Agile, adorable, and furry.

Affenpinschers are active yet affectionate dog breeds that are fun to keep as pets.

They also have a beautiful wiry fur coat that you can proudly show to others.

These might be all of the reasons why you want an Affenpinscher to be the newest member of your family.

And you’re finally ready to shoulder all of the cost.

But did you know that there’s more than just the breed’s price that makes up the overall cost of owning it?

So for this article, I’ll share with you the real Affenpinscher price that you need to prepare.

This means knowing the average Affenpinscher cost from breeders and what factors can affect the price.

I’ll also be talking about the mandatory and recurring expenses you must pay should you want to raise an Affenpinscher puppy.

Now, are you ready to dig deep into this topic? Let’s start!

affenpinscher cost

Affenpinscher Price: How Much for this Breed?

So how much does Affenpinscher cost?

Generally, Affenpinscher puppies cost around $800 to $2000 from proper breeders.

This Affenpinscher price range can still vary depending on factors like breeder reputation, bloodline, age, medical records, and a lot more.

Here's a quick overview of the price difference should you get the dog from reputable breeders.

Affenpinscher without Papers $650
Less Well-bred Affenpinscher $800
Affenpinscher from Reputable Breeders with Papers $1,500
Affenpinscher with Papers and Breeding Rights $2,500
Affenpinscher Show Dog More than $2,000

Affenpinscher mix breeds are less expensive than purebreds.

Here is a table of some of the popular Affenpinscher mixes and their related price range.

Affenpinscher Mixed Breeds Average Price
Affenchon (Affenpinscher and Bichon Frise) $700 to $1000
Affen Border Terrier (Affenpinscher and Border Terrier) $700 to $800
Affengriffon (Affenpinscher and Brussels Griffon) $600 to $1200
Affenhuahua (Affenpinscher and Chihuahua) $400 to $600
Affen Spaniel (Affenpinscher and Cocker Spaniel) $800 to $1200
Chin-fenpinscher (Affenpinscher and Japanese Chin) $850 to $1850
Affenwich (Affenpinscher and Norwich Terrier) $800 to $1200
Affenpoo (Affenpinscher and Poodle) $600 to $900
Affenpug (Affenpinscher and Pug) $1500 to $2000
Schnauffen (Affenpinscher and Schnauzer) $500 to $2700
Affen Tzu (Affenpinscher and Shih Tzu) $325 to $1200
Affenshire (Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier) $600 to $1000

You can also resort to rescue organizations and shelters to find Affenpinscher dogs in their facilities.

Adopting Affenpinschers from rescues is cheaper and reassures that the dog receives veterinary care, training, and the right food.

Should you choose to adopt from dog rescues, you can expect its price range to be $50 to $450, which is still cheaper than the breeder’s price.

But do you know where not to look for Affenpinscher puppies and dogs?

Puppy mills and online platforms like Craiglist!

Buying from these sources is risky and won’t guarantee the pup’s health, medical history, and even how purebred it is.

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price of affenpinscher

Factors Affecting the Price of Affenpinscher

A lot of factors come into play that impacts the price of Affenpinscher dogs.

The factors that affect the Affenpinscher price are the breeder’s reputation, amount of training given to the pup, demand, medical history, bloodline, and pedigree.

Since breed quality is related to the price, the higher the quality of the dog is, the pricier it gets.

That’s why it’s important to do your research first to help you better decide on your dog adoption.

Let’s dissect this topic and discuss them one by one.


One of the main factors that can impact the Affenpinscher price is its breeder source.

If the Affenpinscher puppies are expensive, it means that the breeder invested a lot of time, resources, and knowledge to produce a healthy dog.

However, do take note that some dog breeders can take advantage of you and charge more for the breed.

That’s why it’s important to look at reviews and the breeder’s trustworthiness to make sure its reputation precedes them.

Training and Socialization

Generally, dog breeders don’t train the dog, unlike many well-funded rescue centers and shelters.

Since training is a tedious part for the breeders, they usually pass that responsibility of training to the new owners instead.

So if a dog is well-behaved, you best expect that it’s an added premium to the Affenpinscher price.

This is because a well-behaved dog means that the breeders poured extra care and attention into training it well.

That extra effort is what helps drive the price up to compensate for the efforts poured into the training.

If you want an Affenpinscher dog that’s already trained beforehand, find a trustworthy breeder that guarantees a well-raised Affenpinscher puppy.

Location and Demand

The supply and demand of the particular dog breed can also spike the Affenpinscher price up or thrust it down.

If the demand for the Affenpinscher breed is low, breeders will have difficulty finding an adopter for them.

So they’ll bargain them at a lower price instead.

Alternatively, if more people want this specific breed, then the breeders have the market power to increase the price.

Currently, the Affenpinscher puppies are still famous in European countries like Germany, but not here in the United States

That being said, only a few local breeders will produce this dog breed, so expect the Affenpinscher price to increase.

