Top Best Dog Gates for Indoors and Outdoors

If you prefer not to use a dog crate to confine your pooch, then pet gates are the next best choice.

This is especially true for multiple-pet owners like myself.

I bought a dog crate from when we were only caring for my first pup, Zorro.

But when two more dogs arrived, Budak and Lucky, crates just won't do for us anymore.

In came indoor dog gates.

They're often referred to as pet safety gates, but are usually used for many different reasons.

All dog gates can serve as a barrier to provide boundaries or a fenced-in area in your home that your dog can play around in without getting outside the designated perimeter.

Testing and Reviewing Best Dog Gates Indoor and Outdoor

Personally, I didn't want my dogs in the kitchen and near the stairwell, so I placed safety gates on each entryway.

As I'm sure you would agree, confining a dog can sometimes be essential.

That much is true if you have puppies who don't know better, or dogs with special needs like visual or auditory impairment.

Because our pets are unpredictable, dog trainers warn that even the most well-trained dogs will sometimes cause serious trouble and injure themselves.

This is especially true when we do not have time to supervise and monitor them all the time.

Some of the best dog gates indoor or outdoor will be very helpful in such cases.

Finally, according to veterinarians, using pet gates is arguably the best way to prevent your dog from soiling the house, too.

We have tested and reviewed different dog gates here on Top Dog Tips, and compared these top rated brands side by side.

Let's get started!

Quick look at the Best Dog Gates Indoor reviewed in this article:

  1. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Gate
  2. Spirich Freestanding Walk Through Gate
  3. Richell One-Touch Pet Gate II
  4. Cardinal Perfect Fit Gate
  5. Richell One-Touch Gate II Wide
  6. Primetime Petz 360˚ Configurable Gate
  7. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard
  8. Richell Freestanding Pet Gate
  9. Dog Gate-n-Crate Indoors by Petmaker
  10. Pawland 144-inch Extra-Wide Dog Gate

10 Best Dog Gates for Indoors & Outdoors Infograph

Choosing the Best Dog Gates Indoors for Your Home

While most dogs are unpredictable, puppies are especially so.

Pet gates are effective barriers for large homes that will prevent a dog from entering or exiting a specific area, such as stairs.

They are designed to keep your pet away from anything that could cause them harm or where they could cause trouble.

Typically, dog gates are made of either wood, metal or plastic.

As Samantha explained in her comparison review, there are a few things that you need to consider before deciding which gate is right for your dog.

1. Pick one that will contain your dog as he grows.

Your puppy may be little now, but you want to buy a pet gate that will still work when he’s full grown.

If you buy a gate designed for small dogs, your dog may be able to easily jump over when he’s grown.

2. Choose the appropriate size and strength.

You need a gate that will withstand the pressure your pet is sure to put on it.

A small breed will not likely be able to push over many dog gates, but a large breed dog would easily knock down even the largest free-standing gate.

3. Think about the purpose of the gate.

Where will it be used? This will help to determine the best size and type of gate to purchase.

Will you be traveling with it?

If so, you’ll want a lightweight gate that is easy to store.

Will it be used indoors, outdoors or both?

This will help you decide what type of gate – wood, metal or plastic – you should purchase.

And apart from that, there’s one last thing you need to think about—which among the three types of pet gates to choose?

Different Types of Dog Gate Brands

Types of Dog Gates Indoors

There are three different types of pet dog gates for dogs:

Free-standing gates

They stand up all by themselves.

You simply put them out as boundary line for you dog.

These gates are best for well-trained dogs or older pets that won’t test the boundary, as they can be knocked over easily.

Pressure-mounted gates

These need to go in between two walls or in a doorway.

They may be widened in very small increments.

Each time they are widened the sides of the gate put a bit more pressure on the walls or on each side of the doorway.

When the final adjustment is made, there is enough pressure on each side to hold the gate.

Hardware-mounted gates

These gates require hardware to be fastened to the walls or to both sides of a doorway.

Using a latching system, they can be opened and closed at will.

The drawback to these gates is that they permanent holes in your walls or doorway and they can’t be moved on a whim.

Whether the pressure mounted, hardware mounted or free-standing gates are better, you can see in my video review and read more details about my testing.

For the best dog gates indoor and outdoor brands, we tested these products for several very important factors, including: effectiveness, durability, ease of use,  price and cost-effectiveness.

Here are the ten best dog gates you can get today.

Top 10 Best Dog Gates (Indoor and Outdoor)

1 Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Gate

First on our list is the famous Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate.

