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Fleas and tick infestation had long been threats to dog care and health.

Trust me, you don’t want to underestimate these little buggers.

Not only do these parasites cause extreme itching discomforts, but they also pose some serious dog skin complications when left unattended.

And no owners would want to see their precious canine pal suffering.

Even I can’t imagine seeing my dog in a discomforting state!

That’s why I scoured the internet for a safe and effective flea and tick treatment for dogs.

And among the many fleas and tick treatments in the market today, one brand that caught my attention was Bravecto for dogs.

So in this article, we’ll be going through the pros and cons of Bravecto flea medicineparticularly Bravecto Chews.

I’ll also be including Bravecto Topical Solution since it’s the second most in-demand product in Merck’s product line.

Lastly, at the end of this Bravecto review, I’ll be compiling some of the internet’s frequently asked questions about Bravecto for dogs.

You definitely want to check them all out later.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive deep and investigate Bravecto!


Bravecto for Dogs: Is It Safe for Dogs?

Is Bravecto really safe for dogs?

And the answer is yes!

Bravecto is a safe and effective medical product that treats a lot of parasite types.

This parasite treatment is also FDA-approved in the USA and in a lot of European countries.

Even more impressive is that many vets would even recommend the product to their dog patient’s owner.

So you bet that Bravecto is a trustworthy flea and tick treatment product!

But, like most medical products, the wrong use and dosage of Bravecto can harm your beloved pets.

Bravecto also comes with some side effects that you should know about. I’ll tell you more about these side effects later.

Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

How Bravecto Works

Currently, Bravecto for dogs comes in two forms: chewable tablets and topical solutions.

These two forms differ in the way you apply it to your dog.

But ultimately, both products have Fluralaner, which attacks the pests’ nervous system.

Bravecto’s product also differs in the way it protects your dog from parasites.

Here’s how both of the products deal with the parasitic problem.

How Bravecto Chews Works

For this Bravecto chews for dogs review section, we're gonna talk about how they ward off fleas and ticks.

Bravecto chews for dogs are one of the available oral flea treatments on the market.

For these chews to work and deal with the parasitic problem, your dog’s body needs to absorb the product first.

This is why you let your dog take the Bravecto chewable like a pill.

Once your dog has taken the medicine, the Bravecto chews will get absorbed in the tissue fluids of your dog.

When ticks and fleas feed on your dog, they also take in Bravecto’s active ingredient, which kills them.

How Bravecto Topical Works

In this Bravecto Topical for Dogs review section, I'm going to discuss how the product becomes effective against fleas and ticks.

Bravecto’s topical solution works differently than its chew tablet version.

Instead of oral intake, you apply solution drops directly on your dog’s skin.

The medicine would then seep deep into your dog’s sebaceous glands.

It’ll then get mixed with your dog’s body oil, coating the whole body with the medicine as the fluid spreads.

Finally, when the fleas feed, the medicine will kill parasites after intake.


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What Parasites Can Bravecto Treat?

Bravecto is a product that vets and dog owners recommend to solve parasitic problems.

But exactly what parasites can Bravecto for dogs treat?

Firstly, Bravecto’s ingredients are formulated to deal with external parasites.

The most common external parasites that can infest your dog are ticks and fleas.

Aside from ticks and fleas, Bravecto’s formulation can also deal with your dog’s lice problems.

And even if Bravecto had only been approved as a tick and flea killer in the US, Bravecto has formulations that deal with mites too!

What Bravecto can’t kill are parasitic eggs from fleas, ticks, and mites.

These eggs need to hatch first and come into contact with the medicine before they can be eradicated.

Bravecto also doesn’t deal with parasitic worms either.

So if you’re looking at Bravecto as a solution to your dog’s heartworm problem, you’re better off calling an animal hospital instead.


Giving Flea Pills to a Maltese dog

Benefits and Side Effects of Bravecto on Dogs

Now let’s talk about the benefits and side effects of Bravecto for dogs.

When applied correctly, Bravecto products will serve their purpose and help you solve your parasitic issues.

So, I’ve listed the benefits of using the Bravecto product.

That being said, Bravecto can have some side effects too.

And if you incorrectly use Bravecto on your dog, the side effects can really become noticeable.

That's why aside from the benefits, I’ve also included the possible side effects that can appear on your dogs.

Effectiveness of Bravecto to Tick and Fleas

In European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) report, they stated that:

Effectiveness was 95% and 94% for Bravecto chewable tablets and Bravecto spot-on solution respectively based on the percentage of dogs free from live mites at days 56 and 84 after treatment.

In the same report, EMA also stated that:

Bravecto was effective against fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks after treatment and was as effective as fipronil in terms of the percentage of dogs and cats as well as households free of fleas and ticks.

This was further supported by a US comparative research in 2014 between Bravecto's Fluralaner and Frontline's Fipronil.

