Whether traveling for just one night or leaving for two weeks, hiring the best pet sitters with qualifications and excellent reviews is essential! 

Our pets are our family and should be treated with care, love, and respect even when we are not home.

Although taking our pets with us would be great, this is not always allowed. 

Thankfully, amazing geniuses have created pet sitting apps made by pet owners for pet owners. 

But which ones are good? 

What are the pros and cons? 

And what should you look for when choosing the best pet sitting app? 

Let’s keep going to find out!

Best Pet Sitting Apps & Websites in 2022

Why Choose a Dog Sitter vs. Dog Boarding or A Kennel?

According to thezebra.com about 48 million households have dogs.

To follow up, about 90.5 million households own a pet.

On average, Americans spend $228 per year on kennel boarding.

I am telling you all this because it tells me that most of these households have full-time jobs and other responsibilities.

If you spend $228 on kennel boarding, you might as well put it towards having a pet sitter when you need it.

A pet sitter allows you to have peace of mind while traveling for work or leisure that someone is giving all of their attention and time to your pup.

Kennel boarding can be a great option, but you're dealing with businesses with dozens, if not hundreds, of dogs.

Do you think your dog will get the attention and love you would give it? Probably not.

Another benefit is that your dog will eventually recognize and become familiar with the sitter.

It is probably pretty chaotic if a kennel boarding is anything like the vet's office.

This can lead to your dog mirroring other dogs that aren't well-behaved. Now your dog is peeing or pooping inside, chewing things, barking unnecessarily.

With a pet sitter, you get someone better trained in dog behavior and can and sometimes does train the dog while you are gone!

For example, my Dad comes and picks up my dog in the evenings to take her to a piece of land out west so she can run around.

But once, he had dinner at the property and fed her from his plate. She comes home and starts begging and stalking me whenever I have food.

Mind you, I have worked with this dog for at least a year and a half consistently, not to do that.

All it takes is one time.

Lastly, you also benefit from your flexible schedule and convenience vs. the typical dog kennel or dog boarding.

I know dog kennels and boarding are businesses, so I get that they cannot just move their schedules to fit yours.

Which is why a personalized pet sitter is the best way to go!

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10 Best Pet Sitter Apps


best pet sitter app wag!
Credit: Courtesy of Wag!

Finding the number one best pet sitting app was a tough race, but we have to give it to Wag. 

This app is available in 50 states and has over 150,000 pet sitters and boarders ready to care for your fur babies. 

The other reviews on play stores are excellent. 

With the app, you can communicate directly with your sitter, offering dog walking, training, and boarding alongside pet sitting. 

Background checks are required, which should give you a sense of peace.


best pet sitter app rover
Credit: Courtesy of Rover

Rover is one of the top best pet sitting apps on the market. 

It has been around since 2011 and has expanded quickly. 

Fun fact, some international locations are also included. 

You can search for requirements like experience with medication, no children or pets in the home, and a backyard. 

It is great if you have a pet that needs special care. Like Wag, you can communicate with your sitter through the app’s messaging page.


best pet sitter app fetch
Credit: Courtesy of Fetch!

Third, on our list is Fetch! This app is a pet sitting and walking app with many different tools. 

It includes sections dedicated to puppies, overnight care, pet taxi, and pet medical administration. 

Interestingly, the sitters using this app have the power and can reach out to pet owners looking for specific services. 

Using this app, you can schedule a meet and greet with your pet and the potential sitter to ensure they get along before the actual date.


best pet sitter app care dot com
Credit: Courtesy of Care.com

Care.com is a babysitting and nanny app, but it is much more. 

You can use Care.com on your phone, tablet, and computer. 

It has an app and a website that work similarly enough to smooth the process. 

There are at least 50,000 pet sitters available through this app. You can book more than one service, including tutoring, babysitting, and senior services. 

It first starts when you create a job posting.


best pet sitter app petsitter
Credit: Courtesy of PetSitter

PetSitter looks and works a lot like Care but has a more extensive network in small, populated cities and towns. 

Remember, though, that using this app requires more work. 

PetSitter allows you to reach out to potential sitters directly. 