This indoor pet safety gate has two options between four panels and six panels.

This best indoor dog gate is recommended for small dogs, as the pet gate can be folded into a small enclosure to put your dog in (like a pet playpen).

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 4-Panel
916 Reviews
Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 4-Panel
  • 3-in-1 pet gate converts to a...
  • Room divider dimensions –...
  • Recommended for small to large...
  • This product can be folded for...
  • Lockable gate door allows easy...

It is almost 32 inches in height and can also function as just a freestanding gate for dogs.

The panels are detachable, so you can adjust the size to fit your home’s needs.

The panels of this indoor dog gate are locked at either 90 or 180 degrees, depending on what you need.

The gate door is lockable, but easy enough for humans to figure out if they are going from room to room (you won’t have to move the whole pet safety gate to get where you want to go).

However, because the panels lock at right or straight angles, that diminishes flexibility. But for homes with floor plans that were amenable to this, it's going to be a great fit.

One of the best features of Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is that it is so simple to put together; you don’t need any tools.

You just use the pins and lock caps on these best dog gates indoor to maneuver the pet gate to the position you want it in, a blessing for dog owners tired of putting together labyrinth-like pieces of dog equipment.

It is versatile, as you can add on or take off pieces to adjust the indoor dog gate to your home’s needs.

You can also take apart the pet gate panels and use smaller sections for different areas in the house.

The linking mechanism is easy enough to allow for this diversity in setup configurations. It’s built well and the wood is attractive enough that this won’t be an eyesore.

This doggy gate is expensive, but customers have roundly agreed that that expensiveness is well worth it.

Also, the pieces may be kind of heavy for you to move around according to several dog gate reviews from other customers (the gate weighs 35.2 pounds), although the linking mechanism is easy to use.


2 Spirich Freestanding Walk Through Gate

Made by the Spirich Store, this Walk-Through 6-Panel Free Standing Gate is easily the second one of the best dog gates indoor for pet safety.

It has a wood finish that the company claims is “pet friendly,” and it is 24 inches high (a little bit shorter than your average three year old).

Spirich Extra Wide Dog Gates with Walk Through...
4,318 Reviews
Spirich Extra Wide Dog Gates with Walk Through...
  • STURDY & STABLE: The dog gate...
  • STURDY & STABLE: The dog gate...
  • STURDY & STABLE: The dog gate...
  • PET GATE WITH DOOR: The walk...

The accordion-like hinge designs can easily set up or folded for storage. These indoor dog gates expand or shorten to your desired overall length.

It can also fit doorways up to nine feet wide.

The dog door is made of powder-coated steel and the tension-spring hinge prevents dogs from pushing the door open themselves.

We decided to list this as the second best dog gates indoor because I found out that the zig zag panels opened up to a certain length, but were a little hard to get into for a human.

The entire fence is able to close off an area with a wide entrance-way, something that is useful if you’re planning to take your dog out somewhere that has a wide enclosure-opening.

These second best dog gates indoor are very well-made and can be removed easily when you’re not using them because of the latch.

The latch is simple to unlock, yet will be sturdy if your dog tries to ram it.

If you have a dog that shows a surprising amount of ingenuity, these indoor dog gates could be problematic once your pooch figures out the latch.

One customer with a beagle (a notoriously clever dog) said that her pet gate for dogs purchase started out well, but the beagle eventually caught on and was able to come and go as she pleased.

If your dog is this smart, he or she might be able to put the pieces together and figure out how to work his way out of this dog playpen.

A way to avoid that is to put in some dog toys and treats that your dog likes in the enclosed area.

If he or she doesn’t have a reason to leave (boredom, curiosity, etc.) the safety of the gated area, they won’t have the incentive to trick their way out.



3 Richell One-Touch Pet Gate II

These first option best dog gates indoor come in white or autumn wood: white and autumn matte wood colors

The pet safety gates fit openings of 32 to 36 inches wide and its tension-mount design ensures the gates won’t wobble if/when your dog tries to make a break for it.

The 21-inches door swings open on both sides, which allows for easy movement and convenience.

Richell One-Touch Pet Gate II, Brown, Fits...
39 Reviews
Richell One-Touch Pet Gate II, Brown, Fits...
  • Fits doorway or hallway...
  • Tension-mount design keeps...
  • Gate door opens in both...
  • Rubber stoppers protect wall...
  • Recommended for 8. 8 to 44...

The different wood finishing options make it very versatile for dog owners to pick which goes best with their home decor.

