is extremely itchy and could lead to fur loss, dry skin, lesions and red rashes. The skin condition spreads quickly and is highly contagious even on humans.

Severe mange can also lead to fever, lethargy and loss of appetite hence it's important to treat it as soon as possible.

Abandoned Hairless Pug Gets Another Chance After A Dramatic Transformation
Photo: Signe Corbin

Corneal ulcers, on the other hand, develop due to a disease, infection or trauma. It's characterized by the loss of layers of cornea, a thin and transparent membrane that protects the eyeballs. Breeds like pugs are prone to this condition.

Corneal ulcers are painful and irritating for the dog. Its symptoms also include increased tearing, eye redness, eye discharge and cloudiness.

Dex’s Rehabilitation

Pug Rescue Austin decided to rehabilitate Dex so he would eventually get a chance in adoption, says TheDodo article. The dog received medicated drops to treat his corneal ulcers and save his eyesight. Dex was also given medicated baths every day to treat his mange, restore his skin's health and regrow his fur.

Pug Dex in his dog bed recovering
Photo: Signe Corbin

According to Dex's carers, his condition was one of the most severe cases that the rescuers have to deal with. To ensure that the very sick pug recovered to full health, rescuers dedicated round-the-clock care for Dex.

Rehabilitating Dex wasn't just limited to his physical ailments, as the dog also showed mental trauma. The pug was quite afraid of people but he learned to trust his carers as they treated his mange and corneal ulcer, as well as fed him properly.

Pug Dex suffering from Mange
Photo: Signe Corbin

It took the rescuers five months to nurse Dex back to great health. When photos of the dog went viral on the Internet, the formerly hairless pup was unrecognizable as he now had thick fur coat covering his body. He also gained a healthy weight.

His Forever Home

Last March, Dex became part of a family who already owned four rescued pugs. Beth Legacki and Mark Shockley, together with their son 10-year-old son Noah, saw Dex's story on Facebook and knew right away that he needed to be in their home. After helping fund Dex’s rehabilitation, the family sent in their application to adopt the pug and be his forever family.

Rehabilitation of Dex pug from Mange
Photo: Signe Corbin

Since the adoption, Beth said that she has become Dex's person. The pug sleeps on the bed with her and follows her around the house. He’s also protective of Beth and would sometimes scowl at other dogs that came near her.

Though Dex gets along well with the other pups in their household, the family said that he prefers to be with humans than the dogs.

Dex the pug has recovered from Mange
Photo: Beth Legacki

Dex is one stark example that shows the resilience and willpower of dogs. To survive the brink of death and learn to love and trust humans again, after being abandoned, is truly an inspiring story.  He finally gets the life he deserves!

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