honey special commemoration event

A one-eyed rescue dog that starred in an animal welfare TV campaign was remembered at a special commemoration event for Pet Remembrance Day.

honey one eyed celebrity dog
Honey with Reeta and Howard. Photo credits to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Honey, a Yorkie Jack Russell crossbreed, was rescued and arrived at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home before finding a home with Battersea volunteer Reeta Minhas-Judd.

After getting the lead role, Honey starred in Battersea's Wear Blue For Rescue TV campaign.

This TV advert portrayed a message that encourages owners to declare their love for rescue animals by joining the movement through donations and support.

The campaign advert was launched and was well-received across thousands, if not millions, of UK households, which turned Honey into a star overnight.

“When the advert went out on telly in 2021, everybody was pointing her out in the street saying, ‘She's that Battersea dog!' Even our postwoman recognized her,” Reeta recalled.

Reeta added: “From the moment Honey was chosen for the Battersea advert, it was like she knew she going to be famous and turned into a right little diva. She couldn't get enough of the camera.”

“She became our little star and, as a pampered pooch, was always expecting me to give out her favorite chicken treats. We are so proud that she was able to champion rescue dogs and cats during her lifetime, a cause we continue to support.

Sadly, Honey passed away this year, but Reeta and her husband Howard were set to pay tribute to their wonder pet.

Last month, the married couple celebrated fun times and joyful memories with their Honey through a special commemoration event.

honey world pet remembrance day
July 5, 2023, was the World Pet Remembrance Day. Photo credits to Waggle.

The event was in line with July 5's Pet Remembrance Day, that's dedicated to owners cherishing and remembering the days with their pet animals who are no longer with them.

Honey's impact on the lives of the couple was honored and remembered while serving as a fundraising and awareness to Battersea.

“When we welcomed Honey into our lives as a young pup, she was such a nervous little thing. My partner had to spend the first few nights downstairs on our sofa alongside her,” Reeta said.

“Slowly but surely, she started to come out of her shell and went on to practically rule the house.”

Michelle Adelman, Battersea's Legacy and In Memory Fundraising Manager, also joined in with celebrating Honey's contribution to the movement.

“As a volunteer and fundraiser, Reeta is an incredible supporter, and it is so touching that she is choosing to honor Honey's memory this Pet Remembrance Day by helping to raise funds for the dogs and cats that we see across our centers that need a second chance in life,” Michelle remarked.