Dog ramps for cars were designed and initially being made primarily for large vehicles (SUVs and trucks) and small dogs, but today, even owners of large breeds get a lot of use from car ramps. They're particularly helpful for senior pets, dogs with hip dysplasia pain and arthritic dogs.

When you're shopping for a dog ramp for a car, don't rush. There are some specifications you need to pay attention to.

For example, dogs that suffer from joint pain will need a ramp with a gentler incline, so measure the height of where the top of the ramp will be placed to ensure the incline is suitable for your dog.

We've reviewed and ranked the best dog ramps for cars based on their durability, weight and portability, extra features, and grip surface for extra traction. Here are the top five:

How to Buy the Best Dog Ramp for Your Car and Your Dog

Size of the Car Ramp for DogsHere are some key points to keep in mind when buying dog ramps for cars.

The size of your dog. The ramp should be large enough to accommodate the breed, both in measurements (length and width) and the weight support.

At the same time, the more weight a dog ramp supports, the heavier it will be.

You want to find a sweet spot between a ramp that supports a dog's weight but is also lightweight enough and portable.

Buy a car ramp that's easily washable (depending on where you're going, you may be doing a lot of cleaning).

And as with any other product, it should use dependable and durable materials that result in a sturdy ramp when it's propped against the vehicle.

A ramp should also be non-slip with extra grip and traction on both sides – the top for the dog, and the bottom to keep it steady. It's especially important if you are using it in the rain or snow.

If the ramp does not provide a non-slip surface, the next best thing are horizontal slats which provide better traction.

Grip surface on dog ramps for cars

Other safety features include a car ramp that locks in place (as opposed to simply being propped against the vehicle) for better stability and those that include non-slip feet to further prevent the dog ramp from moving.

Pay attention to car ramp measurements, and remember to measure your vehicle as well.

The ramp should be of the appropriate length to reach the back of the car.

The slope of the ramp will determine if it is too steep to meet your dog's needs. The appropriate incline for a dog ramp for most healthy dogs should be from 18 to 20 degrees.

How to Help Your Dog Get Into a Car

Even for healthy dogs, jumping in and out of high vehicles pose certain risks of injuries, breaking or straining legs, and simply wear and tear of their joints.

Then senior dogs, those with hip dysplasia or joint problems should never climb into cars by themselves.

To help a dog into car, I always prefer to use pet ramps, but you can also use dog steps – as long as they're the right length, it will accomplish the task.

There are only two downsides to using pet stairs/steps instead of dog ramps: (a) for arthritic dogs, they may still strain their joints, and (b) most steps aren't very mobile and you can't bring them in your vehicle.

How to Help Your Dog Get Into a Car (Using a Ramp)

Once you have a pet ramp, helping a dog into a vehicle is as simple as placing and securing the ramp, then encouraging the dog. Some pets are quick to get inside, while others may be skeptical.

If yours is the latter, watch this guide on how to teach your dog to use a car ramp. The easiest way is simply to use treats.

Finally, remember that picking the correct pet ramp is crucial. Most manufacturers do not specify exact vehicles the ramp is good for, so you'll need to measure the car beforehand.

When you are doing so, measure from where the ramp will attach to your vehicle all the way down to the ground at an appropriate slope.

Note: Pay extra attention to the slope, because if the slope of the car ramp is too steep, it will stress your dog's joints even more than jumping up and down would.

Top 8 Best Dog Ramps for Cars

1 Original Folding Pet Ramp
by PetStep

Find it on Amazon ($114.34)
Find it on Chewy ($114.34)

The PetStep dog ramp for cars can hold up to 500 pounds due to the composite plastic construction, and it came with a unique (no other unites had this) rubberized non-slip surface that runs horizontally for better traction in all weather conditions.

This 70 inch-long unit is designed to fit most vehicles according to the company and has a non-slip grip on the top-end for better positioning on the car.

It was very easy to wipe it off. We also liked that there was also a slight edge to this car ramp that provided a bit more security when the dog was going up and down.

It's very simple to fold this ramp in half (it came with a carry handle) for easy transporting.

Lastly, it's claimed to be treated to not rust or corrode. The downside is that this is one of the most expensive units on our list of best dog ramps for cars.

Petstep GRAPHITE (66222)
1,893 Reviews
Petstep GRAPHITE (66222)
  • Unique soft non-slip...
  • Universal non-slip grip fits...
  • Folds in half for easy storage...
  • Advanced composite plastic...
  • Will not rust or corrode and...

