Blind Border Collie Can Play Fetch

This amazing video shows a sweet border collie named Fern who is able to perform everyday tasks even though she had to have both of her eyes surgically removed. Losing her sight hasn't slowed Fern down at all.

At the age of two Fern was diagnosed with glaucoma, a disease that causes pressure to build up in the eyes and eventually causes complete blindness. After many unsuccessful attempts to treat the disease, Fern’s eyes had to be completely removed.

Her story just goes to show that no matter what the handicap, dogs are still able to adapt and live normal lives. As you can see, Fern still loves to chase a ball and can even balance it on her nose and then catch it. Amazingly, she can even catch a ball when it’s thrown towards her.

Samantha’s biggest passion in life is spending time with her Boxer dogs. After she rescued her first Boxer in 2004, Samantha fell in love with the breed and has continued to rescue three other Boxers since then. She enjoys hiking and swimming with her Boxers, Maddie and Chloe.