Allow Your Dog to Fly in the Comfort of a Sleepypod

Pet carriers are an essential product to have if you travel with small or medium breeds. They keep your dog safe and comfortable, while providing you with a convenient way to carry him. This carrier from Sleepypod, known as the Sleepypod Air, is ideal for air travel as it can be conform to almost any airline's size restrictions.

The ends of this versatile pet carrier fold up to allow it to fit under most airline seats, and when the plane is in the air you can unfold it to allow your pet to have plenty of room during the flight. The Sleepypod Air also works great for car travel because it is equipped with straps on both sides that secure a seat belt in place.

The interior of the carrier is 21 inches long when fully extended, 10 inches wide, and 9.5 inches tall. The exterior is 22″ X 10.5″ X 10″. It is rated for dogs up to 15 pounds and cats up to 18 pounds. The large mesh windows will give your pet plenty of ventilation and the washable plush bedding will keep him warm and cozy.

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