However, you still have to review hundreds, if not thousands, of applications and sitter profiles. 

This can help you find the perfect fit among all the pet-sitting apps on the market.


best pet sitter app sittercity
Credit: Courtesy of SitterCity

SitterCity has an easy-to-use website but lacks a powerful app. 

It is a younger company that is still growing.

With that said, thousands of pet sitters in the large city still await the opportunity to care for animals. 

While looking for a pet sitter or walker, you can also log in to find a babysitter, senior care, and household chore manager.


best pet sitter app meowtel
Credit: Courtesy of Meowtel

There seem to be many more pet-sitting apps made for dogs, but what about cats? 

Meowtel is a wonderful cat sitting app made by cat lovers for cat lovers. 

It is a safe app that was made for IOS and Android. 

The sitters have to pass multiple levels of background checks and supply references. 

The app lets you, the pet parent, schedule meet and greets to see if the sitter and your cat get along well. 

You can also take this opportunity to view the sitter’s home if you choose to board.


best pet sitter app thumbtack
Credit: Courtesy of Thumbtack

Thumbtack is one of the most diverse apps for home improvement projects and pet sitting. 

Not a lot of people know that it offers professional pet services. 

These professionals go through a strict vetting process before they are allowed to use the app. 

Your pets are safe with these professionals as they have years of experience in the pet industry

When unsure, you can check the references and ask questions directly to the Thumbtack professional. 

Trusted House Sitters

best pet sitter app trusted house sitter
Credit: Courtesy of Trusted House Sitter

Trusted House Sitters background checks all users to ensure that the sitters, the clients, and their pets are safe. 

This is a helpful app if you leave home and have exotic or ‘strange’ pets. 

Most pet sitting apps are designed for cat and dog owners. 

However, you can hire someone through Trusted House Sitters to care for your home, fish, turtle, snack, and more. 


best pet sitter app petbacker
Credit: Courtesy of PetBacker

Last but not least, we have PetBacker. While it is not our number one choice, it is still great if you are looking for grooming opportunities. 

PetBacker offers pet parents a lot more than just sitting and boarding options. 

It is available in 50 countries, and the app provides at least five recommendations near you. 

The con is that the users do not undergo background checks, which many pet owners, like myself, look for.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet Sitting App

Now that you have had a small taste of the top ten best pet sitting apps, it is time to try and choose one, but how do you do this? 

Consider the following when reviewing a pet sitting app and the sitter profiles, reviews, cost, and communication.


Reviews are everything in customer service and the pet sitting industry. 

The good thing about all the pet-sitting apps is that they have a reviews section that allows reviewers to add photos and videos as evidence. 

Reviews are how we know if a website or person is credible.

Look for reviews that are listed as ‘newest.’ 

It is good to look through the most recent reviews as apps change. 

You can weigh the good and bad of each app and sitter using the reviews. 


You indeed get what you pay for. 

I know how expensive it can be to board a pet or hire a pet sitter to watch your adorable friend.

However, the cheaper you go, the less likely the quality will match your expectations.

On average, a pet sitter in the U.S charges $14.20 an hour, but this number changes depending on your state, number of pets, and what the job requirements include. 

Most apps allow the pet sitter to choose their own rates. 

Shop around before choosing a pet sitter. 


Communication is key. Nothing is more frustrating than using a pet sitter that does not send updates. 

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing pictures and videos of my pets feeling comfortable, safe, and happy while I am gone. 

Thankfully, most apps include a photo and messaging portion where you can communicate directly with the pet sitter.

If communication still bothers you, here is a quick tip. 

I installed a pet camera in the corner of my living room, where my cat and dog sleep. 

It has a voice operator, meaning I can talk to them. 

If you want to see your pets live, why not also install a camera if they will be staying in your home?

Best Pet Sitter Apps: Conclusion

Pet sitters are true blessings. 

They take care of our furry friends when something arises.

So check out the pet-sitting apps we talked about. 

Ensure you and the app have done their due diligence for the pet sitter you use. 

The greatest part about pet sitting apps is their strength for communication. 

You can easily talk to your pet sitter and view updates regularly!

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