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Illinois Pet Store Opens Its Doors to Sell All-Natural Pet Products

Illinois Pet Store Opens Its Doors to Sell All-Natural Pet Products
Photo: Richard Sitler

With the pet population increasing, it’s no surprise that more pet related businesses are opening every day. Likewise, with the increase of pet illnesses more and more owners are looking to buy healthier, all-natural products for their furry companions. Owners of a new pet store in Illinois are giving these health conscious pet owners exactly what they’re looking for.

Located at 2355 Sweets Drive in Cabondale, Pure Pet is a shop where dog owners can purchase food, treats, toys, and even give their canine a bath. They aren’t your average pet store though. Every product sold at Pure Pet is all-natural.

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The store just opened its doors last week, and owners Amanda McReynolds and Jay Webb couldn’t be more excited. The couple has experience with all-natural pet products because their three-year old Vizsla, Ruby, suffers from food allergies.

McReynolds says that she has collected a great deal of research on all the products sold at Pure Pets and none of their foods or treats are made with grains or fillers. It’s not just the food that’s high-quality either.

Several of the dog and cat toys that they offer come with a 100 percent guarantee. If the dog tears the toy apart or doesn’t like it for any reason, the owner can bring it back and exchange it for something new or receive a full refund.

Illinois Pet Store Opens Its Doors to Sell All-Natural Pet Products
Photo: Richard Sitler

She also says that many of the products they sell are made out of recycled materials and a lot of them are also made in the United States. Webb, her fiancé,  says that the couples’ number one goal when starting their business was to make sure everything was all-natural and a vast majority of it was made in the U.S. He said about 98% of the products they sell are made in the U.S.A.

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The pair also decided to add a do-it-yourself dog washing station, which are becoming more popular, for customers whose pets are too big to fit in their tub at home, or for those that just don’t want to be bothered with the mess of bathing their dog in their own bathtub. McReynolds says that once a customer is finished bathing their dog, they leave the mess and store employees come clean everything up and get it ready for the next client.

Their entrepreneurial journey actually started when the couple had to drive to another town to find all-natural food that their dog would eat, and that wouldn’t upset her allergies. They wanted to help other consumers that may be dealing with the same frustrations, so they decided to open Pure Pets. They said that many of their customers have already said that they were ordering their dog’s food online and are now happy they can buy it locally.

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