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Another Pet Company Specializes in Only Natural Chews for Dogs

Texas Company Specializes in Natural Chews for Dogs
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There have been numerous recalls on dog food and treats in recent years, and the occurrence of canine diseases, like cancer, is on the rise as well. For these reasons, pet parents are paying more attention than ever to the products they are buying for their dogs. They are more interested in natural ingredients that are sourced locally, and they are willing to pay more for these quality foods.

That’s why one small, family-owned Texas manufacturing company specializes in natural dog chews. Venison Joe’s began as a small one-man operation when its founder began to see a growing need for natural dog products. He started out with one smoker in his kitchen and brought his products to a few dog shows in his local area.

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The response to the products was amazing and he was able to take the same top-quality product into distribution on a larger scale. Venison Joe’s has now moved to its own distribution center in East Texas and they distribute its products to more than 20 states. They use only 100 percent natural beef that is sourced in the United States to make their products, and all their products are completely made in their Texas facility.

The unique and innovative smoking process used by Venison Joe’s completely and naturally preserves the meat and bone, and it also enhances the flavor of the bone naturally by using apple, cherry, hickory, and maple smoking woods. Each wood has a distinct aroma and flavor that seasons the bone and the meat without adding any artificial ingredients to your dog’s treat.

Texas Company Specializes in Natural Chews for Dogs
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Everything that Venison Joe’s uses in the making of their Gourmet Beef Bones come from USDA inspected beef, and they use restaurant quality smokers to prepare all their dog treats. Their marrow bones come in 3 sizes to suit all breeds and all their beef bones can be purchased singly or in a 3-pack.

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They offer knee caps and split knuckles as well, which are full of meat and have lots of natural cartilage that your dog will love. The company says that these products are a favorite among chewers. Their newest product, Venison Snacks, is a limited ingredient treat that is full of unique flavors to entice your dog, and they are suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs too.

The company uses ground-up U.S. elk antlers in their Venison Snacks and bakes the powder right into the treatment to provide a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other product on the market. The antlers are a great source of calcium, and when they are in their velvet stage they are also a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

They also sell these antlers as a long-lasting natural chew for canines. They are strong and resist splintering and cracking to keep your dog safe. Venison Joe’s uses only naturally shed antlers from the United States that are not weathered or cracked.

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