Bernese Mountain Dog Rescuers Swimmers From Rip Tide

Earlier this month off a beach in Ventura, California, two unlucky swimmers got pulled under by the rip current in the ocean. Enter Nico, a three-year-old Bernese mountain dog, to the rescue.

Nico and his owner were walking on the beach when they heard the two swimmers yelling for help. The dog, which has had no formal rescue training, jumped into the water as soon as he heard the screams.

The male swimmer had actually gotten caught in the current as he was trying to rescue the female. Nico swam up next to the boogie board that the woman was holding on to and allowed her to grab him around the chest.

Nico swam both swimmers back to the safety of the beach while his owner watched the events unfold. The dog was rescued from a shelter a few months ago, and hasn’t had any experience with the ocean that his owners know of.

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