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Furry Kind Enters the Market With All-Natural Pet Products

Furry Kind Makes All-Natural Pet Products
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With product recalls and canine diseases steadily on the rise, many dog owners are looking to all-natural and organic products to keep their pets safe. Some pet owners, like Rachel Grant, can’t find the products that they’re looking for on the market so they decide to create their own. That’s how Furry Kind health pet products got started.

A few years ago Grant noticed that canine cancer was on the rise and she became very particular about the products that she was using on her dog. She began doing research and learned that the chemicals that she was using around her house and in her yard could actually be harming her pet because many of them contained cancer causing agents.

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Toxic chemicals found in a lot of human-made products are harmful to both animals and humans. Since pet cosmetics aren’t required to list any of their ingredients on the packaging, it leaves some consumers wondering what is in them. Grant thought this practice was preposterous and wished companies were legally obligated to list all the chemicals and ingredients that they use.

Furry Kind Makes All-Natural Pet Products
Photo: furrykind.com

Many consumers also don’t realize that many of the “all-natural” products on retail store shelves these days are not actually made with all-natural ingredients. Surprisingly, there are no government regulations on the use of the term natural, making it difficult for consumers to discriminate genuine products from those that are riddled with chemicals and just have a few natural ingredients mixed in.

That’s why Grant decided to team up with the company Human Nature to create a brand of pet products that were free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Human Nature launched in 2008 and is a social enterprise that is driven by a love of the Philippines, a want to help the poor, and a desire to help the environment. They provide personal care products for humans that are natural and have no harmful chemicals.

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It seemed like a natural step to partner with Grant to provide the same type of high-quality, healthy products for canines. Furry Kind products are made using only organic, sustainably harvested, natural ingredients. They are gentle on paws, fur, and skin.

Many of the tropical ingredients for the products are sourced in the Philippines. Furry Kind guarantees the integrity of their products by listing all of their ingredients on the label, and they never test their products on animals.

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