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34 Cheapest Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Dogs may be our best friends, but this doesn’t mean much unless we treat them as such. After all, we frequently do favors for our friends and family and exchange gifts with them. But, with our furry pets we often assume that feeding and walking them is enough. Why not do something extra every once in a while, like share the holiday fun by buying Christmas gifts for dogs.

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsIf you’re thinking about doing something special for your pooch this holiday season, below we’ve compiled a list of 35 cool gifts – Christmas-themed and otherwise – that you can give your four-legged pal this winter and make them even happier.

Since the holidays are typically quite taxing for our wallets, we’ve focused on gift ideas that are on the cheaper end of the scale, but that doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality. Instead, we tried to find the Christmas gifts for dogs that have the best price/quality ratio and also won’t break the bank.

When you're shopping for the best Christmas gifts for dogs, whether your pet or another furry friend on your list, just think about what the dog is interested in. Does he like to play with toys? Is he a senior pet that enjoys snuggling up for a long nap? Choose a gift that he will enjoy, and you're sure to have one happy Christmas pup!

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34 Cheapest Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for Dogs1. Personalised Pet Blanket

Christmas gifts for dogsWho doesn’t like a cool blanket? Dogs, cats and people alike love to snuggle in a warm and soft blanket, especially during the cold months.

And, having a blanket like this one from Not On the High Street that’s your own and even has your name on it – what’s cooler than that? Sure, your pooch may not be able to read, but he or she will definitely love their new blanket!


2. Orbee Ball

Christmas gifts for dogsOrbee Ball isn’t called “The World’s Best Dog Ball” without a reason. Exceptionally durable, soft, and colorful, this ball is guaranteed to give your dog countless hours of play and fun, even if it doesn’t teach it geography.

Changing your dog’s toys and balls from time to time is quite important for keeping them happy. So, why not go for the world’s best dog ball this Christmas?


3. Starbarks with Lid Plush Toy

Christmas gifts for dogsFor the Starbucks lovers out there, this Starbarks plush toy is just for you and for your pup. Is your dog constantly seeing you with a cup of coffee in hand as you are walking it in the morning?

Well, now he can have one too. Sure, these Christmas gifts for dogs won’t have coffee in them, but they're soft and squeaky, which is all your dog can wish for.


4. Pawsitively Gourmet Doughnut Cookies for Dogs

Pawsitively Gourmet Doughnut Cookies for DogsvWhy should we be the only ones that stuff our faces with cookies this Christmas? Dogs love cookies too, especially when they are made with real chicken liver and sweet potato.

With 20 of these awesome cookies per case, this is a great Christmas treat for your pup. This is also one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs that other dogs would love to receive! Why not pick up a package of these to give as a ‘hostess gift' to dogs when you invade their home for a holiday party?


5. Personalized Pet Food Mat

Christmas gifts for dogsFew things are funnier than a dog happily munching on its food. One such thing is a dog that’s happily munching on its food, while it is placed on a cute personalized pet food mat.

Plus, your dog will love this Personalized Pet Food Mat too once it gets used to it – who doesn’t like a cool setting when they eat? Now you can see why this product made my list of the best Christmas gifts for dogs!


6. Kruuse BUSTER Dog Maze Bowl

Kruuse BUSTER Dog Maze BowlFast eating is a problem for a lot of dogs, but too few dog owners do anything about it. Puzzle or maze dog food bowls, like this Kruuse BUSTER dog maze bowl, fix this problem perfectly.

This bowl is made from non-toxic plastic, and it's dishwasher safe. Plus, they are quite fun for your pooch too, which makes them a great holiday gift.


7. Humunga ‘Stache

Humunga 'StacheYour dog may not be able to appreciate the comedy in wearing a mustache, but it will certainly appreciate all your laughter and positive emotions. Not to mention, these Christmas gifts for dogs are sure to get a lot of attention from your family and friends.

So while something like these Humunga ‘Staches seems like more of a gift for you than for your dog, it’s certainly guaranteed to make this holiday season much more fun for both of you.


