Andis Steel Dog Grooming Comb Gets Out Tangles

Grooming your dog at home can be a challenge, but having the right tools will make it much easier. Andis, a company well-known for their human personal grooming products, is now also becoming famous in the dog grooming industry with their line of premium pet grooming tools that offer professional features and are built to last.

The Andis 7.5 inch steel comb shown in this video is an excellent grooming tool for getting mats and tangles out of your dog’s coat. It will also remove dirt and loose hair that is still sticking to your dog. This comb is actually ideal for dogs of all sizes.

One end of the comb has wide teeth and the other has narrow teeth to work different areas of the coat. It is also equipped with an ergonomic, anti-slip handle that is designed to reduce hand fatigue.

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