The Kennel Club celebrates 150th anniversary in London
Credits: The Independent

On April 4, 2023, the Kennel Club celebrated its 150th year of canine-owner companionship with a breathtaking, never-before-seen dog art exhibit in Mayfair, London.

Hosted by the Kennel Club Art Gallery, the event featured vintage photographs, artifacts, and a collection of paintings that creatively displays the organization’s colorful history.

dog exhibit at the kennel club art gallery during the 150th anniversary
Credits: The Independent

Although it was challenging to squeeze the timeline into one special exhibition, according to Ciara Farrell, the Library and Collections manager:

We were keen to ensure there was a celebration of the longstanding connection between the Royal Family and The Kennel Club, starting back in the reign of Queen Victoria to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

From Dog Fancy — the 1840s canine show — to Crufts, the club is well-noted for its significance in dogs’ role in society today. 

And despite the bomb wreck in 1941, the Kennel Club continued its mission of promoting a dog-friendly community.

Officially founded in 1873, the Kennel Club is now one of the largest canine organizations in the UK that spearheads dog health, welfare, and training.

As part of the organization’s future endeavors, the Young Kennel Club explores the next generation of dog lovers — 6 to 24-year-olds — to take part in activities not limited to agility and canine shows.

Here’s to our next 150 years, as the Kennel Club continues to make a positive difference for dogs and their owners,” said the Kennel Club’s chairman, Tony Allcock.

Located in Clarges St., London, the Kennel Club Art Gallery exhibit is open to the public until January 19, 2024.


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