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4 Best Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

Some dog owners see picking up their dog's feces as an unnecessary chore. They should see it as an important responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Not only is it a law in many areas, it's actually an important part of keeping your community safe and sanitary. The best ways to dispose of dog poop are quick and easy, and they can be done anywhere.

There are 23 million coliform bacteria per gram of a dog’s poop. What does this mean? In layman's terms, there is A LOT of bacteria in dog fecal matter! Some of the most common bacteria, pests and other contaminants found in your dog’s poop can remain in the soil for years.

Wastewater facilities do a very good job of cleaning our water, but they cannot filter all the bacteria from dog poop. Sadly, a lot of it stays there, making the issue of dog poo a public health problem.

Find one of these best ways to dispose of dog poop that works for you, and use it. You'll be obeying the law, helping to keep your community sanitary and helping to clean the environment all at the same time.

4 Best Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

dog poopingThe first thing you need to know about dog poop is that it is NOT a good fertilizer. Many people believe that dog poop can be used as a healthy fertilizer for their garden or lawn. Due to its high levels of acidity, dog poop is actually NOT good for your lawn or any plants you are growing.

The EPA classifies dog poop as a pollutant. In the same category as more obvious and infamous pollutants such as carbon monoxide, dog waste is considered a pollutant because of the presence of nutrients and pathogens that leach into soil and water. They have a  detrimental impact to the natural plant growth, wildlife and human health.

This is why it is so important to pick up after your pet. Yes, it's true that your dog's waste won't have much of an impact on its own, where would we be if all pet owners thought that way? Do your part and find the best way to dispose of dog poop.

1. Regular Trash

Disposing your dog's doo doo in the regular trash is the easiest thing to do. Just put it in with your regular garbage for disposal in a landfill. While this isn't the most eco-friendly option, it's a safe and simple way to get id of Fido's poo.

You can purchase biodegradable poop bags to lower the environmental impact or use plastic bags that you were going to through away anyway. Try using an old bread bag or the plastic bag that comes inside cereal boxes. You throw away hundres of plastic bags every year that could be reused as dog poop bags.

toilet2. Flush It

Another easy option for disposing of your dog's waste is to flush it down the toilet. That's where our feces goes, so why not flush your pup's poo too? I recommend flushing the waste only, but you can also purchase flushable dog poop bags at most pet stores.

Keep in mind that these bags may not break down as easily as you expect. It's not common, but it could lead to clogged pipes or more serious issues with your septic system. The thing to do is use a poop scooper to collect the waste, and then dispose of it directly into the toilet.

3. Bury It

If you have the space, you can bury your dog's waste. Obviously this won't be an option for every pet owner. You'll need to bury the waste in a different place each time, and it should be buried in a hole at least 6″ deep.

Choose a spot that is out of the way. You shouldn't bury waste near a well or vegetable garden. Dog waste could leave bacteria and parasites in the soil for many months, so it's important that you do not bury it in an area that would contaminate your water source or food.

4. Doggy Septic Tank

A doggy septic tank is one of the best ways to dispose of dog poop, but it's also the most expensive. This option isn't going to work for every pet owner either, because you'll need space to bury the tank.

One of the most common options available is the Doggie Dooley Dog Waste Disposal System. The average septic system for dog waste costs between $50-$150. They work similar to a tank for human waste.

The tank gets buried in the ground, and there is a foot operated lid opener that sticks out of the ground. You drop the feces inside, and the natural bacteria and enzyme cultures break down the poo over time to reduce it to a ground absorbing liquid.

No matter how you do it, it's your responsibility to dispose of your pet's feces. Even if your dog only does his business on your own property, you should clean up after him to prevent any possible health issues for you, your family members and other pets.

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