Pet parents who tried this Richell Pet Gate have given it rave reviews, from commenting on these best indoor dog gates' overall elegant appearance to complimenting the actual framework of the design.

It’s a very sturdy gate, made of wood and steel, and it will withstand even bigger dogs who might attempt to run right through it.

One of the worst feelings is spending money on a pet product and then taking it home to realize that it doesn’t fit and you have to return it and start from square one.

With this pet safety gate, it will fit a wide range of doorways depending on what you need.

These best indoor dog gates are easy to install, according to majority of customers, and won’t take long to set up.

All the tools are included. Though it is pricey, the pet gate is well worth the money spent.

Although it's costly, I think it’s still a solid investment for someone who frequently leaves their dog(s) home alone, but doesn’t want to crate them.



4 Cardinal Perfect Fit Gate

Just as their Richell competitor, Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate are just as great of an option as one of the best dog gates indoor.

It has six panels and can either fold into a hexagon-shape enclosure or it can be used in its full length, which is 12 feet in length.

It works as a playpen for dogs, gate, or any form you can make with the panels.

Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate
79 Reviews
Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate
  • No Assembly Required: No...
  • Durable: Dog gate made from...
  • Versatility: More space and...
  • Dimensions: 144 (12 ft. ) x...
  • Accordion fold for easy...

There is a puppy door built-in.

It folds like an accordion for storage and is made of painted wood and black steel.

The doggy door is spring-loaded and the gate-door latch is located on an existing panel.

My choice to place Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate as the fourth best indoor dog gates is due to it's versatility in its potential uses.

However, the hexagon length is slightly small for larger dogs and it can really only fit a certain size dog (small or medium at most).

But because the panels of these pet safety gates are easy to interchange and unlock, you can make whichever shape you need with these six panels that are available for you to play around with.

The puppy door is also useful for dog owners who have young dogs that the need to reach in and out of the indoor dog gate enclosure for.

The materials the pet gate is made of are attractive enough that they’ll fit well with most home décor schemes.

The well-constructed design and versatility of these fourth best dog gates indoor make it worth the money.

Seeing as the height is a little over two feet, if you have a taller dog, he or she might be able to jump or climb over this pet safety gate.

Also, the doggy gate itself is heavy and can be awkward to move around even when in a folded position.

But overall, the sturdiness of the gate is what is contributing to the heaviness, so that can be considered when lifting it.


Richell One-Touch Gate II Wide

Another Richell product, the Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate, this one is slightly less popular with customers looking for the best dog gates indoor.

It has been widened to extend across further distances, and the pet gate can fit doorways three to five feet wide.

It is recommended for dogs between eight and forty-four pounds and is 34.6 inches high.

Richell One-Touch Gate II Wide, Wide Dog gate with...
18 Reviews
Richell One-Touch Gate II Wide, Wide Dog gate with...
  • Fits doorway or hallway...
  • Tension-mount design keeps...
  • Gate door opens in both...
  • Rubber stoppers protect wall...
  • Recommended for pets 8. 8 to...

This dog safety gate is made of hardwood and has rubber stoppers that will prevent it from scratching up your floors and walls.

The design is tension-mount and impervious to slipping or being easily jostled.

The pet safety gate lock can be done and undone with one hand and there is a 90 day warranty.

Pet owners with larger dogs wouldn’t be able to really use this pet gate, though it’s great for small sized dogs.

As with the other Richell products, the sturdiness of this Richell gate is topnotch.

The hardwood is very beautiful (read: not an eyesore) and the stoppers prevent your walls and floors from being scratched, which is a huge bonus for pet owners tired of buffing out scratches and scrapes.

Another positive aspect of these fifth best dog gates indoor is their ease of use.

The lock on the pet safety gate is very simple to maneuver, but that ease doesn’t interfere with the security of the gate.

The tension mount will help keep your dogs from making a break for it.

Customers overall were most satisfied with the appearance and the strength of this doggy gate—they felt secure leaving their canine home alone with the Richell gate up.

This indoor pet gate is only suited for dogs less than 44 pounds, so if you have a bigger dog, this probably isn’t the gate for you (same if you’re an owner with a dog that can easily scale heights of three feet).

Also, it’s important to clarify the sizing, as some customers found that the size descriptions needed more precision.

The sizes of these fifth best indoor dog gates hallway are three feet, four feet, OR six feet.

If you have a doorway that is outside one of these specific ranges, the gate will not fit and, as one customer put it, you may have to use some “redneck engineering” to re-size the pet gate.


