Review: Blazin Reflective & LED Dog Collars

Between other animals and the danger of your pet leaving the yard, letting your dog outside after dark can be nerve-racking. LED dog collars, like this option from Blazin, will ensure that you can see your pup no matter where he wanders.

LED dog collars were created to be used in low light or no light situations, but dog owners could always use them for extra visibility in any situation.

A lot of dog owners use light-up or reflective products if they walk their dogs early in the morning or late at night. Keeping your dog visible not only keeps him safe but also keeps you (or your dog walker) safe too!

We live on a large property in the middle of the Maine woods. We also live on the Penobscot River. From the river to the thick underbrush to wild animals, there are countless dangers for my dogs after dark.

We have an electric fence to keep them contained, but it covers over 2 acres of land. I really wanted LED collars to ensure that I could see our pack no matter where they were in our yard.

We tried Blazin reflective and LED dog collars, and I have been very happy. To find out what sets these collars apart from their competitors and why I recommend them, keep reading.

Blazin Reflective & LED Dog Collars

LED Dog Collars

I've been using the Blazin LED dog collars for the last few weeks. They're very well made. Are they a necessity? No, but they're definitely helpful – especially if your dog is outside a lot after dark.

Our dogs don't typically spend time outside after dark on their own. We live in a very rural area, meaning skunks, raccoons, foxes, and other critters are commonplace around our home. Usually, these animals don't come around in the daylight, but we take extra precautions with our pets at night.

Blazin makes traditional reflective dog collars as well as LED light-up collars.

The LED dog collars are rechargeable using a standard USB phone charger. There is a cord included; you just need the box that plugs into the wall.

The company claims that the LED lights are so bright that your dog will be visible from up to 1,000 feet away. I don't know about 1,000 feet, but I can see our dogs anywhere within their 2-acre fence.

The forests of Maine are known for their thick underbrush. It can be nearly impossible to see through it, but when our dogs venture into the woods line that surrounds our fence, I can always see them.

As you can see in my video review, there are lights around the entire collar except for where the buckle is. This provides nearly 360 degrees of illumination, so you can see your pet from any angle.

You can cycle between three different modes—solid, fast blink, and slow blink. I demonstrate these modes in my video review above.

The collar is waterproof and made of durable, high-quality nylon. It runs for 8 hours on a full charge and is available in 10 colors. It's easy to track multiple dogs when they each have their own color collar.

Blazin LED dog collars are available in 4 fully adjustable sizes to fit neck sizes from 8.1″ to 27.5″. They sell for $29.99 on Amazon right now.

Reflective Dog Collar

Blazin reflective dog collars feature reflective piping and ultra-reflective stitching all the way around, except for where the buckle is. I demonstrate the reflective properties in my video review.

As long as you can find your dog with a flashlight, his collar will reflect brightly. For the purpose of seeing my dogs when they are roaming our yard at night, the LED collar is much more effective.

If you're looking for a collar to keep your pet visible on nightly or early morning walks, the reflective collar will definitely be effective. It will reflect the lights of vehicles or streetlights very well.

In my video review, you can see what sets this reflective collar apart from other similar products. It is made with soft neoprene padding and has an O-ring design that ensures the hardware never touches your dog’s skin.

The collar is made of premium nylon webbing. It is waterproof and very durable. I have no doubt this collar would last for many years and would be a good value for the money.

This collar is available in 4 sizes for necks ranging from 11.8” to -21.7”. It sells on Amazon for just $13.99. It is affordable on any budget or would make a great inexpensive gift for any pet owner on your list.

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