Vasco the Berner Image by: (@vasco_the_berner)
Vasco the Berner Image by: (@vasco_the_berner)

Every dog is unique. They all have different personalities that we all love. But this one-of-a-kind Bernese Mountain Dog has TikTok users charmed.

TikTok account @vascotheberner posted a video of Vasco, the Bernese Mountain Dog, dancing in the street with background music of ‘Tomas Karlborgs Variation—STAATSBALLETT BERLIN'


My Dancing Berner, Vasco! #tomaskarlborg #ballet #ballerina #instructor #dancer #teacher #bernesemountaindog #dancingking #puppyoftiktok #dogoftiktok #tinydancer

♬ Tomas Karlborgs Variation – STAATSBALLETT BERLIN

Bernese Mountain Dogs are smart, quick learners, and very loyal dogs. These dogs just love to spend time with their owners. They are alert, good-natured, and eager to please, making them great as family pets.

Berners are large-sized dogs that can stand up to 27 inches at the shoulder. And with their large stature, they have much bigger personalities and hearts.

These dogs have an instinct to guard since they were bred to be working dogs many years ago. They can be great watchdogs but can also do herding and draft work.

If you're also captivated by Vasco and now want to adopt a Berner, keep in mind that these dogs are best suited for large homes with a secured fenced-in yard.

Also, Bernese Mountain Dogs are best for cold climates because of their thick coats and love to play in the snow.

Users on TikTok loved the adorable video, with it gaining over 1.9 million views and 313,000 likes.

“The “step step developpe” is so satisfying,” said one user.

“As a dance teacher, this is the best one I've seen,” commented a second user. Another user agreed, commenting: “As a professional dancer, this is executed to absolute technical perfection.”

Vasco the Berner Image by: (@vasco_the_berner)
Vasco the Berner Image by: (@vasco_the_berner)


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