All dogs can be good dogs – purebred and crossbreed dogs. Whatever the ancestry is, all dogs should be loved and cared for.

Families want the companionship and security a dog provides. But, they want to make certain that the new household member is capable of treating babies with the requisite delicacy.

The decision to get a furry friend may vary from person to person but today, we will be focusing on choosing from crossbreed dogs.

While only purebreds can be part of the American Kennel Club Registry, the AKC Canine Partners welcomes a wonderful mix of different breeds to the AKC family.

Since not AKC registered, mixed dogs don't have national parent clubs. However, there are organizations for enthusiasts to promote and guide the development of mixed canines to achieve breed standards.

Crossbreed Dog vs Mixed Dog Breed vs Hybrid Dog

Before going forward, let us get our facts straight.

A crossbreed dog is created by crossing two purebred dogs. Some are known as designer dogs while others are bred to inherit the best traits from both purebred parents.

They are domesticated animals developed by breeders in hopes of producing healthier dogs.

However, the results are not always healthier than purebreds. The same thing goes for the purebreds because they are not as healthy as the mixed ones.

Mixed breed dogs, on the other hand, have three or more different breeds in their lineage.

Also called mongrels or mutt dogs, it is not clear what breeds make up a mixed dog breed.

Lastly, hybrid dogs are created when members of two different species breed. The mule, for example, is the offspring of a horse and a donkey.

Domestic dogs all belong to the same species, so mixed breeds are not hybrids. Nevertheless, it is safe to call combined dogs either crossbreed or mixed dog breeds.

Traits of Best Crossbreed Dogs for Kids

Below are the specific breeds that we think are well-suited for families with rug rats.

Before we get into them, here are the traits that helped us determine their suitability for your family.

  • Tolerance – Most dogs that are good with toddlers do not respond aggressively to whatever is inflicted on them.
  • Calmness – These easygoing pups are chill and mostly spend their time taking a nap.
  • Obedience – Ensure that you can control your furry friend, especially when near your baby.
  • Gentleness – Families with babies should opt for a doggo who is delicate in his action and not the ones who love to play roughly.
  • Loyalty – Canine companions who are trustworthy to the family are more likely to be protective toward their “siblings”.

Our Top Picks of Crossbreed Dogs for Kids

We understand that you want to make sure you are adding the perfect pup to your home. However, it may be overwhelming to determine which breed it will be.

We’ve compiled our top picks for crossbreed dogs you'll fall in love with and guaranteed to be good with children.

Check them out below to make the right choice for your young ones.

Goldador Crossbreed Dog


The Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are among the most beloved breeds in America.

As a combination of the two, the Goldador dog is natural with kids and social with other pets.

The Goldador breed was developed to create a sensitive, tolerant working dog. Affectionate and loyal, he is a valuable guide, service, and bomb detection dog.

This doggo is highly active. Thus, the Goldador crossbreed dog makes an excellent buddy for outdoorsy, lively people.

Labradoodle mixed dog breed


The Labradoodle dog was developed in Australia in 1989. Wally Conron was in charge of the breeding program between a Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever.

Bred to be a hypoallergenic guide dog, the Labradoodle breed enjoys life as an energetic pooch. He is smart and thus needs to be mentally and physically stimulated.

The Labradoodle mixed dog breed is gentle to be a companion for any child. He tends to be easygoing since he was bred not to be aggressive.

Goldendoodle Crossbreed Dog


The adorable Goldendoodle dog is a combination of the Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Breeders were inspired by the successful creation of the Labradoodle and thus began to market this mix in the late 1990s.

The public adores the Goldendoodle breed for its allergen-friendly coat. With his all-around friendliness, he gets along with everyone, even strangers.

He has proven himself to be an excellent family dog. Naturally careful with infants and toddlers, the Goldendoodle crossbreed dog is highly patient with kids of all ages.

Daniff mixed dog breed


A cross between the English Mastiff and Great Dane, the Daniff dog is a gentle giant with lots of love to give.

This protective fur baby has an intimidating size which makes him an excellent guard dog.

The Daniff breed plays with people of all ages but may knock down a small child unintentionally due to his large size. Still, he fits right in with your children.

With great personalities, the Daniff mixed dog breed is a superb combination suitable for being both daunting watchdogs and perfect family pets.

Cavachon Crossbreed Dog


Breeders wanted to make an adorable companion and so they mixed the Cavalier King Charles with Bichon Frise in 1996 in North America. The demand for the Cavachon dog climbed dramatically since then.

Compact and full of fun, the Cavachon breed can adapt to any environment.

It is a great apartment dog and does well in houses with or without a yard. He is a playful canine companion who will adore you unconditionally.

The Cavachon crossbreed dog takes great pleasure in cuddling as much as he enjoys being out and about.

He has a happy personality and the charm to make friends with everyone he meets.

Puggle Dog


As the offspring of the Beagle and Pug, the Puggle dog can make a pawfect family companion. He is on his perky self when playing indoors and out.

Being a social dog, the Puggle breed enjoys the company of everyone, especially children. This pooch isn’t known for aggression toward other dogs.

He may bark at someone but given his friendly nature, he cannot be a good lookout.

