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The Best Hemp Oil for Dogs


Top 5 Best Hemp Oil for Dogs

It’s well known that a properly managed, well-balanced and healthy diet for a dog is always more preferable to having to use various pet supplements. Unfortunately, there are many instances when we simply need to use certain dog supplements to relieve symptoms of diseases and treat various health conditions. Hemp oil are one such example that would be considered a smart addition to a dog's diet.

Hemp oils are NOT the same as CBD oils

With the popularity rise of CBD products for dogs, veterinary professionals, companies and pet owners have also started looking into hemp oil for dogs. Both hemp and CBD are derived from the same hemp plant, but from completely different parts. Therefore, they are made up of different compounds, have different benefits and uses.

Hemp oil is usually derived from cold-pressed natural hemp seeds. It’s a non-toxic natural herb product that may have a very strong calming effect on the dogs’ brain and nerve endings. There's not enough research yet, but some evidence states that hemp may be suitable for both stress and anxiety relief, as well as pain relief. That said, remember that hemp does NOT contain any cannabinoids – there's no CBD or THC in it.

CBD oil vs hemp oil for dogs

It's also important to note that CBD oil is currently more popular and more studied among humans and animals, while hemp oil for dogs has far less research behind it. Thus, pet owners should not expect the same benefits from even from the best hemp oil for dogs supplements as those claimed for CBD products.

What does a good hemp oil supplement for dogs include?

A good dog hemp oil supplement will first and foremost include high-quality natural hemp oil. It should be in a significant enough dosage to be effective but not be so much that it’s too strong. Typically, a good hemp oil supplement will also include other natural calming herbs such as valerian root, chamomile extract, and others. There are various different combinations, ratios and formulas between them, but a good calming formula should be effective in relieving both stress or anxiety and physical pain.

Depending on the particular product and formula, applying hemp oil to your dog’s food (or simply giving it orally as a supplement) should be done carefully as you don’t want to overdose your pet. Even though hemp oil is a natural ingredient, overdosing with it can still cause side effects such as serotonin syndrome. To avoid that, always use hemp oil according to the specifications of the particular hemp oil product you have.

For a general guideline, dosages are often as such:

  • For dogs that weigh less than 20lbs – 1/4 of a standard dropper.
  • For dogs that weight between 21 and 49 pounds – 1/2 of a standard dropper.
  • For dogs that weigh more than 49 pounds – 1 full standard dropper.

When can dogs benefit from hemp oil?

Hemp oil products may be used for two general purposes – pain relief and stress relief. Keep in mind that hemp oil will usually not be enough to treat most such conditions but it’s a natural supplement that can relieve them without causing any side effects in the right dosages. There's also not enough evidence to claim that hemp oils are as effective as CBD oils, where the latter has many, many studies behind it.

benefits of hemp oil for dogsIn terms of pain relief, some of the best hemp oil for dogs supplements may be effective for joint pain or arthritis in older dogs, with post-surgical pains, or even with pain due to direct physical trauma. It may also be effective for other physical pains due to more intricate conditions but as with all supplements, you'll need to discuss use of hemp in dogs with a veterinarian first.

As far as stress is concerned, hemp oil may help with this as well. There are lots of things that can make a dog anxious or stressed out – separation anxiety, traveling, going to a new home, getting a new pet companion, fireworks, storms, having guests over, etc. There are also general and chronic anxiety conditions that can affect your dog. Prolonged stress and anxiety in dogs can cause them to become depressed, aggressive, or fearful. Generally speaking, anxiety can affect a dog’s health and lifespan in many different ways.

In almost all of these cases, CBD is known to be an effective supplement, and there are some claims that hemp oil may also be an effective solution for a dog's anxiety attacks. It may help calm your dog down, improve his or her mood, make the dog more lively and friendly. Especially in older dogs that are often quietly suffering from both joint pains and arthritis, as well as stress and depression, a well-managed intake of hemp oil may improve their mood and behavior. What a lot of dog owners think is just their dog “becoming old” is something that may be treatable with a natural food supplement.

How to choose the best hemp oil for dogs supplements?

Choosing a good hemp oil supplement is all about looking for a quality brand with good reputation. Remember again that hemp is not CBD, and any brands that make those false claims on their label probably do not deserve your money. When choosing your dog’s future stress/pain relief supplement, make sure that it’s made out of all-natural ingredients, that it’s produced by a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer, and that the product’s ingredients formula isn’t the exact same formula you’ve already tried in other products.