6 Primetime Petz 360˚ Configurable Gate

As indicated in the title, Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z pet gate makes a “Z” formation when it is set up for your dog.

Even though it's the sixth on our list of best dog gates indoor, this is still a great option to consider. This pet safety gate is collapsible and expandable (sort of like an accordion).

Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate with Door...
2,933 Reviews
Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate with Door...
  • Specifications: 4-Panel wood...
  • Flexible configuration: hinges...
  • Safe & secure: rubber pads...
  • Easy to move & store:...
  • Customize with accessories:...

The wood has a Walnut finish to it.

There is a walk-through door on the doggy gate and it can span areas of up to 72 inches wide (six feet).

The pet gate is thirty inches high (two and a half feet) and the gate is appropriate for pets of all weights.

The Z formation is convenient for floor plans of all different types, but the height of the gate is somewhat low, meaning that dogs that are tall could probably escape.

Pet parents who purchased Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z were especially enthused by this gate’s construction because of the beautiful wood finish and the fact that that wood was chew-resistant.

It also is easy to construct, as it basically folds out to the desired length like an accordion and can be collapsed for easy storage.

The pet door located in the gate is for our use. No more hopping the gate and almost tripping and breaking our necks with these best dog gates indoor.

With the doggy door in place, you can conveniently leave and enter when you want and re-lock the opening on your way in or out so your pooch can’t get back through.

Customers with complex home floor plans in their houses were most fond of this pet safety gate’s Z-formation design, as that worked with their home’s interior the best (as opposed to a gate at solely 90 or 180 degree angles.

The height of this gate is only two and a half feet tall, so if your dog is big enough to jump it, this might not be the best indoor dog gate that you should choose.

And, as some customers noted, if your dog is big enough to ram the pet gate, he or she could send it sprawling, as it is not designed with clips to secure it to the wall (though you could purchase some and add them into the gate design).

Keep in mind the size and height of your Fido when looking around for best dog gates indoor anywhere.

If you think that he or she will be hard on the dog safety gate and repeatedly attempt to knock it over and ram it, this might not be for you.



7 Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

If you want one that's flexible enough to be put indoors or outdoors, then the super wide gate and play yard of the Regalo store is for you.

You can choose from 130-inches to 192-inches option, depending on how wide your area is.

It's dimension runs at 192.13 L x 0.39 W x 27.95 H inches.

And just like our other options on this list, you can also convert this into a gate or into an 8-panel play yard.

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate...
29,242 Reviews
Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate...
  • SUPERWIDE: Fits opens up to...
  • 2-IN-1: Can convert from a...
  • CONFIGURABLE: Each panel can...
  • SAFETY: Designed with a...

Because of its all-steel design, it's not as heavy as the other pet gates on this list. The product itself weighs 14 kilograms.

Each panel is configurable, meaning, you can adjust them based on your required width.

And by the way, this is a hardware-mounted gate. You have to use a drilling bit to mount it.

While that doesn't offer much flexibility for some, especially those who are planning to move the gate from place to place, what's good is you can rely on its sturdiness.



8 Richell Freestanding Pet Gate

I quickly found out – as I'm sure you have too by now – that Richell owns a big chunk of the market on the best dog gates indoor or outdoor.

It comes as no surprise that we have another one from them, and it's the Richell Freestanding Pet Gate that comes in white or autumn matte finish.

It's constructed from wood and its dimensions are 23.6 x 39.4 x 27.6 inches.

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Origami...
5,998 Reviews
Richell Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Origami...
  • Freestanding gate with side...
  • No installation necessary;...
  • Wide base prevents tipping;...
  • Recommended for small dogs 6.5...

It can extend from 39.4 inches to 70.9 inches and is recommended for dogs from 6.5 to 33 pounds, only small-sized ones.

Its side panels fold in and there is a 1¼ inch space between the slats in the gate. It also has rubber feet to prevent the gate from sliding.

With so many other Richell products listed above, I don't feel bad about listing Richell Freestanding Pet Gate as the eight one of the best dog gates indoor on the list.

Why? Because this doggy gate is beautiful, but like the one before it, the size limit makes it very restricted to smaller dogs only.

Richell Freestanding Pet Gate is easy to hold up, and many customers commented that the rubber feet and the side panels kept it very sturdy.

It’s also easy on the eyes and convenient to store because its side panels collapse down.

Owners who tried these eight best dog gates indoor and who have small dogs commented that this pet safety gate had wire slats that made it very sturdy, preventing the dogs from slipping through the slats (as one owner with a Chihuahua puppy said had been a problem) or budging it over.