» PROS: Available in two colors (graphite/grey, khaki/beige), it measures 70-inches long and 18-inches wide, has a non-slip surface, washable, will not rust or corrode, the unit floats, provides a gentle incline, it weighs only 18.5 pounds but can hold up to 500 pounds.

« CONS: Expensive, and it's a little cumbersome and heavy to move.


2 supertraX Travel Lite Dog Ramp for Cars
by Pet Gear Inc.

Find it on Amazon ($53.90)
Find it on Chewy ($53.90)

Pet Gear's car ramp can be bought in four sizes and according to the weight of your dog; the largest measures 66 inches long and is suitable for dogs from 150 to 200 pounds.

The surface of this dog ramp for cars is covered with durable, pressure-activated material to help prevent dogs from slipping (provides paws with more surface contact).

This model also folds for easy storage though it was a little clunkier than the PetStep unit. There is a convenient carry handle as well.

The sides of the ramp have a raised edge to give a dog more security and confidence while climbing, and the bottom grippers also came with a tether that helps the ramp maintain a steady position.

There is also a shorter version, designed for small breeds and for folks that don't want to struggle with a lengthy ramp unnecessarily. It is suitable for heights up to 20 inches and the surface has the same pressure-activated, SuperTrax mat.

There are rubber feet to help maintain the position of this car ramp as well as an added “lip” to steady the unit onto the floor/bedding of your car. This 10-pound portable unit also bends in half and has a convenient carry handle for ease of use.

Pet Gear supertraX Ramps for Dogs and Cats,...
1,702 Reviews
Pet Gear supertraX Ramps for Dogs and Cats,...
  • SupertraX mat is soft,...
  • Pressure activated grip allows...
  • Raised edges help prevent pet...
  • Built-in handle and easy fold...
  • Light weight; only 7...

» PROS: Affordable, our sizes available (for small, medium and large dogs), has a pressure-activated mat that is wipe-able, rubber feet and extra lip to help maintain the position of the ramp, bottom grippers and tether for added security, folds in half and has a carry handle.

« CONS: Not suitable for rear-loading, unit does not lock into place, no added sides, and may not fit the side door of some vehicles.


3 High Traction Dog Ramps for Cars
by WeatherTech

Find it on Amazon ($111.95)
Find it on Chewy ($111.95)

Another high quality product with a high price point, this dog ramp for cars is designed for animals up to 300 pounds. The sides are very wide, adding an extra dimension of safety and comfort for the dog.

In particular, we loved the unique zig-zagging rubber footings on both ends that provide that extra grip needed for vehicles and the ground (no other units on this list of best dog ramps for cars had anything similar).

Similar to the other products, the WeatherTech dog ramp also bends in half with a convenient integrated carry handle for easy transport and storage.

Interestingly, it only weighs 16 pounds. And even though the hinge may be an afterthought, it has been custom-designed to provide strength when folding and to prevent damage to the mechanism if the unit is dropped. The downside of this car ramp is, of course, its price.

WeatherTech PetRamp, Folding Dog Ramp for Large...
1,788 Reviews
WeatherTech PetRamp, Folding Dog Ramp for Large...
  • Pet, Cat, Dog Ramps for Any...
  • Easy, Simple, Light & Strong....
  • Soft Rubber, Feet End Grips,...
  • Storage and Folds for any...
  • USA Design and Made. Factory...

» PROS: Very durable with hinge-design, measures at 15 inches wide by 67 inches long, easily portable, there's a built-in handle, it holds up to 300 pounds, textured rubber surface, extra high walls, zig-zag rubber footings on both ends for a better grip, and it's made in the USA.

« CONS: Expensive, may be too heavy for some people, and too narrow for some pets.


4 Solvit Half Ramp II
by PetSafe

Find it on Amazon ($47.96)
Find it on Chewy ($47.96)

If you are looking for a shorter lightweight dog ramp for a vehicle, the PetSafe Solvit one may be the most ideal, especially considering their price tag.

It's constructed from polyethylene (HDPE) which PetSafe often use with their other units, and has non-slip feet to hold it in place along with high-traction material to prevent a dog from slipping.

This unit only weighs seven pounds, so it's easily portable.

At the same time, it can support dogs up to 200 pounds and measures in at 39 inches by 18 inches by 4 inches thick.

PetSafe Happy Ride Half II Dog Ramp for Vans,...
303 Reviews
PetSafe Happy Ride Half II Dog Ramp for Vans,...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Half Ramp II...
  • DURABLE: Constructed of...
  • TRACTION: The high traction...
  • DIMENSIONS: 39.76”L x...

» PROS: Made in the USA, portable and lightweight, has a very good traction and non-slip feet, and it's constructed from durable polyethylene that's easy to wipe.