8. Harmony Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Harmony Memory Foam Bolster Dog BedDogs love their beds, but they also love new stuff as well. So, if you’re looking to brighten your dog’s holidays or its old bed is simply too damaged, something like this Harmony Memory Foal Bolster Dog Bed is sure to make your pooch very happy for a highly attractive price.

The nester design is ideal for dogs that like to curl up and snuggle in while sleeping. It is filled with shredded memory foam that contours to Fido's body to give him the support he needs.


9. A Barkbox subscription

Now, considering that this is a monthly subscription, it isn’t really “cheap” in the long run. However, with all the great things that Barkbox has in it, it has an amazing quality plus quantity / price ratio.

Since you typically buy things for your dog from time to time anyway, a Barkbox easily takes care of this task and replaces most of your future purchases as well. Alternatively, you can try many other dog subscription boxes as a gift for your dog or other dog owners.

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10. Hugs Pet Products Chillz Pad Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad

Hugs Pet Products Chillz Pad Comfort Cooling Gel Pet PadA big problem that a lot of dogs have is overheating. And what’s worst – a lot of the owners of such dogs don’t even realize it and feel perfectly happy, having a Husky or another cold-loving breed in a warm town.

For those owners that are aware of this problem, however, and that want to do something about it, Hugs Chillz Pad is a great product to consider, especially during the incoming gift season. Very convenient and cheap, a gel pet pad like this one will make your doggy friend much happier.


11. Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon

Hyper Pet K-9 KannonDogs love chasing balls – it’s one of Nature’s most famous laws. You know what dogs love even more than chasing a thrown ball, however? One that is shot through a high-speed cannon!

That’s right – with a ball cannon like this Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon you’ll be able to through a lot more balls at a much longer distance and with a lot more ease. And your dog will easily be the happiest dog in the dog park.


12. Dog Travel Water Bottle

MalsiPree Dog Water BottleProper hydration is as important for dogs as it is for us. In fact, for a lot of breeds and in a lot of climates – proper hydration during a walk in the park can be vital.

So few products can be more useful and a better gift than a travel water bottle like this MalsiPree Dog  Water Bottle. It may not be a toy, but your dog will fall in love with it in an instant. It's portable, leak-proof, and allows you to save water because you can quickly return the excess by pressing the water key.


13. Animal Planet 18-in. Polka Dotted Micro Suede Pet Bed

Christmas gifts for dogsIf our previous foam dog bed suggestion didn’t grab your attention, check this Polka Dotted Micro Suede Pet Bed. At an even better price, this 18-inch dog bed by Animal Planet will quickly grab your pup’s heart and brighten its holidays.

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs on your list, and owners too! It's machine washable, so owners will be pleased that it is easy to clean. Plus, their dog will comfortable and happy!


14. StarMark Everlasting Treat Ball

StarMark Everlasting Treat BallAnother great present idea for fast eaters, this StarMark Everlasting Treat Ball will ensure multiple hours of interactive entertainment for your dog each day. Ideal for dogs with separation anxiety and destructive tendencies, this is an amazing gift for both your dog and your home.

You can fill the ball with food or treats, and it will offer mental and physical stimulation for the pet. It's one of the most popular puzzle games among pet-ranked best interactive dog toys. These Christmas gifts for dogs are tested for safety and health. They are also easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


15. Personalized Treat Jar

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsEating a delicious treat is a doggy joy that’s rivaled only by the realization that they are about to be given a treat. And, this Personalized Treat Jar is made very easy when you keep your dog’s treats in a personalized space such as a treat jar.

To make things even cooler, you can customize the treat jar to your pet and even etch its name on it – a gift that any dog will appreciate. This also makes a nice gift for any pet owner on your holiday list.


16. Petite Doggie Stoggie by Loopie

Petite Doggie Stoggie by LoopieWhat’s more hilarious than a dog with a ‘stache? That’s right, a dog with a cigar! And, since giving your dog an actual cigar is an obvious No-No, why not get it a petite doggie stoggie for the holidays?