Medical History

Unlike puppy mills, dog breeders care about the pups that they raise.

Responsible dog breeders care about the quality of their dogs, not the quantity.

So they’ll constantly check their breeding dogs up and test them for various illnesses that may come on them.

Reputable breeders would also check their dogs for potential genetic or breed-specific diseases like hip dysplasia.

They would even complete all important vaccinations for their dogs to make sure that the dogs they produced were healthy.

All of these veterinary cares are reasonable grounds for breeders to increase their Affenpinscher prices for adopters.

Bloodline and Pedigree

Mixed-breed dogs generally cost less than purebred Affenpinscher dogs, and here are the reasons why:

  • People place higher regard on pure breeds than mixed-breed dogs.
  • Upcoming dog owners want purebreds more than mixed-breed dogs.
  • Mixed breeds aren’t officially recognized by major kennel clubs like American Kennel Clubs.

Furthermore, people also admire champion bloodlines—Affenpischers that won titles and awards from competitions.

Thinking that the puppy will inherit the traits that made their parents exceptional, dog breeders will also spike the Affenpinscher price up.

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Age is also another factor that can drive the Affenpinscher price up or down.

Basically, the older the dog is, the cheaper it gets.

So unless your dog was not a former show-quality dog in the competition, they wouldn’t be as expensive as Affenpinscher puppies.

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Female Affenpinscher dogs are more expensive than male ones because of their ability to reproduce offspring.

However, some dog breeders have policies to sterilize all their non-breeding dogs.

In that case, you also might pay for an additional premium to keep its reproductive abilities.

Affenpinscher puppy

Affenpinscher Price: Cost of Mandatory Requirements

Aside from the actual Affenpinscher puppy cost, you also have to pay for some mandatory requirements that come with owning a dog.

Here’s a quick overview of the mandatory requirements and the cost you’ll have to shoulder.

Mandatory Dog Requirement Price
Collar and ID Tag $15 to $30
Microchip $15 to $45
Spay and Neuter $75 to $400

Take note that these requirements are not mandated in some countries outside the US or in some states inside the country.

Some dog breeders or shelters would also give the necessary vaccines and sterilization of pets for you.

So at the expense of an increase in the Affenpinscher price, they’ll save you from the effort of doing all of it yourself.

Affenpinscher Price: Cost of Essential Dog Items and Accessories

You may notice that during your first moments of owning a dog, you tend to come across a rather large expense to pay.

This is not unusual since you’re preparing to own a dog, which means buying essential items for them.

Think of these important dog items as an investment to better care for your dog.

These items are one-time purchases, which you’ll keep reusing for your dogs.

So what are these essential dog items that I’m talking about?

Here’s a quick overview of the cost of essential dog items.

Dog Items Cost
Dog Crate $25 to $40
Food Bowls $10 to $20
Leash $5 to $15
Grooming Tools $45 to $80
Toys $10 to $25
Litter Box $25 to $40
Carrier Cage $75 to $150

Dog Crate

Finding a place for your Affenpinscher to sleep? A crate might be better than a bed!

Dog crates are better for your Affenpinscher because they provide more security than bed does.

With an agile breed like Affenpinscher, the crate also puts them away from trouble when there’s only minimal supervision on them.

Here’s a dog crate product that I would recommend to you:

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Food and Water Bowls

An Affenpinscher pup will have episodes of destructive behaviors, especially in moments when it’s bored.

That’s why plastic bowls won’t do, as they are susceptible to dog chewing.

We also don’t recommend ceramic bowls for Affenpinscher dogs as they can easily break, chip, or crack from their sharp movements.

Your trusty simple stainless steel bowls will do to contain and hold the food of this dog.

Here’s a food bowl that I can recommend for you:

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Affenpinschers may be dominantly stubborn, but they’re small and not great pullers.

So while there are many types of leashes, a regular leash will do to restrict their movements in public spaces.

Regular leashes, however, would induce pulling behaviors from these types of dog breeds.

Here’s a leash that we can recommend to you:

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Grooming Tools

Face it; you are not a professional dog groomer.

As an average dog owner, you’re not expected to be artistic and make your dog beautiful and flawless.

But that doesn’t mean you should totally give up on your dog’s hygiene and cleanliness.

That’s why grooming tools are still essential items to help you manage your dog’s hygiene.

A slicker brush, for instance, is one of the most versatile grooming brushes that you can use for dogs.

Here’s a slick brush that I can recommend:

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Since an Affenpinscher has wiry fur that can knot with each other, a de-matting comb can help untangle the strands.

If you need a de-matting comb, here’s one product that I recommend:

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Nail clippers and toothbrushes are also some of the important hygiene tools for your Affenpinscher pet.

Just make sure to use a toothbrush with smaller bristles so as not to hurt your dog.