« CONS: May not be suitable for all vehicles.


5 Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramp For Car

Find it on Amazon ($65.00)
Unavailable on Chewy

This car ramp is designed with safety in mind with the addition of reflective tape running down the sides of it, which provided our dogs (and oncoming people or vehicles) more visibility when the ramp was in use. It only weighs ten pounds but can hold animals up to 200 pounds.

It's actually a pretty long ramp, measuring in at 62 inches. It folds in half for portability and easy storage.

The COZIWOW Heavy Duty Dog Ramp For Car is also extra-wide and has added a non-slip surface and rubber footings on both ends to help secure the ramp in place.

Plus, it comes with a safety lock to ensure the ramp won't buckle.

62”L Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps for...
2,163 Reviews
62”L Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps for...
  • 🎁【Festival Dog Ramps...
  • 🐶【High Traction】Dog...
  • 🐶【Pet Use...
  • 🐶【Folding Dog...
  • 🐶【Lightweight Dog Ramp...

» PROS: Available in one size: (62 inches long), effective non-slip surface, and footing, safety lock with a stainless steel bearing, it's easily foldable and portable, easy to clean, lightweight, and very sturdy.

« CONS: Non-slip material feels coarse.


6 Titan Telescoping Dog Ramp for Car
by Pet Trex

Find it on Amazon ($79.99)
Unavailable on Chewy

This telescoping pet ramp for cars can reach up to 62 inches and is made from aluminum and plastic. It can hold animals up 220 pounds and came equipped with non-slip surface grooves and four footings to help secure it into place.

The Pet Trex dog ramp is likely to be suitable for most vehicles and comes with its own carry handle for easy portability. When not in use, simply slide the unit together and store it away.

Titan 28" - 61" Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp Compact Portable Aluminum Dogs

» PROS: Durable, lightweight, can go from 28 inches long up to 62 inches, non-slip surface, portable, comes with carrying handle, extremely simple and easy to use.

« CONS: Non-slip material may be too slick for some pets, there are lips in the ramp where it telescopes.


7 Black Non-Skid Pet Ramp for Cars
by Good Life USA

Find it on Amazon ($45.99)
Unavailable on Chewy

The first feature you will notice about the Good Life USA car ramp is the extra high sides that provide your pet with more security while climbing or descending (rare among the rest of top rated dog ramps for cars on this list).

This pet ramp is available in two lengths (40 inches and 62 inches) and uses a sandpaper-like texture to provide your dog with traction.

This ramp can support up to 150 pounds and comes equipped with non-slip rubber feet to secure it into place.

» PROS: Higher sides, non-slip surface, durable, plastic area is easy to wipe, it can support large breeds, and has a non-slip rubber footing.

« CONS: Uses a sandpaper-like substance on the surface which isn't pleasant for everybody, may not be suitable for all vehicles, and the slope may be too steep for some dogs.


8 Tri-Fold Ramp Dog Ramps for Cars
by Pet Gear

Find it on Amazon ($110.98)
Unavailable on Chewy

The Tri-fold feature of the Pet Gear dog car ramp may be ideal for pet owners that have more than one vehicle.

This unit can be transported very easily with it being foldable into very compact spaces.

The unit measures a hefty 19.5 inches wide and is suitable for dogs up to 120 pounds.

The non-slip surface is designed with horizontal-running rubber for better traction and the unit is durable because it is made from wood.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Long Extra Wide...
1,885 Reviews
Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Long Extra Wide...
  • Useful for senior, small and...
  • Lightweight
  • Skid resistant
  • High quality and safe product

» PROS: Telescoping properties allow this ramp to go up to 71 inches long, horizontal, non-slip rubber, 19.5 inches wide. Can withstand dogs that are 200lbs. Comes in two styles, one that is black and grey, and the other that has reflective tape.

« CONS: The unit weighs 22.48 pounds, non-slip surface is broken up into squares with bars in between, there is a 2-inch height difference where the two pieces telescope from.

In Summary

If you have a senior dog or one with mobility issues (arthritis, joint or hip dysplasia pain), then a pet ramp may be the only solution for getting your pooch in and out of the vehicle without straining your back.

When shopping for the best car ramp for dogs, remember to pay attention to the ramp's measurements and measure your car as well.

Know the length you need, and how and where you're going to store it.

The most important features (other than full support of your dog's weight) you want in a good dog car ramp are non-slip walking surface with extra grip, and non-slip footings to secure the ramp to your vehicle and the ground.

Once you buy a dog ramp for a car, teach your pet how to comfortably and safely use it.

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