Brush Your Pet Gently and More Effectively With This Innovative Grooming Tool

Shedding is a major issue for dog owners and many deshedding brushes can pull and tug a dog's fur. The KONG Zoom Groom is an ideal brush for long or short haired dogs and it can be used wet or dry. This innovative grooming tool can be used to brush a dog with shedding fur or as a shampooing tool while giving Fido a bath.

The rubber-like material of the Zoom Groom massages your dog's skin while you brush; stimulating the capillaries and hair follicles and helping the skin produce natural oils that lead to a shinier, healthier coat. This brush removes loose hair and dirt like a magnet, as you can see in the video above.

The Zoom Groom is made in the United States and comes in two colors: raspberry and boysenberry. It is also available in two sizes: small/puppy and regular. These unique dog brushes can be found in most pet stores and through many online retailers.

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