Again, this gate has a size limit and if your dog can scale heights of two feet, he or she may be able to get over it and run through the house.

Also, though this is collapsible, the width of the collapsed pet gate makes it a little over three feet in length, so be sure you have that storage space available.



9 Dog Gate-n-Crate Indoors by Petmaker

Our 9th option for the best dog gate indoor is perfect for stairs or doorways.

Depending on your preferred width, you can choose between a 3-panel or a 4-panel gate.

Each panel is made of wooden slats and the dimensions are 18 inches long when folded but stretches to 72 inches when expanded. They also have a height of 24 inches.

Pet Gate - 4-Panel Indoor Foldable Dog Fence for...
1,671 Reviews
Pet Gate - 4-Panel Indoor Foldable Dog Fence for...
  • INDOOR DOG FENCE - This...
  • FREESTANDING - Unlike...
  • FOLDABLE - This essential dog...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - Materials:...

The height of these pet safety gates is low compared to the others. But for small dogs, this will work great to block off stairs, of course.

The wooden design looks almost colonial and it’s lightweight enough—almost 8 pounds—that it won’t be a pain to carry around. As one customer said, “It looks like a piece of furniture instead of a gate.”

But because it's so light, heavyweight dogs might be able to easily knock this over.



10 Pawland 144-inch Extra-Wide Dog Gate

Last but not least on our list of best dog gates indoor, Pawland Free Standing Pet Gate is a decent option.

It is 32 inches tall and has a width of 144 inches at its full width.

It is made of alloy steel and metal, so you can be assured of its durability.

The pet gate comes assembled and doesn’t require any tools to use or install. The width is adjustable, which is always a great option to have on your pet safety gates for home.

PAWLAND 144-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog...
7,271 Reviews
PAWLAND 144-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog...
  • Multiple configurations:...
  • Pet gate with door: The gate...
  • Freestanding pet gate:...

This pet gate for dogs has a versatile width length that allows it to function in different spaces in your home, according to multiple online reviews from customers who purchased it.

The design is free-standing, so there is no installation that needs to be done and thus no damage to walls will be done if you treat this safety gate for pets carefully.

One more time yet again – this pet gate is for small and medium dogs alone.

The height is 32 inches, meaning that if you have a jumper for a dog or any other pet that’s able to get over that height of your indoor pet gate, this might be a problem for you.


FAQs about Indoor Dog Gates

Can I use baby gates as dog gates?

Yes, baby gates can be used as dog gates to block off areas of the home or to keep your dog contained in a specific area.

However, it's important to ensure that the baby gate is sturdy and secure enough to withstand your dog's weight and strength.

Some baby gates may not be suitable for use with dogs, especially larger or more active breeds.

It's important to choose a gate that is appropriate for your dog's size and breed, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use.

Additionally, supervise your dog while they are near the gate to ensure that they do not attempt to jump over or push through the gate.

How high should a dog gate be?

The height of a dog gate depends on the size and breed of your dog.

In general, a dog gate should be tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over it or pushing it down.

For small and medium-sized dogs, a gate that is at least 24 inches tall is usually sufficient.

For larger or more active breeds, a gate that is at least 36 inches tall may be necessary.

It's important to choose a gate that is appropriate for your dog's size and activity level, and to ensure that the gate is securely installed to prevent it from being knocked over or pushed aside.

Additionally, it's important to supervise your dog while they are near the gate to ensure that they do not attempt to jump over or push through the gate.

Are dog gates worth it?

Dog gates can be a useful tool for managing your dog's behavior and keeping them safe, making them worth the investment for many dog owners.

They can be used to block off areas of the home that are not safe for your dog to access, manage your dog's behavior by limiting their access to certain areas of the home or preventing them from engaging in unwanted behaviors, and can even be used as part of a training program to help your dog learn boundaries and appropriate behavior.

Additionally, dog gates can be a convenient way to keep your dog contained in a specific area of the home when you need to leave the house or when you have guests over.

However, it's important to choose a gate that is appropriate for your dog's size and activity level, and to ensure that the gate is securely installed to prevent it from being knocked over or pushed aside.

Best Dog Gates Indoor and Outdoor: Before You Go…

Dog gates are undoubtedly important in all aspects of dog ownership.

It helps us train our furry friends and keep them safe, too.

And in choosing between dog crate vs. fence vs. gate, there really is no right or wrong choice.

It all boils down to your preference and your pup's needs.

Do you need more convincing in getting a dog gate? Check out our recommended articles below!

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