Bissell Powerlifter Vacuum is Great for Removing Pet Hair

Dog hair is a common problem in households with pets. It gets all over carpets, furniture, and clothing. Most dog owners would tell you that it is a never ending battle to rid their home of shed hair, but Bissell has created the PowerLifter Pet Vacuum to help owners with this constant struggle.

It uses a combination of powerful suction and a Triple Action Brush Roll to cleanup the most pet hair possible on multiple surfaces. The different bristlDe lengths work together to get deep down into carpet fibers and the vacuum is able to lift and remove embedded pet hair and dirt. The longer silky bristles are gentle and eliminate hair and fine debris from hard floors.

Owners can also use the included Pet Hair Eraser Tool and the Flexible Pet Crevice Tool to remove hair from stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas. With over 10 feet of cleaning reach and a 30-foot cord, this vacuum will stretch to all areas of your home.

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