A fetch stick for smaller dogs, it is made out of solid rope and is great for both their teeth, as well as your holiday pictures of them. The Petite Doggie Stoggie is 6-inches long and great for teething pups.


17. Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker

Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat MakerInstead of just getting some interesting new treats for your dog this holiday season, why not go an extra step further and get a Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker? Baking homemade treats for your pooch can’t possibly be easier than with something like this.

You’ll be able to quickly make amazing treats for your pup whenever you want. These Christmas gifts for dogs also come with more than 30 organic and gluten-free recipes.


18. Gingerbread Gourmet Dog Treats

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsIf you are simply not a fan of cooking, then commercial doggie treats don’t get any more Christmas-y than these Gingerbread Gourmet Dog Treats. Healthy and delicious, they will easily make your dog the happiest pooch this Christmas.

The recipe uses ginger and pumpkin, which are both ideal for dog's with sensitive tummies. They are not made with artificial preservatives or flavors. The company only uses natural and organic ingredients.


19. SkinnyDog Margrrrrita

SkinnyDog MargrrrritaIf the StarMark ball looked interesting but wasn’t quite what you were looking for, how about this SkinnyDog Margrrrrita? 7 inches long and with a cool design, this soft, plush and squeaking toy can give your dog countless hours of great fun this Christmas.

The best Christmas gifts for dogs need to entice the pooch. Whether you choose a toy, bed or treat, you must be sure that the dog is going to enjoy it. If you've got a canine on your list that loves plush, squeaky toys, this would be an excellent gift choice.


20. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Oscar Formal Tuxedo

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - Oscar Formal TuxedoFor the dog owners that love dressing their pups, why not go a bit formal this Christmas? With this Oscar Formal Tuxedo by Alfie Pet your pup will be the best dressed dog these holidays and everyone at home is guaranteed to have a great time.

This adorable outfit is available in 2 colors and 8 sizes. It comes with a replacement black tie and red bow tie to provide different looks suitable for any holiday event.


21. JAX & BONES Coco the Elephant Dog Toy

JAX & BONES Coco the Elephant Dog ToyRope toys are always a guarantee for a happy dog, especially when they have a cool and interesting design. Something like these Jax & Bones animal toys is a simple and effective alternative for a Christmas gift for your pet that will give it an incalculable time of fun.

These toys are made with chemical-free natural vegetable dyes. As they unravel, they act as dental floss for your pooch. You can even machine wash these Christmas gifts for dogs.


22. LESYPET Dog Umbrella with a Leash

LESYPET Dog Umbrella with a LeashAny dog owner quickly learns the struggle that daily walks can sometimes be. Especially if you live somewhere with diverse weather, walks can sometimes be less fun for your dog as well.

With a doggie umbrella leash such as this one from LESYPET, however, daily walks are guaranteed fun even in the rain. What makes for a better doggie holiday gift than something that improves the outdoor experience?


23. Coolrunner Pet Treat Launcher

Coolrunner Pet Treat LauncherAs if giving your dog treats wasn’t enough fun, Coolrunner thought of a way to make it even more fun with this  Pet Treat Launcher! One of the greatest Christmas gifts for dogs, this pet feeder will make your canine companion happier than even he thought possible.

It's very easy to use and stores plenty of treats. This is a great holiday gift for pets and pet owners alike.


24. Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Pez Dog Treat DispenserAnother cool dog treats dispenser alternative is this Pez Dog Treat Dispenser. Your pooch may not be aware of what a Pez is, but it will quickly fall in love with them if you get one for these holidays.

The dispenser comes with 6 all-natural dog treats. It is easy to load, and you can find many options for treats that will fit inside.


25. Bowser Beer for Dogs

Bowser Beer for DogsOne “best friend” activity that dogs were never able to participate in (or, at least, shouldn’t have participated in), is drinking alcohol. Technically, they still shouldn’t drink alcohol, and that's an especially important tip to keep in mind during the holiday season.

If you get your dog this Bowser Beer you’ll get the next best thing. Share a drink with your four-legged best friend this Christmas with this amazing gift.


