Fizz the Bulldog
Fizz the Bulldog

Have you ever seen a fluffy bulldog?

Well, check out Fizz the Bulldog! An adorable fluffy bulldog that has captured the hearts of dog lovers in the community

Fizz, the bulldog, is taking the world by storm with hundreds of fans on TikTok after his owner posted clips of the adorable fluffy dog.


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Fizz is a Bulldog that came from pedigree stock.

He has gathered plenty of fans thanks to his distinctive fluffy fur, a rare condition among bulldogs.

Fizz's owner said in an interview that it results from a “rare gene.”

Bulldogs are not known for fluffy furs, but they are among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

The top most popular dog breed of 2022 by the American Kennel Club is the French Bulldog.

However, registration statistics show that Bulldogs are the sixth most popular breed, just behind the Golden Retriever, Poodle, and German Shepherd.

But that sure didn't stop Fizz's popularity! Fans flood TikTok comments on how adorable this dog is.

Most commented that Fizz was like a real-life teddy bear, while others couldn't stand the dog's cuteness.

The owner said that they found Fizz as a listing online.

“He came up on my mom's phone when we were looking to buy a bulldog puppy. We fell in love with him and the man we got him from was living right near us.”

Like any dog, Fizz enjoys everything you expect from an average pup.

“He loves to go on long walks, and he loves to meet new people and new dogs. He also loves to play with his humans at home.”

Fizz's owner is not surprised as to why a lot of people adore him.

“I think it's because no one has really seen a bulldog with fluffy fur before,” they said. “He just has a rare gene that makes him fluffy so it's cool to look at and I wanted to share him on social media because people in public would stop me just to take a picture of him and also everyone just gives him fuss when he's out and he loves it.”

Fizz's popularity is still growing.

And his owner will continue to spread happy smiles by uploading TikTok videos of Fizz.

Image from (@fizzthebulldog) TikTok
Image from (@fizzthebulldog) TikTok


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