Have you ever thought about what would happen if one of the dogs in your care had a major accident? A $2,500 Shar Pei falls from the grooming table and breaks its back. A dog you have boarded somehow gets loose and attacks a rare breed of cat you have also boarded. Dozens of precious animals are destroyed in an overnight fire.

What would you do if any of these scenarios became real? Most pet business owners aren't even aware that their business could be at risk if they do not have one of the best pet business insurance plans on the market. A client's pet can be your greatest risk, so it is important to be prepared just in case one instant changes groom to doom.

Animals can be unpredictable, especially when they are in unfamiliar settings with unfamiliar people. If you select one of the best pet business insurance plans, it will protect you from potential lawsuits and other legal issues with clients.

Remember that in the event of an emergency, your business insurance is not just protecting you and the families you serve, it is protecting your livelihood.

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Pet Business liability insurance is a necessity if you are planning on operating a business in the pet-care industry. It is highly recommended that you become, and remain, insured with a quality Pet Business Insurance provider throughout your career. Insurance is something that is better to have and not need, than need it and not have it.

Best Pet Business Insurance Plans for Dog

Best Pet Business Insurance Plans

There are countless pet business insurance providers out there, so how do you know which one is right for you and your business's needs? You need to decide which aspects of your business are most important and focus on the companies that provide the best coverage for those features.

Shop around. Just like with any other purchase, you shouldn't select an insurance company based solely on price. Be sure to do your homework and find a few insurance agents with good reputations and numerous references. Don't just ask for references and assume since they gave you the phone numbers that those people must be willing to speak highly about the company and the agent. Call them! Ask questions about the policy options, coverage, and service when a claim needs to be filed.

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Best Pet Business Insurance Plans
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Chat with numerous qualified agents and have them help you put together a comprehensive insurance plan that will meet all your needs. Compare the final price between the companies that provide the best coverage for the features you require. Also, make sure to check for any changes in coverage or price if it takes you a week or so to make a decision. Insurance prices fluctuate all the time.

Once you have selected the company, agent, and insurance policy of your choosing, you'll still need to apply for coverage. Most business owners like to meet with their insurance agent face to face or at least talk to them on the phone, but many companies now offer time-constrained business people the option to apply for coverage online or by mail.

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Best Pet Business Insurance Companies

** Please note these are brief definitions of coverage. Your policy may be more restrictive in its language. Refer to the actual policy for a complete description of coverages and exclusions.

Pet Sitters Associates

Pet business insurance through Pet Sitters Associates is managed by RPS Scobie Group and financed by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company. To obtain Pet Business Insurance through Pet Sitters Associates you must be a member. Basic membership is $190 a year and includes defense costs and commercial general liability coverage in addition to policy limits.

  • $1,000,000 per incident, up to $2,000,000 a year for completed operations, products, advertising injury, property damage, and bodily injury.
  • $100,000 annually for damage to premises rented to you.
  • $15,000 each incident, up to $30,000 a year for pets stolen, lost, maimed, or killed in your care
  • $1,000 each incident, max $5,000 a year, regardless of negligence, for vet expenses.
  • $2,000 annually for lost keys and re-keying of customers homes.
  • $5,000 annually for medical expenses.

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Pet Business Insurance Add-ons that are available include:

  • Pet Daycare Insurance for $155
  • House Sitting Insurance for $100
  • Pet Grooming Insurance for $50
  • Dog Obedience Training Insurance for $155

Pet Care Insurance

Seeing a need for pet care business owners to receive the insurance they need, the team at Veracity Insurance Solutions partnered with CNA Financial to announce the creation of Pet Care Insurance. Now, those people who are in the kennel, pet sitting, breeding, grooming, or training business have access to insurance that is provided by an A rated carrier.

  • General Liability Aggregate – $2,000,000 Base Coverage Limit – $4,000,000 Max Coverage Limit
  • General Liability Each Occurrence – $1,000,000 Base Coverage Limit – $2,000,000 Max Coverage Limit
  • Business Income – Actual Loss Sustained
  • Business Personal Property -You Select Limit
  • Dishonest Employee – $10,000 Base Coverage Limit – $1,000,000 Max Coverage Limit
  • Animal Bailee – $10,000 Base Coverage Limit – $1,000,000 Max Coverage Limit
  • Additional Insureds – Included

PetBiz Insurance

Best Pet Business Insurance Plans
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PetBizInsurance.com provides pet business professionals with auto insurance designed specifically to protect the pet services market and pet professionals along with insurance for business liabilities and casualties.

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There are no prices listed on the site, but they will provide you with a free insurance quote for your pet business and your pet service needs. Simply fill out the form and an agent will be in touch with you to help you find the policy and coverage that is right for your business.


PetPro provides extensive professional liability coverage for every facet of the pet-care industry. Where other insurers offer add-on coverages that cost “extra,” PetPro provides quality coverage with the first quote, backed by stellar support and service.

Minimum Package Premium $20,000

  • Professional Liability (up to $3M) with Consent to Settle
  • Animal Bailee (coverage for companion pets in your care)
  • General Liability – Premises and Operations
  • Coverage for Volunteers and Fosters
  • Property
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Business Income (Disaster Recovery)
  • Inland Marine (includes specialized and mobile equipment)
  • Auto (including truck contents)
  • Loss or Damage to Companion Pets
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Crime
  • Product Recall by Governmental Authority
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Crisis Management Expense Reimbursement
  • Adoption Denial Coverage
  • Pet Adoption and Special Events Coverage
  • Pet Foster Parents Liability Coverage
  • Excess Coverage (up to $5M)
  • Evacuation and Relocation
  • Defense Expenses (for cruelty allegations)

Once you find the right agent, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one of the best pet business insurance plans available to you. Keep in mind that as your business grows, so do your liabilities. If you simply keep the same insurance coverage every year without assessing your needs, you may end up underinsured if disaster were to strike.

If you've purchased new equipment, upgraded your building, or expanded your operation, you're going to need a new insurance policy that will reflect that. Each year when it is time to renew your policy think about the changes that your business has gone through over the course of the past year. If any significant changes have been made, be sure to contact your insurance agent and have your policy updated to reflect the changes.

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