Rover the Dog (@officialroverdog)
Rover the Dog (@officialroverdog)

TikTok users are in a frenzy for a dog named Rover who loved a FedEx driver so much that he decided to climb on board the truck as if he was prepared to help him out with his deliveries.

There was always a belief that dogs and mailmen don't get along, but this dog might change your mind!

Rover, a Border Collie from the TikTok account @officialroverdog, shared this hilarious video on July 27, reminiscing about the time when Rover wanted to help and work for FedEx.

However, Rover's noble attempt to help the FedEx driver was stopped by his owner when she carried the Border Collie out of the truck before the driver could continue with his delivery route.


The boy loves car rides what can I say 😂 #dogsoftiktok #funnydogvideos #dogtok

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As seen in the video, the dog was eager to run off with the driver, but his sneaky, sneaky plan failed.

Since it was posted, the viral video on TikTok has over 2.1 million views and over 45,500 likes.

Rover's owner also added in the caption, “The boy loves car rides what can I say”.

The owners also explained in the comment section that they had just opened the door to get the package out of the vehicle, “and Rover bolted, right up in the seat and everything.”

Rover's owner added that “the driver didn't know what to do” at the time, leaving him watching from the side of the vehicle.

Furthermore, if you know a thing or two about Border Collies, it is that they have the desire to work. They're definitely workaholic dogs.

They are herders who love to put their agility, brains, and obedience to the test.

Border Collies are also energetic and athletic dogs. They require vigorous exercise daily, and they need lots of space to run around and burn off excess energy.

Border Collies are best suited for families that will be able to give them a job to get the best out of them.

TikTok users flooded the comment section of this viral video, and some shared their own experiences.

Dogs are truly wonderful animals. It's like they are effortlessly funny and can make our day better without fail.

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