That gets to show how successful Bravecto is in dealing with parasitic creatures on your dog’s skin!

Bravecto Brings Longer Protection from Parasites

Bravecto lasts three times longer compared to other flea-chewable tablets.

So instead of continuously making your dog take their chews, you only have to do that four times a year.

The same goes for topical solutions: you should only reapply the product every 12 weeks.

Bravecto Delivers Swift Results on the Infestation

Aside from effectiveness, Bravecto also produces fast results.

Bravecto starts killing fleas in just an hour or two, compared to other brands that take four hours or more.

Side Effects of Bravecto on Dogs

Two field studies in the US supported the findings that Bravecto products don’t have any serious side effects on dogs.

But despite that, some dog owners still claim that their dog had suffered side effects from Bravecto.

Some of the reported side effects of Bravecto chews and topical solutions are:

  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Alopecia
  • Moist Dermatitis
  • Rash
  • Polydipsia
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Vomiting

Risk from Long-Term Use of Bravecto on Dogs

Aside from the side effects, long-term use of Bravecto on dogs can also run the risk of serious illness.

Some side effect risks that a research study reported were:

  • Muscle Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Ataxia

It’s worth noting, however, that these illnesses are extremely rare occurrences only.

flea pills for dog: which is better?

How to Administer Bravecto on Dogs

Knowing how to apply medications to your dog is important in every health problem that you may encounter.

Proper administering of Bravecto on dogs can spell the difference between an effective treatment and an unsuccessful one.

It’s also the difference between putting your dog into harm’s reach or not.

Luckily for you, applying Bravecto for dogs is not a hard task at all.

Administering Bravecto Chews on Dogs

Using Bravecto for your dogs is easy.

To administer the chewable, get one chew tablet for your dog and mix it in its food.

Repeat this process four times per year.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s basically it!

I told you it’s that easy to administer the chews to your dog!

Administering Bravecto Topical on Dogs

Administering Bravecto topical solution to your dogs is as easy as its oral counterpart.

To use Bravecto topical on your dog, simply apply three to four drops of the solution on your dog’s shoulder.

You can also apply drops on your dog’s back and neck.

Repeat this process every three months or four times a year.

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Bravecto for Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

If you managed to get this far, it means you’re really interested in treating your dog’s fleas and tick infestation with Bravecto.

That’s why I went ahead and personally compiled some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Bravecto chews and topical solutions.

Is Bravecto Safe for Pregnant Dogs

Yes, Bravecto is FDA-approved, even for pregnant dogs.

Just make sure to feed your dog with the proper dosage of the chews should you choose the oral treatment.

Is Bravecto Safe for Small Dogs?

Unfortunately, there is a size and age threshold that your dog needs to meet before you can administer Bravecto to them.

Your dog has to be at least over six months of age and should weigh 4.4lb for Bravecto to be effective and harmless.

Can I Use Bravecto with Other Products?

While it’s possible to use Bravecto with other products, I don’t recommend it.

It’s possible that mixing two products can produce a harmful reaction in your dog.

Can Bravecto Cause Itching in Dogs?

One of Bravecto’s side effects is moist dermatitis and rashes.

These side effects are minor but can cause itching in your dogs that can go for two to six hours.

That being said, there’s only a tiny chance of Bravecto causing itchiness in your pet’s skin.

What Happens if I Get Bravecto on My Skin?

Bravecto Topical Solution binds to the skin, which may cause rashes and numbness.

If in case you come into contact with the solution, immediately wash your contact point with water and soap.

You can also contact a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

Where Can I Get Bravecto Tick and Fleas?

While Bravecto for dogs is not available on Amazon, you can easily purchase its dosage at other leading online stores like Wal-Mart, Chews, and Petco.

You can also get their product plus their rebate offer programs at Bravecto’s official website.

Other Alternative Products for Bravecto

Don’t want Bravecto as your choice for preventing flea infestation?

Concerned about the side effects of Bravecto for dogs?

Here are some products that I can recommend to you.

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Bravecto Reviews: Final Thoughts

Is Bravecto for dogs effective against fleas and ticks?

Can you conveniently administer Bravecto to your dear pet?

And most importantly, is Bravecto safe for dogs?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes!

This brand, so far, is one of the most effective flea and tick treatments in the market.

Bravecto chews outperform a lot of flea tablets there is, beating them in effectiveness, convenience, and producing swift results.

Veterinary field studies in and out of the US also verify that Bravecto for fleas and ticks proves to be a relatively safe product for dogs.

That being said, the same study also highlighted a percentage of their population where the dogs would experience some side effects.

There are also Bravecto users that would claim the same side effects from the product.

If that worries you, you can take the other fleas and tick alternative products instead.

Always prioritize your dog’s health and discontinue using the product if side effects start to appear and persist.

You can also take your dog to your local vet if it requires additional medical attention.

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