It’s strongly recommended to consult with a veterinarian before doing anything. Even though hemp oil is natural and harmless in the right doses, the stress or pain your dog is experiencing can have underlying causes that need more specific treatments. Leaving these go unnoticed and untreated without a vet’s assistance can be a huge mistake since hemp oil is mostly meant to relieve pain and stress symptoms, not to cure everything that could be wrong with your dog. Also, it's often recommended to try CBD products before you try hemp oil for dogs since CBD simply has more evidence to its effectiveness and safety.

The Best Hemp Oil for Dogs

Below are some of the best hemp oil for dogs brands and supplements to try. Remember to consult with your veterinarian before administering hemp oils (or any other supplements) to your dog.

Vetra Pet Hemp Oil Dogs

The Vetra pet hemp oil is another good option for an all-round natural dog dietary supplement. It contains high-quality hemp oil, as well as a lot of other beneficial additives. The Omega-9, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your dog’s general condition, hair and coat, as well as general healthy balance. The presence of Vitamins A and D, together with the additional trace minerals and phytochemicals also help a lot with both pain and stress relief.

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Stress relief is easily achieved with this product, whether we’re talking about travel issues, separation anxiety, storm fear, or anything similar. Pain relief should also be easily achieved with this product including for conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, inflammations, or other general post-traumatic or post-operational pains. This product is also free of any side effects and doesn’t cause any nausea, gastrointestinal swelling, loss of appetite, or any of the other common side problems. In fact, it’s been reported to effectively help the gain of appetite in stressed and depressed dogs.


Love My Pet Hemp Oil for Dogs

This hemp oil product is made by Love My Pet in 500mg bottles. It too is made out of natural-only hemp oil derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds. This allows it to help reduce your pet’s stress from all sources, whether chronic or situation, as well as relive joint pain, pain from arthritis, post-surgery pains or ones due to physical trauma.

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The premium formula of Love My Pet also includes Vitamins A and D which also help with stress relief, as well as with your dog’s general healthy balance. There are also Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids for hair and coat health, as well as for their overall health benefits. There are also trace minerals, phytochemicals, terpenoids, flavonoids, essential oils, and more. All this is made on 100% according to the GMP and BCR manufacturing standards.

If this product doesn’t work well-enough for your dog, which can be the case for hemp oil supplements sometimes, Love My Pet has a full refund and exchange policy.


Natural Doggie Organic Hemp Infused Coconut Oil

For something a bit more different to end with, this organic mix of hemp and coconut oils from Natural Doggie is great on several levels. The organically-derived hemp oil is excellent for relieving physical pains such as joint pain, arthritis, post-surgical pains, or other traumas, while also being effective against stress and anxiety such as separation anxiety, travel stress, etc.

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The natural coconut oil, on the other hand, makes this product excellent for skin and coat health, as well as very effective against many skin allergies. If your dog is experiencing grass allergy or is starting to display bald spots, patchy coat, and so on, this is a good natural supplement to try.

The Natural Doggie hemp & coconut oil supplement includes no GMOs and no psychoactive ingredients so it’s 100% free from any side effects.


Pets Primal Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

This natural pain relief and anti-anxiety pet dietary supplement is a great all-round tool for many situations. It helps relieve anxiety and stress in canines thanks to its organic hemp oil, vitamins, and essential oils. Together, they create a cocktail that reduces dogs’ anxiety and its symptoms – the excessive scratching, storm fear, barking, sudden aggression, etc.

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It’s may also be an effective pain relief supplement and it even helps with conditions such as arthritis. When used in the right dosage (depending on age and body weight) this hemp oil is completely safe for use. It can be used both for young and old dogs, and by relieving their physical and emotional pains it can drastically improve their mood and behavior.

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids also help bring dogs’ bodies into balance while also being very beneficial for their skin and coat health. The vitamins A and D are also very effective in that regard. All this is done with natural ingredients and is inspected and approved by both the U.S. FDA and GMP.  The help oil is derived from cold-pressed and organic help seeds.


Hemp Cares Hemp Oil for Dogs

Made from Hemp Cares, this hemp oil for dogs comes in a 2000mg package and it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients. It is free from any chemical additives, filler, preservatives, and other harmful elements that can hurt your dog, especially over long-term exposure. It’s also safe from triggering any possible allergies in your dog.

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Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats - Hemp Extract Made in...
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The natural hemp oil in this product is derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds. This makes it quite effective at dealing with stressful conditions such as separation anxiety, travel fear, storm fear, etc. It’s also very effective for pain relief, whether after physical traumas, after surgery, or simply due to conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, etc.

Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, this hemp oil for pets is great not just for stress and pain relief, but it’s also great for your dog’s coat and hair’s health.


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