Check out both of these nail clippers and toothbrushes in the links below.

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Appropriate the toys’ size to your dogs.

Since Affenpinschers are small dog breeds, it’s only natural to give it a toy that it can mouth.

Give your small dog a toy that’s soft and squishy because it has relatively soft teeth compared to large dog breeds.

Here’s a recommended small toy for your toy dog breed:

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Litter Box

Potty training with an Affenpinscher is not an issue if the dog is properly crate-trained.

At the start of your potty training with your dog, you may use disposable products like training pee pads.

But once your dog is used to the potty routine, you can finally switch to a litter box where your Affenpinscher can fit snuggly.

affenpinscher puppy cost

Affenpinscher Price: Recurring Cost

You think your expenses would stop with the dog items?

Think again.

Owning a dog takes more than just buying a cage, leash, or toys.

It involves your commitment and responsibility to give the dog the care that it deserves.

So aside from the one-time shopping spree for dog items, expect some recurring cost every month to meet its daily needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the recurring dog supplies and care that your dog needs every month.

Monthly Expenses Cost
Food and Treats $45 to $60
Grooming Sessions $40 to $80
Veterinary Check-Up $150
Pet Insurance $50 to $75

Food and Treats

If you want your pup to grow healthy and strong, high-quality dog food should be your go-to meal for them.

You can also plan and make them some homemade dog food yourself, which is cheaper than a lot of store-bought dog food.

Do take note that Affenpinschers are small dog breeds, so they’ll eat less than large breeds.


Grooming sessions are extremely important for Affenpinschers.

This dog breed has a beautiful and interesting fur coat that would go to waste if you don’t maintain it.

Not to mention that grooming is also a way to practice hygiene because a properly maintained coat makes your dog look clean.

So if you’re not fond of grooming or don’t have experience in grooming dogs, then you may resort to grooming services.

Veterinary Check-Up

If you want your dog to stay healthy and disease-free, you may want to seek consultations from a local vet.

Vet visits are important to help keep your pet dog healthy and fit.

While small dog breeds like Affenpinschers are relatively healthy breed, you still need to have a vet check on their well-being.

Ideally, you want a once-a-month schedule with your veterinarian to regularly check your dog’s condition and detect health concerns.

Pet Insurance

And, of course, don’t forget to enroll your dog in pet insurance.

Pet insurance is a great addition to dog care because it helps you shoulder sudden medical costs.

Make sure to talk with the insurance provider to guide you with their policies and programs.

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Affenpinscher dog price

Affenpinscher Breed Profile Overview

The Affenpinscher is an old dog breed from Germany that literally translates to monkey terrier.

This furball is a toy dog breed with a maximum height of only 9 to 12 inches and a weight of 7 to 10 pounds.

As for its fur coat, Affenpinscher dogs have a medium-long, dense, and rough fur coat that is wiry-looking.

Affenpinschers can have their furs either as a solid color or mixed in colors of black, red, beige, and gray.

Affenpinscher puppy cost

Affenpinscher Temperament

Can an Affenpinscher’s personality adapt to your lifestyle?

Affenpinschers lead a double life as pets.

Outdoors, they are extremely active and nimble hunters of rats.

An open space can incentivize them to roam freely and stay in shape.

Most importantly, its playful personality suggests that its physical activity should include interacting with you.

Indoors, Affenpinschers are intensely affectionate to their owners.

They prefer sitting on their owner’s lap and receiving some cuddles.

On one end, this breed is loyal and vigilant, making them great watchdogs despite their size.

Affenpinschers are also intelligent creatures, so training them would be a breeze.

That being said, Affenpinschers are dominant creatures despite their size.

Without proper training and socialization, Affenpinscher can treat toddlers and children as their underlings.

They also have a high preying instinct, so Affenpinscher is better in a family with older children instead.

Affenpinschers also exhibit some levels of destructive behaviors, especially when they are bored or alone.

Take note of these negative behaviors and see if you can change their behavior or live with it.

Affenpinscher Price: Should You Get One?

Planning to own an Affenpinscher?

Go for it!

Affenpinschers are adorable furballs that are affectionate and loyal towards their owners.

They make good companions in homes, a rat hunter outdoors, and a great contender in the ring.

That being said, if you want to own this particular breed, you should prepare for the costs that come with owning one.

Affenpinschers are rare in the United States, making them incredibly expensive pets.

Along with the Affenpinscher cost are the one-time expenses and recurring costs to meet their daily needs.

You should also take into consideration the Affenpinscher’s temperament and check if it can match your current lifestyle.

Otherwise, you or your dog may suffer from having an incompatible type of lifestyle.

If you are interested in the Affenpinscher’s breed profile, I’ll be sharing the blog article for it below.

Is the Affenpinscher breed not for you?

Then you may want to check other articles below about the price of owning other dog breeds.