The Puggle mixed dog breed has become popular thanks to its sweet character and cute looks.

Chug dog


The Chug dog also comes from the purebred Pug but is combined with a Chihuahua. Breeders started the mix in the early 2000s likely in the United States.

Contrary to his small size, the Chug breed thinks of himself as a large dog and will act as such.

He may prefer to be with older kids who know how to play gently as he gets injuries easily due to his tiny stature.

The Chug crossbreed dog can be goofy, like his Pug parent who wants to run around and be extra cuddly.

He can also be feisty and territorial, which is known about the Chihuahua, making him a great candidate as a guard dog.

Frenchton Dog


To create a healthier French Bulldog, Frenchton mixed dog breed started when breeders intentionally mixed the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

The sweet-natured doggo is an outgoing pup who is up for family adventures. That being said, the Frenchton dog makes an easy traveling peer.

His size is perfect not to knock over toddlers and sturdy enough not to get injuries easily.

Also, the Frenchton breed demands attention and thus doesn’t like to be alone for long periods.

Chusky Dog


The Chusky dog likely developed in the early 2000s in North America when breeders started to mix the Chow Chow and Siberian Husky.

He may be intelligent like his purebred parents but his stubbornness makes him not an ideal match for novice owners.

With his size and loyalty, this fur baby makes an excellent protector. The Chusky breed is a smart dog who relish training and lots of exercise.

This fluffy Chusky crossbreed dog enjoys lots of cuddles but children must know how to safely interact with his large stature.

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Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog

Originated in Nova Scotia, Canada, breeders developed the breed by cross-breeding the Boxer and English Bulldog.

They wanted to create an active, friendly companion dog and continued the creation as the demand increased.

The Valley Bulldog is medium in size making him a great apartment dog and does well with large families. He loves kids and tolerates active children very well.

You can trust the Valley Bulldog mixed breed to behave properly in the presence of infants and toddlers. However, he may accidentally knock them down in play.

The Poodle is one of the most popular purebred parents to use in creating new breeds thanks to its low-shedding and hypoallergenic coats.

If you are with allergies, then surely you will find your perfect blend of charm below.

Cockapoo crossbreed dog


Breeders combined the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle back in the 1960s to make a people-oriented breed that is intelligent and affectionate. Today, he makes a great therapy dog for his happy personality.

You’ll never feel alone as the Cockapoo crossbreed dog follows you from room to room. He is joyful to run around or just hang out on your lap.

Yorkipoo crossbreed dog


Sweet and loving, he makes a delightful companion. The Yorkipoo crossbreed dog is gentle but has plenty of energy to burn off.

A cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and Tor or Miniature Poodle, he is a fun-loving dog who appreciates the company of people.

Peekapoo crossbreed dog


The Peekapoo crossbreed dog is a mix between the Pekingese and Poodle who will spend the days on your lap. He is so loyal that he will be content just by sitting by your side.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a yard, he will make himself at home.

Although small, he has a mighty loud bark whenever someone or something is suspicious.

FAQs about Crossbreed Dogs for Kids

Are crossbred dogs healthier than purebreds?

A crossbreed puppy often has the advantage of having a much lower chance of inherited diseases.

However, many dog enthusiasts disagree with mixed breeds being the best choice for a pet.

Some dog breeds are prone to serious health conditions. Mixing a breed with another can help reduce issues with physical traits, but can pass on hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia.

Breeding can make dogs with desired traits and remove unwanted genetic features. This isn’t always the case, but it’s noteworthy.

Do dogs naturally crossbreed?

Often called designer dogs, crossbreed dogs have been intentionally bred from two recognized dog breeds.

They are dogs with purebred ancestors but are not recognized as breeds of their own.

Looks and sizes are not as certain as those of purebreds because there is no agreed standard aimed. Thus, cross-breeding requires careful record keeping and planning.

What is a crossbreed dog?

A crossbreed dog has two different breeds of parents. It is important to take into account that crossbreeds display a mixture of their parents' traits.

Since mixed breeds aren’t as well-tracked as purebreds, they aren’t always correctly labeled by shelters or rescues, either.

Evidently, Poodle crossbreeds are one of the most common today.

Friendly Dog with Kid

Crossbreed Dogs for Kids Final Thoughts

Like the purebred, doggos with mixed ancestry deserve love, too. But, no matter the size, always teach children how to approach and treat animals.

As long as the kids are kind and respectable to them, our pets will get along with our youngsters.

They can be great canine companions but no matter how friendly, you should never leave them all by themselves with a child.

Not even for a second!

It is worth pointing out that even the gentlest and sweetest furry friend ever can unintentionally hurt a young child, so always supervise any interactions.

Although the mixed dog breeds mentioned above are fairly popular, you may find them in shelters in need of fostering. Consider adopting one instead of shopping.

All dogs are individuals, so there is no guarantee that they will behave accordingly. Understand the dog’s attitude to determine what to expect and how you can influence it.

You can comprehend a dog's ability to interact safely with children by his personality more than his ancestry.

Socialization, training, and positive experiences will help ensure that your crossbreed dog grows up to be a well-rounded pooch.

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