Paul O'Grady and Florence the pug cross Image Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Paul O'Grady and Florence the pug cross Image Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

TV Presenter and comedian Paul O'Grady died at 67 last March 28, 2023. Known for his charity work, TV icon Paul O'Grady will be remembered as a hero for many people and animals.

This untimely death comes after the radio star battled health issues for years.

He has worked with different rescues, such as Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. He has helped with adoption, conservation projects, and a documentary series called “For O'Grady's Kindness.”

O'Grady took the initiative as an ambassador for countless animal charities and supported animal welfare causes throughout his life.

Not all heroes wear capes.” 

TV and radio star Paul O'Grady is one of those heroes. His kindness to animals was among the top attributes his husband, Andre Portasio, praised.

In an emotional statement, he said:

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that Paul has passed away unexpectedly but peacefully yesterday evening.

We ask, at this difficult time, that whilst you celebrate his life you also respect our privacy as we come to terms with this loss.

He will be greatly missed by his loved ones, friends, family, animals and all those who enjoyed his humour, wit and compassion.

I know that he would want me to thank you for all the love you have shown him over the years.”

Remembering Paul O'Grady's Kindness To Animals

Known for his love and kindness for animals, Paul O'Grady's unexpected passing left a huge void in the animal welfare community.

Below, we remember a few animals whose lives were forever changed for the better by O'Grady's kindness.

Paul introduced Queen Consort Camilla to a special rescue dog by ITV
Paul introduced Queen Consort Camilla to a special rescue dog. Photo Credit: ITV News


If you're a long-time O'Grady fan, you probably remember a rescue pup named Reggie.

Reggie is a Giant Schnauzer that appeared in a special For the Love of Dogs episode where Queen Consort Camilla and TV star Amanda Holden appeared.

O'Grady was attending a garden party at Clarence House with the giant schnauzer, where the dog was introduced to his famous peers while providing information and awareness on the difficulty of rehoming older animals.

Paul O'Grady and Florence the pug cross Image Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Paul O'Grady and Florence the Pug crossbreed. Photo Credit: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home


Florence is a pug cross that Paul O'Grady's fans will surely remember. This pug-terrier cross is a rescue pup with a tear-jerker story.

When Florence first appeared on the show, Paul told how she was run over twice and left for dead.

Florence was found on the road with cuts all over her body, dislocated hip, and a broken pelvis.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending as she develops a bond with O'Grady, which helps her find her new forever home.


Paul O'Grady rescued Nancy from Battersea and has been a great star on For The Love Of Dogs.

Nancy rose to fame due to her big beautiful brown eyes that O'Grady loves to post on his social media.

Lakshmi Paul O'Grady ITV
Lakshmi and Paul O'Grady. Photo Credit: ITV


Paul O'Grady's love for animals is not just limited to domesticated pets. The devoted dog lover also traveled far to support conservation work worldwide.

In “For the Love of Animals: India,” O'Grady met different kinds of animals. He encountered a clouded leopard with an injured paw, baby macaque monkeys, and an overweight elephant named Lakshmi.

At that time, Lakshmi needed to lose 100 st to reach her target weight of 500 st.

Closing Thoughts on Remembering Paul O'Grady

Even if Paul O'Grady's away from work, he still continues to inform people about animal shelters and charities.

O'Grady might be famous for being on TV or on the radio, but for the people and animals that he met, he will be remembered as a passionate animal lover with the biggest heart.

He was the ultimate dog lover; he'll fall in love with every pet he sees.

He has influenced and helped over thousands of rescue animals by finding their forever homes.


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