26. P.L.A.Y. Pillows

P.L.A.Y. PillowsIf you are looking for a pet pillow for your pup, P.L.A.Y. Pillows are your best bet. They aren’t the cheapest pet pillows you can find. After all, an old standard pillow is technically the cheapest alternative.

The amazing furniture-level quality of the P.L.A.Y. Pillows ensures that they will be an integral part of your pup’s life for dog-years to come, turning them into pretty much the cheapest long-term pet pillow option you can find.


27. Personalized Pet ‘Toy' Bag

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsIf your pup already has a ton of toys, then another great gift option this Christmas is a personalized pet toy bag. With a cool design, a personal engraving and made out of a very durable material, this cheap Personalized Pet ‘Toy' Bag is a great addition to your home and a perfect holiday gift.

These are beneficial Christmas gifts for dogs for both the pet and the owner. Dog owners will appreciate having this adorable bag and being able to keep all of their pet's toys neatly in one place.


28. Personalized Pet ‘Treat' Bag

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsIf you don’t feel a need for a toy bag and you didn’t like the idea of a pet treat jar, consider a personalized pet treat bag. They're more comfortable than a jar for when you are outside or training your pet.

A Personalized Pet ‘Treat' Bag will quickly become your dog’s favorite item in the whole wide world. And what’s that if not a perfect gift? Fido will quickly learn that delicious snacks come from the bag, and he'll come running every time he sees it.


29. Litey Leash the Night Time Leash

Litey Leash the Night Time LeashOne of dog’s favorite activities is walking outside. However, it can be quite a burden for some dog owners, especially when it has to be done at night.

So, why not make this experience easier for you and in turn, even more enjoyable for your pet. The Litey Leash is five feet long and offers yellow lights that glow from top to bottom. You'll be easily seen, and your pet will be kept safe.


30. Checkered Chewy Vuitton Handbag Dog Toy

Checkered Chewy Vuitton Handbag Dog ToyDog owners hate it when dogs choose to destroy their favorite handbags, so why not give your pet a great handbag of its own for Christmas? This Chewy Vuitton Handbag dog toy is made out of a soft but durable material and has a squeaker inside for extra fun.

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs that would be suitable for any pooch on your list. If the dog you're shopping for likes to play, this chew toy is a great option.


31. PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

PetPeek Fence Window for PetsHaving visibility towards the outside world is something essential for a lot of dogs that many dog owners fail to give them. This leads to separation anxiety, boredom, depression and destructive behaviors when left alone.

An easy way to fix this without compromising your pet’s security are PetPeek’s Fence Windows for pets. After all, few things can be a better gift for your dog than literally broadening its horizons.


32. Venison Collection for Dogs Triple Pack

Cheapest Christmas Gifts for DogsAnother great treat option, this Venison Collection Triple Pack is a perfect Christmas gift for your pet. Sure, toys are more cost effective gifts since they last longer, but for just 20 bucks you can make sure that your pet’s Christmas supper will be as exclusively delicious as yours.

These treats are made with 80% British venison and are hypoallergenic. They have no wheat, dairy, gluten or soy. In the pack comes (1) Venison Sausage with Chopped Apple, (1) Venison Chipolatas with Chopped Apple and (1) Sliced Venison Sausage.


33. Custom Dog Biscuits

RealDogs Custom Dog BiscuitsFor the last treat option on my list, here we have doggie treats that are not only delicious, but are also personalized. For a great holiday doggie gift, get your dog a bag of treats that has his own image on it.

Coming in five different flavors, these RealDogs All Natural Biscuits will surely make your pup exceptionally happy. They are made with natural, human-grade ingredients right here in the United States.


34. Blueberry Pet Floral Collar Collection

Blueberry Pet Floral Collar CollectionWe mentioned a couple of cool leash options, but let’s end our list with a great holiday-themed collar alternative. This Blueberry Collection Pet Floral Collar Collection will give your dog a lot of extra flair the next time you get them out for a walk.

It is available in a variety of patterns and sizes ranging from extra-small to large. It is made of high density polyester, and the buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic.

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