dog used bread to catch fish

No fishing pole? No problem!

A smart dog wowed the whole internet for using bread as bait to catch fish.

In a Tiktok video uploaded last 7th of July, viewers saw how the crafty catching process done by a labrador retriever mix unfolded.

The video clip from user brianjanicki851 started with the dog sitting on the water, a hotdog bun floating in front of it, and fish swimming by.


Who needs a fishing pole??#My dog Chance #hot dog buns

♬ original sound – Brian Janicki851

Patiently, the dog remained almost motionless as fish swarmed the bread in hopes to nib some for themselves.

As more fish crowded the dog and its bread, it tucked the floating bread under its chin to keep the bread close to its mouth.

At the same time, the dog kept its eyes on unsuspecting fish that would be foolish to move even closer.

For another 30 seconds, the dog patiently waited until a fish swam too close to its mouth and snagged it.

Unfortunately, the dog owner's yell spooked the mixed breed, which causes the fish to slip free back into the waters.

A viewer even commented, “Feel like he let go coz you yelled,” to which he later replied, “Yes, I know it was a quick catch and release.”

Since the posting of this clip on Tiktok, a whopping 16 million had already seen the viral video and had garnered well over 1.5 million likes.

The majority of commenters praised the dog's patience and crafty abilities and asked whether he could learn more in the future.